Film & Water #192 – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Commentary

Rob reassembles the bridge crew from the WRATH OF KHAN commentary episode (Network All-Stars Shag, Chris, and special guest Corey Moosa) to provide a commentary track f0r STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK!

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6 responses to “Film & Water #192 – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Commentary

  1. I just watched the new 4K edition yesterday. I figured I might as well since it would be another two years before this commentary came out.

    I feel like I showed up at school and I’ve done all the homework… it’s a weird feeling and I’m not used to it.

  2. Great commentary, guys, I had a lot of fun listening to it. This is one of my favorite movies of all time (in fact I consider 2-4 to be one giant movie), I think I’ve seen it a million times thanks to my aunt having it in beta in the 1980s and my sister and I would watch it over and over when we’d visit her. The Empire Strikes Back was on the same tape. Ah, good times.

    A few items I thought of while listening:

    You guys were speculating why Uhura gets left behind on Earth while the others all get to go to Genesis. The novelization of the movie by Vonda McIntyre actually explains that. Unura stays behind and sabotages Starfleet communications, which explains why no other ships get sent after the Enterprise. There’s a scene in the novel where she’s pursued by Federation security and gets asylum at the Vulcan embassy, which explains why she’s on Vulcan at the end. I have no idea if the filmmakers intended this but it’d been nice if they’d mentioned that…one line is all it would’ve taken to explain what Uhura was up to. The novelization is really good, it actually has Carol Marcus in it and she and Kirk actually have a meeting with Captain Esteban early in the story and talk about Genesis!

    I’m so glad you guys mentioned and appreciate the music. I’ve listened to other commentaries on ST 2 and 3 and I’m astounded how people don’t mention James Horner’s magnificent soundtracks for these movies!
    “Stealing the Enterprise” is awesome and it’s hard to imagine that scene going off as well as it did without the music!

    Kirk also does Kirk Fu in Star Trek 5! When they raid not-Mos Eisley he punches put a couple of goons and has a wrestling match with a cat-woman alien.

    You guys were wondering what happens to Maltz. He actually appears again in the Genesis Wave book series, and even meets Carol Marcus! And you guys are spot on. He lives isolated in the Federation because the Klingons won’t take him back. Plus, the Klingon Dictionary has an in-universe introduction that credits Maltz with the Federation making strides in better understanding the Klingon language!

  3. I watched this way back when and remember liking it .
    Did any one else go see the Star Trek two the wrath of Khan . When it was shown as flash back in the movie theater ? We loved it . And we are the look out for part 3 for him .

  4. I listened to this and the Star Trek Ii commentary one right after the other. They both had me laughing out loud and also yelling at my phone to tell you the trivia you missed — in short, podcast perfection.

  5. Oh Shag, the Kazon were slaves of another species and stole all the stuff after their revolt.

    Not that the Kazon AREN’T the worst Star Trek aliens ever. That’s still true.

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