Film & Water – Albert Finney


Rob pours one out for the great Albert Finney, who died on February 8, 2019.

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3 responses to “Film & Water – Albert Finney

  1. I haven’t seen as many Finney films as I would like, but I’ve always admired the man and enjoyed his performances. Scrooge has always been a staple in my family at Christmas time. My Dad, sister and myself still watch it every year, and of course, now my kids do too.

    For those of you who’ve seen the movie…thank you very much, Mr. Finney.


  2. One of the great Poirots, if not the definitive screen version. Thanks for doing this.

    After listening, I realized I had Night Must Fall on my DVR, cued it up and realized it wasn’t the same version. Finney starred in a remake. Oh well.

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