Film & Water #194 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Commentary

Rob and the Star Trek movie team (Network All-Stars Shag, Chris, and special guest Corey Moosa) complete the "Genesis Trilogy" by providing a commentary track f0r STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME!

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8 responses to “Film & Water #194 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Commentary

  1. For those who are interested.
    Its DC comics Star Trek Volume 1 issues 34-36 where they have to undo over 2 years of comic adventures to match up with the beginning of Star Trek IV.
    In the comic continuity, Kirk is given command of The Excelsior and Spock commands the science vessel Surak. The Surak encounters a deadly virus that kills Spock’s crew, and puts Spock in a near death state. Kirk disobeys orders, breaks quarantine to rescue Spock. The main cast escapes Starfleet pursuit on the Klingon bird of prey to Vulcan in order to save Spock’s life. It’s a fun story, and brilliant maneuver by Len Wein to bring the comics in line with the movies.

  2. The fact that Shagg refers to Star Trek IV as “A New Beginning” is particularly fitting as it was in the very next issue of the regular Star Trek Monthly comic series that we saw house ads for the all new Justice League. (the first seven issues were collected in the trade paperback Justice League: A New Beginning)

  3. Great commentary gentlemen. I saw every original-cast Star Trek movie in the theater, and this one is definitely my favorite. But for some reason I hadn’t rewatched it in many years (double dumbass on me!). So I rewatched it before listening to your commentary and it was even better than I remembered it. The fun location scenes in San Francisco- the background music, the humor, it all captures the feel of when the movie was made, and that is appropriate given that it involves time travel to that time period. Even the really zany humor in the hospital works. And then that scene at the end with Spock and Sarek is great, as is the final scene with the new Enterprise being revealed.

  4. The last leg of their voyage home was my first brush with what is known as the Mandela Effect. In my case, I can trace it to seeing what I expected to see rather than what was there.

    The old Technical Manual had a list of starships, and noted the ones destroyed in various episodes. Later in the list were replacements being built, with different N.C.C. (Naval Construction Contract) numbers, and the name followed by a Roman numeral II. As we see our new “home,” I somehow ignored the giant “N.C.C.-1701-A” (I have no memory for numbers anyway) and am convinced I saw “Enterprise II” across the hull!

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