Film & Water #179 – Changeland


Episode 179 - Changeland

To discuss the 2019 comedy/drama CHANGELAND, Rob is joined by the film's Producer Corey Moosa and its director/writer/star, Seth Green!

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10 responses to “Film & Water #179 – Changeland

  1. Rob, Corey is enough of a “get,” and one we’re always happy to hear, but you managed to add Seth Green on top of that? Now you’re just showing off. Seth has played both geniuses and morons well, so it’s great to hear him and confirm that he’s as brilliant as I always suspected. One of my daughters is leading me through a catch-up of The Rookie TV show. Seth did a guest turn last season, and he really deserves a hand for that performance.

    Changeland sounds amazing and I plan to see it soon, so this unusual publicity plan is working. For Corey and Seth: As a fellow international adventurer (or at least…I used to be…sniff) I volunteer to serve as technical advisor/script consultant/coffee fetcher for the surprising action thriller sequel. I also have some experience as a security goon– I mean, consultant– if you’re not picky about freshness dates. I can get back in shape, I promise! My passport and my vaccinations are all current. Mainly, I just want to be on that set, ’cause it sounds like fun. I’ll work for plane tickets, lodging, and access to the craft services spread. If you’re too indie for craft services, I’ll take $20 a day in the local currency and any local food you’re served that looks too weird to eat.

  2. Great episode and terrific guests, Rob. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I definitely want to see it soon. I also loved the bonus discussion about the soundtrack. That sounds awesome.

  3. Whether or not I’ll ever get around to watching Changeland, it is great to hear about a project coming to fruition through passion and good, old-fashioned hard work. I’m happy that Seth Green got to realize his vision and that there are producers out there, like Corey Moosa, who recognize and support that kind of vision.

    Another good show, Rob! You’re turning into a modern-day Dick Cavett with how are you seemingly able to just summon famous people onto your shows and have them spill their guts to you. It is a wonderful power you have, sir, so use it wisely. LOL

  4. Well done, everyone! It was great to hear from Corey again and awesome to hear from the amazing Seth Green! I would like to reiterate what everyone above has said: Rob, your interview skills just keep getting better and better with each episode! To me, you ask insightful questions but the questions also sound like they are genuine. Questions that you, yourself, would like to know the answers to as opposed to the media circuit where they are just trying to get sound bites (What was it like working with blah blah blah, What superpower would you have in real life blah blah blah).

    I also have yet to see the movie, but like most Film and Water episodes, you make me want to check this movie out. This was tons of fun! Maybe you’ll be able to get Seth to come back and talk about his Robot Chicken comic specials sometime, hint hint?? Keep up the great work!

  5. Excellent interview. This movie was not on my radar, but it definitely is now. Thank you for shining your spotlight on it.

  6. Lovely interview and it made me want to watch the movie, which is how you know it was lovely.

    I am aware of an outtake that didn’t make it in. Play it in the comments on the next episode whenever that is? This is an open door to do it.

  7. Great interviews Rob, and I really enjoyed the breaking down of the whole process from inspiration to execution. I think I understand how movies get made a bit better now, especially an indie film like this.


  8. Hey guys, first time here, my friend told me about the podcast. Changeland is one of my favorite movie. Weidly, i did watch it 3 times in the last week. Since we cannot move during covid 19 here in Quebec, that’s the only way to travel and this movie is pefect for that. I would love to see a follow up on this. Well, thanks again for sharing, that made me appreciate the movie even more.

    Sorry for my english, french is my first language…

    TY , take care !

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