Film & Water #195 – Octopussy Commentary

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Rob and returning guest Chris Lewis present an audio commentary for 1983's James Bond adventure OCTOPUSSY!

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5 responses to “Film & Water #195 – Octopussy Commentary

  1. Great commentary as usual but you didn’t mention that there was an attempt to make a James Bond video game for the Atari 2600 based upon Octopussy. It was eventually cancelled and was made into another game with three different missions based upon other films of the 1970s. Just wanted to mention it since I remember seeing the ads in various comics back then.

  2. This was fun to listen to. It’s the second podcast I have listened to today which references lying on a bed of nails funnily enough. Timothy Dalton was one of my first crushes, so I would definitely love him to return to the franchise.
    George MacDonald Fraser spent his latter years in the Isle of Man.

  3. Gay men in Bond? There are those gay assassins in Diamonds Are Forever, back when you COULD have gay people on screen, but they had to be bad.

    I think you could do a series of these 007 commentary tracks and people would flock to them (as guests or listeners). A few years ago, oHOTmu’s Nath and I watched the entire Eon canon over a number of weeks. She’s a big fan. I’ll mention the pod to her.

    I think Octopussy was my first full Bond (I’d seen the beginning of others before my mom sent us to bed). My 9th grade English teacher would show action movies for “movie report” purposes. This was one of them.

  4. Oh man, Octopussy was a dead centerfield home run! This was the first bond movie I saw in the movie theater. I saw it with my dad and sister in Wildwood, New Jersey while on vacation. Octopussy’s elite guard were personally responsible for jumpstarting my puberty in the summer of 83. I absolutely love this movie for all its fun and Rob and Chris did it justice.

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