Fire and Water Records: A Very Daly Christmas Volume 4

T'WAS A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS and all through the Fire and Water Podcast Network, Ryan and Neil reunite for A Very Daly Christmas Volume 4. The brothers share ten more songs from their holiday playlists, and also share thoughts on some of their favorite Christmas movies and why Ryan's present has already been ruined.

Track list

  1. “Someday At Christmas” by Stevie Wonder (
  2. "Auld Lang Syne" by The Tenors (
  3. "Christmas Is Going To The Dogs" by Eels (
  4. "Sock It To Me Santa" by Bob Seger & The Last Heard (
  5. "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day" by Elvis Presley (
  6. "Little Wood Guitar" by Sugarland (
  7. "Beneath Our Christmas Tree" by Neil Daly (
  8. "Santa's On His Way" by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (
  9. "A Visit From St. Nicholas" by Louis Armstrong (
  10. "Excuse My Christmas" by Jan Terri (

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14 responses to “Fire and Water Records: A Very Daly Christmas Volume 4

  1. IT’s always terrific to hear the Brothers Daly! So glad you’re both back to spread this holiday goodness! And great choice of jams, my friends!

  2. Great show guys! I’m a huge Bob Seger fan (seen him 3 times in concert) but never heard that song before! Now I gotta find it! Bob does James Brown…who knews?

    I can’t remember if Ryan has seen the Scrooge musical with Albert Finney or not. That has some great earworm songs that could make it onto one of your shows eventually. “Thank You Very Much” permeates with my entire family. But of course, I love my Alastair Sim. The best adaptation of A Christmas Carol in my opinion.

    I’m glad you included Neil’s song. I dig it! It captures that feel, and I know JUST the Folger’s commercial you’re talking about.

    While it’s no Jan Terri, have you guys heard “Merry Christmas” by Salsoul Orchestra? I understand Salsoul was a backing orchestra who played behind other artists, and have some legitmately fun Christmas songs from a few themed albums, particularly their disco “Christmas Medley”. But “Merry Christmas” sounds like a lounge singer who came off a 12 hour shift at her day job, running out of steam in a low-rent hotel bar somewhere in the midwest. She just rambles random holiday messages and strings them together over some decent, if very repetitve, standard instrumental music. Bafflingly, Sirus XM has put this song in HEAVY rotation on their Jolly Holly Christmas station!!!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas Daly Bros, and no taking off next year!

  3. After re-listening to this podcast, I’ve decided that the only valid reason for the baseball card being sent to mom (and thanking her) is that somehow Angie stole mom’s credit card and used it for the purchase. Also, the funny voice guy alongside Bob Wills is the Flava Flav to his Chuck D.

    1. That guy is always going “AWWW-HAAAA!!!” and “AWWW-YESSSS!!!” in Bob Wills’ songs. I also point you to the Waylon Jennings’ classic “Bob Wills is Still the King.” Great tribute song.

  4. So glad to have this fun holiday show back. It always helps brighten my holiday season. With that in mind, can I look forward to A Very Daly Valentine’s Day, A Very Daly St. Patrick’s Day, A Very Daly Arbor Day, A Very Daly Labor Day, and perhaps even A Very Daly Oh God How Is It Only Wednesday?

  5. Always great to hear you talk about music. Of course, your Christmases are happy affairs with happy music.

    There’s definitely a reason why my favorite Christmas songs are sadder (not necessarily negative, just… sadder). The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”, Tim Minchin’s “White Wine in the Sun”, Slow Club’s “Christmas TV”, Your Vegas’ “Christmas and Me Are Through”, even among the standards, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is sad.

  6. I was so excited to see this drop into my feed that I dropped the podcast I was listening to and put it on. You should be grateful because my time is very precious.

    Really, though, I’ve loved hearing this every year and am glad you guys were able to get together again. It didn’t disappoint. The musical selections were great (although yet no Carpenters … I continue to be disappointed in both of you). I’ve been adding more and more stuff to the Christmas rotation each year–mostly instrumental this year–and I’ll definitely have to download a couple of these.

    I was glad to see The Ref get some love. I think that’s an underrated gem of a holiday movie despite the presence of Kevin Spacey. You guys had a great point about separating the person from their work, especially when said work is significantly old. I can’t remember the person you used as an example, but whenever this comes up, I immediately think of Mel Gibson and another holiday classic, “Lethal Weapon.” Gibson himself is a pretty awful person and yet that movie is easily one of the best action flicks of the 1980s. It’s right up there with Die Hard in holiday viewing.

    ANYWAY, loved the show. Hopefully you’ll get around to this gem one day:

  7. Great to hear the Daly Boys fight the law and the brothers won. It’s funny, because I was saying that Rolled Spine Podcasts were below the radar enough to not draw Spotify’s ire after the copyright crackdown, but we haven’t done a One Song Each in even longer than the Fire and Water Records hiatus. Besides being among our least popular shows, it never felt right to record over the internet, and we’ve always had better things to do when live together.

    1. The problem with Stevie Wonder is that I was introduced to him during the trickily punchline period of his career, as lambasted in High Fidelity. I remember doing an impersonation of Wonder for my sisters while performing my own “I Just Called To Say I Hate You” song parody, or his mock camera commercial on SNL. I now consider him a genius with a near unparalleled song catalog, but I’ll never be able to go all-in as a fan because of that initial cringe and his not getting to me young enough.

    2. Cannot ride along with Neil on The Tenors. For starters, I just don’t like boy groups, especially classically trained bougie ones. Second, the best part of “Auld Lang Syne” is the bittersweet recollection of absent friends and times past. Thirdly, that melancholy is meant to be manifest while drinking on New Years Eve, not Christmas. I’m very much a secular, “hold the Christ” on my Xmas type, so a robust rendition in this fashion makes it feel like a co-opt of my NYE yum for Messianic yuck. Since it came up, I only accept Halloween as a year-long lifestyle choice, and have no tolerance for stepping in Thanksgiving by starting any yuletide before Black Friday. I mean sure, my fidelity to Turkey Day is comparable to Wednesday & Pugsley’s, but it’s more about erecting a firm barrier against jingle overexposure. Think of the seasonal workers.

    3. Mac’s beloved dane of something like 15 years passed a few years ago, and his remaining “puppy” of increasingly similar age is suffering with a progressive leg tumor. I’m sure he would commiserate with you if he didn’t stuff his emotions like a bag of kittens and throw them into the nearest river.

    4. “Did Bob Seger do a blackface” said the child as he swung his upturned head in a slithering fashion while crooning “…and I mean it from the front of my fist.”

    5. Ah. Finally. The King. I’m satisfied now. Not one that I was familiar with, but I do love that late 60s/early ’70s rootsy sound.

    6. I’ve heard of Sugarland, but they were way after my time listening to country music. A little miffed that a duo from Atlanta appropriated the name, but I guess a local act had decades to claim it. I’m confident that “Little Wood Guitar” has passed through my ears previously, so I have to assume it was years of unconscious exposure at supermarkets or whatever.

    7. As a Texan, it’s always wild to see picturesque locales like the one in the video. We’re suffering an uncommonly deep freeze this holiday, which means we have to drip our faucets to avoid burst pipes, like Fix suffered the last time this happened. Visually though, it’s the same old flatland as any other year, just grayer from less sunshine. Anyway, the tune stacks up well with the rest of the list.

    8-9. Western Swing is a solid option when it comes to seasonal cheer. Tough to go wrong with Louis Armstrong, either. That one guy in the Texas Playboys reminds me less of Flavor Flav than the baby cooing in “Are You That Somebody” or “Bound 2.” I saw Scrooged theatrically and caught A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life on TV. That pretty much runs the gamut of my occasional intentional Christmas movie viewing. More circumstantially, I prefer Batman Returns, and always favored Lethal Weapon over Die Hard. Why doesn’t anybody argue over Lethal Weapon‘s validity in the holiday canon?

    10. I’ve never seen The Ref, though I was fond of Dennis Leary’s Diet Diceman in his early MTV days. It played better when I was a teenager, where today it just sounds like libertarian bellyaching. Look, Kevin Spacey stars in two of my favorite movies, The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, and I pretty much knew what he was getting up to by the time the latter was released. It’s not just a lack of awareness in the straight community, but also that there was a greater air of permissibility in the gay community of that time. When you cast huge swaths of the total population into outcast status, the rules get fuzzy, and you end up with highly successful overt sexual predation by guys like Spacey and R. Kelly. We used to think things were just “different” with other populations, but now understand that othering allowed for the victimization of children, and that you have to protect all kids, not just selectively based on personal preferences. What’s especially disgusting is that decades later, we’re still doing it by railing against cancel culture instead of gun culture, or targeting gays as “groomers” while actively targeting trans kids for systemic abuse. I don’t care about deepfaking Christopher Plummer into old movies when the active menace is politicians like Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz that I keep trying to vote out of office.

  8. I’m a little behind so getting caught up on Christmas music in the middle of January felt a little odd, BUT you guys did such a good job that I didn’t mind a bit! You definitely mentioned some great (and not so great) songs and movies but the opening track was one that I played a lot this past Christmas. The Stevie Wonder Christmas album is such a gem and he’s such a master at everything he does.

    I’m looking forward to A Very Daly President’s Day Special where everything must go go go!

    Well done, gentlemen! Keep up the great work!

  9. I am with Neil, November 1st is the day to start Christmas music. Although, the past few years Christmas music has been played in my house starting in October, albeit in my AirPods so not to subject anyone else to it. Christmas music evokes a peace and calm for me, which is why I have been listening to it earlier and earlier.That being said, it is September 20th and I am listening to this now. Ryan is well aware of my love of Christmas (much to Ang’s dismay).

  10. “Peter, you’re home”, that Folgers commercial is a definitely a huge part of my childhood Christmas memories.

    Thanks guys for a great podcast!!

    Can’t recall if you have discussed the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s music in A Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I am not a huge jazz fan, but that music at Christmas time is a must for me.

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