Film & Water #193 – Confess, Fletch

Rob is joined by fellow network all-star Ryan Daly and returning guest Omar Uddin to discuss the brand new film CONFESS, FLETCH starring Jon Hamm!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #193 – Confess, Fletch

  1. Good episode fellows!
    You did a great job describing the movie without actually spoiling anything. I look forward to checking it out myself.
    I completely agree with you on the lack of “smaller, quieter movies” being made today. I mis the mid budget action films. Movies that don’t blow up entire cities and the fate of the universe isn’t at stake. They type of crime thriller Peter Yates or John Frankenheimer would make. The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Seven-Ups, or Charles Bronson films of the 70s like MR Majestyk
    I’d like to recommend the movie Vengeance. Written, directed & starring BJ Novak. He plays a journalist, looking for a great hook to do a podcast on. He gets a late night phone call from the family of a recently deceased woman he once hooked up with. This Texas family was under the impression his relationship with the woman was far more serious than it actually was. Feeling guilty he flies to Texas for the funeral. While there, the deceased woman’s brother insists she was murdered, and that they need to avenge her death.

  2. Maybe it was because “Fletch Lives” came out when I was in high school, but conversations among my friends and I were (and still are) peppered with quotes from the films (I’ll have a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich). At some point I started reading the novels, and I’ve read the series through several times. My brother alerted me to the surprise release of “Confess, Fletch.” The closest theatre showing it was an hour away, but I needed a day off and didn’t mind a trip to the big city. There was one other guy in the theatre; I didn’t get a chance to ask him his thoughts about the movie.

    “Confess, Fletch” was not my ideal re-boot, but it did a lot of things well. It seemed faithful to the novel, but gracefully set the 1970s story in the 2020s. There were enough nods to Chevy and his Fletch for fans of the previous films. My only complaint is that the movie did not include Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn, who had his own spin off novels after being introduced in Confess, Fletch.

    1. I say give it time. It’s been released here in Canada on various streaming services pay per view (YouTube, Apple, etc.) for 25$ rental. That’s the “just came out” price, and it’ll go down in a few weeks, or even drop for free on services.

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