Film & Water #187 – My Favorite Year Commentary



Rob welcomes back producer Corey Moosa to present an audio commentary for the 1982 comedy MY FAVORITE YEAR starring Peter O'Toole and Mark Linn-Baker. I predict we'll get this in one take!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #187 – My Favorite Year Commentary

  1. I’m very glad to see this commentary track pop up on my phone today. I saw this film when it came out in the theater & seem to watch it whenever I happen across it on television.

    I’m teaching my TV History course again this semester & always take time to highlight Your Show of Shows. There’s a nice documentary narrated by Rob Reiner titled “Hail Sid Caesar!” that’s worth a look if you want to view some of the actual skits from the 1950s. Also, the online Television Archives has in-depth interviews with Sid, Larry Gelbart, Nanette Fabray & others associated with the landmark series. I also highly recommend “Apropos of Nothing” Woody Allen’s wonderful autobiography where he’s most complimentary of Sid and the other writers & provides his own thoughts on television comedy of the era.

    In my tv course I screen a bit of A Face in the Crowd, which is a great film from the 1950s on the dangers of television. Looking forward to listening to your film commentary!

  2. I love MY FAVORITE YEAR and I’m jealous that Corey got to do it, but your discussion was terrific, so I’ll survive.

    This movie was in our video library of films my dad recorded off of HBO during their free weekends. It was on a VHS tape with two other movies; I can’t remember which two, but I must have been watching the movie before it one day in high school and just let the tape play through. I had no idea what the movie was about, and, despite enjoying PERFECT STRANGERS, Mark Lynn-Baker’s presence didn’t intrigue me… But Peter O’Toole, on the other hand…

    I knew him from, of all things, the movie HIGH SPIRITS. I was amazed that in this bizarre supernatural star-crossed rom com starring Steve Guttenberg, Darryl Hannah, and Liam Neeson… that this funny old man stood out as the highlight of the film. I had not seen LAURENCE OF ARABIA at the time I saw HIGH SPIRITS (or MFY for that matter), so I basically watched the movie just to see more of Peter O’Toole. And what a treat I got. Such a great performance, such a wonderful character, and such an enjoyable film.

    A few years after I saw it, my senior year in high school, in fact, the Drama Club got the option to do one of two musicals in the spring. One was My Favorite Year, and the other was GREASE. I was the only person, the only one, who wanted to do MFY. Alas, the director chose GREASE because it was the first time the school had gotten the rights to it. It was probably for the best because we performed the show four nights in a row to sold-out crowds all four nights. Still, I was sad that they did MFY the following year, after I’d graduated, and I could only see my younger friends have fun with it. I’m sure Corey had a great time doing it.

    As you mentioned in the show, yeah, Tony DiBenedetto has a recurring part on CHEERS. He’s just one of the tertiary barflies that would get a line or two every couple episodes in season 8 and 9. He looks much more late ’80s blue collar shlub than Alfie in MY FAVORITE YEAR. I loved his part in the movie.

    Apropos nothing, Grease sucks.

  3. Wow, that was a fun discussion, even though I haven’t seen this movie in a good 30 years. But now I really want to watch it again, and watch Noises Off, which is a favorite of mine as well.

  4. Rob and Corey, wonderful discussion on a movie I am sure I passed by on cable back in the 80’s but never fully watched, which I will now rectify soon! I’m so pleased that Corey, successful producer and Hollywood mover and shaker that he is, is so down to earth and open with stories about his experiences in La La Land. And let me be the first to throw his hat in the ring to guest on the Jesus Christ Superstar Film and Water Commentary! One of my favorites! Thanks again to the both of you for a delightful and enlightening commentary and podcast.

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