Film & Water #181 – The Stuff


Episode 181 - The Stuff

It's Halloween season! Rob and returning guest movie producer Corey Moosa discuss Larry Cohen's 1985 horror comedy satire THE STUFF!

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6 responses to “Film & Water #181 – The Stuff

  1. Fun discussion! I have heard about this film, but have never watched it. Michael Moriarty himself is an acquired taste (ahem), I think. Definitely the kind of actor who wants everyone to know he’s “acting”, by affecting some kind of accent, or somehow projecting he’s performing. So that unnatural approach can be off-putting for me, personally. Although I did watch a lot of early Law & Order despite this, and enjoy him in Pale Rider.

    I love tubi! Lots of great stuff on there, for free! You have to sit through commercials, but it’s got a lot of obscure stuff most streaming services don’t seem to care about getting.

    And the McRib is back you say? Hmm…that is indeed my particular brand of “Stuff”. Oddly enough, one thing that I enjoy that I get cranky about if I dont’ have it is Welch’s Grape Juice! I drink a cup of it every night about an hour before I go to bed! I don’t know how that started, but it’s definitely a habit!

    Oh, and that bed/rotating room prop borrowed from a certain Wes Craven film will be discussed again on the network in less than two weeks…

  2. Thank you for another remarkable episode. Corey’s insights into filmmaking in general, and Cohen’s work in particular, were entertaining and eye opening. I will definitely have to check this movie out on Tubi.

    Like Chris, I’m also a fan of Tubi, and the odd gems that pop up there. A few months ago, I discovered that they carried a decent number of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, which is how I was able to introduce my daughter to that great series.

    I wonder if I should pick up a tub of Marshmallow Fluff to eat, while I watch The Stuff?

  3. Michael Moriaty, Paul Sorvino, Eric Bogosian… any other actors from the Law & Order franchise hiding in the wings of The Blob meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
    Larry Cohen is a favorite of mine. He made so many many insanely entertaining films and wrote the screenplays for so many more. I often wonder what the Maniac Cop movies would have been like had he directed them.
    Brian Bloom (the older brother) not only has a huge list of comic book characters he’s provided the voices for, he also starred as the television version of The Bandit! He made four TV movies directed by Hal Needham. They were part of the syndicated Action Pack that launched the Hercules, Tek War and Xena tv series.

  4. Ever since I saw Q, I’ve been more than happy to watch whatever Cohen movie I’ve come across. Haven’t seen this one yet, but once the spoilers have faded from memory a little bit, I’ll watch it. In a recent review (of God Told Me To), I called him the Bob Haney of B-movies. Fits, right?

    Great show, guys!

  5. Oh and as for “Tubi, whatever that is”, I will shill for it. Great place to stream movies for free (legitimately). Yes, there are a lot of super-cheap indies and genre schlock, but I think you’d be surprised at the little treasures you can find on there.

  6. Loved this movie when I was a teen!

    Siskoid’s description of Larry Cohen as “the Bob Haney of B-movies” reminded me of something I once said to a friend during a discussion of comics: I’ve considered Bruce Jones to be comics’ equivalent of Larry Cohen. His works are driven by inventive high-concept ideas, though his execution is sometimes uneven. When he’s at the top of his game, he’s brilliant, and even his misfires are interesting.

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