Film & Water #182 – Carry On Screaming!


Episode 182 - Carry On Screaming!

It's Halloween season! Rob and returning guest Chris Lewis discuss the 1966 Hammer horror parody CARRY ON SCREAMING, part of the legendary CARRY ON film series!

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9 responses to “Film & Water #182 – Carry On Screaming!

  1. Now this is what we’ve been waiting for, it’s one of my favourite films. This was on UK telly at least once a year when I was growing up, usually BBC1 on early Wednesday evening… I have no idea why.

    Rob, you didn’t laugh once? I realise it’s very British humour, but not once? I laugh like a drain. And too long? Anyway, I’d love to hear what Rob would reckon to Carry on Cleo, I reckon that would raise a laugh…

    It was fascinating hearing how unfamiliar the actors were to you, Rob – it’s like when we Brits hear references to Paul Lynde! I only know him because he’s always mentioned on podcasts, so looked him up and remember his character from Bewitched, a great performance. Regarding Kenneth Williams, he refers to Carry on Screaming a couple of times in his bestselling Diaries. This is my favourite, from 19 January 1966: ‘Did stuff with the Oddbods – all that revolting mummy make-up, and teeth. One of them told me about his experiences at a sex orgy. I realised how utterly disgusted I am by this kind of thing.’ It’s a shame Kenneth isn’t better known outside the UK, he was a comedy genius, ridiculously witty and arch, but sadly, not a happy chappie, being a self-hating homosexual.

    Definitely have Chris back for Douglas and the Blue Cat, Rob! I didn’t actually realise Dylan the rabbit was a nod to Bob! I just remember he seemed very lazy… later, I realised he was meant to be stoned.

    1. Thanks for listening Martin! Sorry, I just didn’t laugh once. But as I said on the show, I still enjoyed the movie. it’s not like I don’t like British humor, or old-timey humor, but this just didn’t tickle my funny bone.

  2. Fun discussion gents! I stumbled onto this film on TCM a few years back, and I quickly realized I was in a contemporaneous Hammer spoof. I really enjoyed it, because it most definitely felt like a Hammer film, even if it didn’t directly riff on any of their specific films, as I recall. I have only seen it once, but have since learned more about the “Carry On” series. I had no idea it was a thing before that!

    Jon Pertwee was actually in Hammer’s first attempt at a Jekyll/Hyde story, The Ugly Duckling, with Bernard Bresslaw as the titular character. Bresslaw was the other actor in the running for the monster in Hammer’s first true horor, The Curse of Frankenstein. His agent wanted more money, so the role went to an unknown named Christopher Lee…and history was made.

    Pertwee is also great in the comical segment of The House That Dripped Blood, which also seems to be riffs on Hammer vampire films, although it’s a production of Hammer’s rival, Amicus.


    1. Jon Pertwee’s son Sean played Inspector Lestrade on Elementary and Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham. I know you all know that, but the nerd in me can’t rest unless it’s said. I missed him as Lestrade, but he was one of the best parts of Gotham.

      1. He dressed up as his Dad, as the Third Doctor on Halloween a few years back, and posted pics. I really wish they would do something with him on Doctor Who AS the Third Doctor. Hell, just make HIM the Doctor!

        I’m not Doctor Who expert like Shag or Siskoid, but I’ve seen enough of the classic Whos to count Pertwee as my personal favorite. He punched people! The Action Doctor.


  3. Welcome, Dr. Lewis! I have almost no context for any of this, but you’re a great guest, and Rob can talk about anything, so this was a fun listen.

  4. The only one of these I’ve seen (and own) is Carry On Sergeant and that’s because William Hartnell (the First Doctor) is in it, sending up the kind of role he was known for at the time.

    More spoof than parody, these films are still better the Scary Movie craze we got in the 2000s.

  5. I have been enjoying your M*A*S*H podcast, but have only just found this. It was interesting hearing what an American made of such a British film. Fenella Fielding is one of my idols. I have been known to dress up as Valeria Watt on Halloween.
    There is actually a tenuous M*A*S*H / Carry On connection . Norman Hudis who wrote the earlier Carry Ons was married to Rita Hudis who was a consultant on M*A*S*H and AfterMASH. I think Carry On Nurse was based on her experiences.I
    For more Kenneth Williams I recommend a children’s animation called Willo The Wisp. You can hear some of the voices he used in the film.

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