Fire and Water Records: Girl Power 1

Fire and Water Records gets girly! The Brothers Daly kick off a brand new series wherein they pay tribute to some of their favorite women and female-fronted bands. For Girl Power 1, Ryan and Neil Daly focus (mostly) on a handful of their favorite ladies in rock and roll music, with each of the brothers showcasing a song from one of five different artists.

Listen to the FWR Girl Power playlist on Spotify.

Track list

  1. “Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett
  2. "Crimson and Clover" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  3. "These Dreams" by Heart
  4. "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You" by Heart
  5. "Here's to Us" by Halestorm
  6. "Love Bites (So Do I)" by Halestorm
  7. "Voices Carry" by Till Tuesday
  8. "Rollercoasters" by Aimee Mann
  9. "Promises in the Dark" by Pat Benatar
  10. "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar

Additional music by Madonna, Aretha Franklin, No Doubt, Veruca Salt, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Joan Jett, Fiona Apple, Tina Turner, David Guetta featuring Rihanna, Lita Ford .

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4 responses to “Fire and Water Records: Girl Power 1

  1. Great show fellas. Cindy is a big Heart fan, so she was stoked when she learned Nancy Wilson was opening up for Bob Seger when we saw him in 2017. Nancy had her new band, Roadcase Royale with her, and the lead singer is actually Liv Warfield from Prince’s New Power Generation. They did a few Heart songs in their set, including “Barracuda” (sung by Liv) and “These Dreams” by Nancy. They were great.

    I was familiar with everyone on your list except for Halestorm, but I’m intrigued. My sister was a big Pat Benatar fan when she was in High School and I was in Elementary, so I heard A LOT of her during those years, and of course saw her a lot on MTV, including her Les Miserables-esque “Love is a Battlefield” video. And I remember that “Shadows of the Night” video well! I have to say I was with Neil on the Top Secret thing, but I can see the Blackhawks too!

    One thing I like about Benatar: Her lead guitarist husband and her have been together forever, which is great. And one thing I don’t like, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame passes her over year after year, which is complete BS, and just shows what a sham that whole thing is anyway.


  2. Great topic and tracks (I thought Alestorm?! that pirate metal isn’t female-led!).

    Getting the most play on my devices these days…
    The Ting Tings
    Marina and the Diamonds

  3. My first thought when the episode started was “gee, I’d have gone with a Veruca Salt track like ‘Born Entertainer'” and then it cut to “Volcano Girls” and I was like “well alright then.”

    When Neil was naming off girls with guitars (“everybody loves girls with guitars”) it was checking off all my boxes and I was like “I too am your brother.” But then he slagged on new wave and his definition of “hard rock music” is so much mushier than my own that the bond was sundered.

    My father was such a poon-hound that I think I have an inherited unconscious gaydar, so that even when I might otherwise find a lady attractive, I can detect their disinterest in my entire gender and distance accordingly. From Jodie Foster to Ellen Page, I defaulted to “just friends” and have yet to crush on anyone only for them later to come out. Joan Jett’s another one where I should have been all hot & bothered by “Do You Wanna Touch Me,” my favorite of her tunes. There was some trigger that assured me “you’re not invited, dudes.” Also, she always had bad hair, and nearly all of her hits were covers of other people’s hits. “Crimson and Clover” without the full tremolo isn’t much worth doing.

    When I was growing up, I heard some Heart songs, but wasn’t really conscious of the band until their eponymous “comeback” in 1985. “What About Love” was a major hit that got my attention, and frankly, Ann Wilson’s heavier frame and bigger voice immediately set her apart from the Madonnas that dominated the scene. There’s also a clear difference between their ’70s rock that was more the adult’s scene and their mid-decade poppier sound that was more palatable to me as a kid still dipping his toes into contemporary music. I enjoyed the imagery of “These Dreams,” and then a couple years later when I began to fully immerse in pop, their greatest song “Alone” arrived. 1990’s “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You” transitioned them into full-on adult contemporary territory, making me a little embarrassed for liking it. I’d be surprised that so many people missed the “I am the flower, you are the seed” bit, if I thought average folks actually bothered with lyrics. But then, the video actually cut to the baby’s eyes, so I can’t exactly say I ever needed to scrutinize the song for hidden meaning. Was the actress as proxy or the uncommon amount of cuts to the guitarist more egregious, I wonder? Also, is “brought the woman outta me” the best euphemism for orgasm this side of “la petite mort” or what? Anyway, I did eventually go back to the ’70s rockers, and they’re all wicked, “Barracuda” arguably the most kick ass.

    SNS, Halestorm’s not happening for me. First it was like “oh, a token country act,” but Neil kept calling them heavy rock/metal and I started getting really Inigo Montoya about that. I was on my lunch break, so I would pause the podcast to check out the various covers for about a minute each before waving them off. More than a little rich to call out “Alone” as overexposed and then go “you’ve got to check out their take on “I Will Always Love You”. No sir, I do not, and you can take Whitney’s out the door with the lot of you. The highlighted originals were of the sort that I wouldn’t skip them on a NOW-style compilation, but wouldn’t seek them out. The covers, so many covers, so bland. They sound like the fake band in the low budget movie the supporting teenage girl wants to see play their gruel-thin-rewrite-of-a-too-expensive-license-hit. Podcast Vulfpeck. They’re no Letters To Cleo, I’m saying.

    I was today years old when I learned “Voices Carry” came out in 1985. Martha’s Greatest Hits played a big part in my education on MTV-era pop music from before 1987, and between the punk hair and soft focus of the video, I’d have assumed it was more like 1981-82. I guess a few years shouldn’t make that big a difference, but Aimee Mann’s solo debut being 1993 makes a little more sense without such a huge gap. So yeah, I thought “Voices Carry” was great and heard murmurings about Mann being a critical darling, but I never liberate any of her albums from the used trade-in shelves at Warehouse Music (I’m with Stupid was a constant there.) When I was working at the sex shop, a lesbian co-worker I had a slight crush on (I suspect that she wasn’t entirely redlining on the Kinsey scale, unless it was my gaydar that was lapsing there) brought in mix-CDs with some choice Mann tracks. They were mostly just from Bachelor No. 2 , A.K.A. the Magnolia soundtrack, and I dug most of them enough to rip copies of her burns. I also, what did you call it, Audio Galaxy’d some tracks from Lost in Space and The Forgotten Arm, but nothing grabbed me like those first tracks. “Save Me” was easily my favorite, and resonated with me strongly enough that it became a contender on my revised 12-track “soundtrack of your life” list that I never compiled after my first pass in the late ’90s (ah, message boards.)

    Pat Benatar is the only one of these acts that I’ve seen live, and was big enough to break through my country/oldies blockade in the early ’80s. I’m pretty sure my female gym teacher played “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and/or “Heartbreaker” while we exercised outside in grade school (and definitely “Mickey” by Toni Basil.) We had a cassette tape of good quality imitation covers of movie hits around 1985 that featured “Invincible,” my favorite of hers. I don’t think that I was familiarized with “Shadows of the Night,” “Love Is a Battlefield,” and “We Belong” until 1988 or later. If I recall correctly (because it’s a sports-related memory) our local basketball team the Rockets used “All Fired Up” as a season theme (and the Astros used INXS’ “New Sensation”) which unleashed a torrent of Houston Benatar revivalism late in the decade. She’s another one whose hits I enjoy, but a little poppy for me and no compulsion to dig deeper into her catalog. I knew “Hell Is for Children” was a favorite of my sister, so that was the only concert I ever took her to, and it was a pretty good one for a couple of old broads of pop rock (you’ll get to the other one inevitably.)

  4. Joan Jett is cool but, what about Suzi Quatro? While her popularty was in England she was born in the Motor city. I know ya’ll rember her as Leather Tuscadero. And I’m talking her real songs 48 crash. The Wild One and others. Not… stumbling in. That was her…balad. Doesn’t count. Kiss made Beth. Suzi can have Stubling in. I mean hey some of the runaways even copied her look. Ok her popularty may have had a minor miss step cause she acsadently shot Alice Cooper with a dart gun, but they were both plsying around with them on that tour. Ware she opened for him. Alice seems pretty cool. I never meet him, but his fans at obe tour he had hear when I did clean up for a music place here were big tippers and nice people. She moved to Britain but was born in Detroit Rock city. The hot woman in a leather jump suit in rock music was her look. She was a blond, but still kind of her look before members of the run aways used it. I like Joan Jett. I was more of a Pat Benatar kid, but still she’s cool. But, how is she the godmother of Punk. Siouxsie and the Banshees.

    Siouxsie Sioux isn’t punk… ok guess she’s a bit Goth music, but still. Joan is awsome, but she started in music in 1975 a year after I was born. 1970 Susie Q had hit records around the world. Patricia Smith hit the same year as Joan. Heck Suzi Quatro – Lipstick is pretty punk rock. Sorry about Oy at New York on saying Joan was the godmother of Punk Rock when Suzi Quatro was out there. I mean Joan Jett does a great cover of The Arrows I love Rock and roll. X-Ray Spex nothing? Ah well they are around the same rimes of Joan. Blondie. Oy the New York oy moment. Still Joan Jett is a great singer. Just saying…. Suzi Quatro should maybe be the god mother of punk….ah well. Reputation is a great song. Ted DiBiase used it as intrence music in Mid south wrestling before he went to the WWF.

    Heart is awsome. Though Crazy on you is my fav song of theres. Yeah what they did with Anne was wrong, but she is thin again. She looked great on the last thing I saw her on U-tube. I rember Nancy better for being a gutar gawdess. But, she’s a great singer. Em cool that your Dad had men and women rock music he liked. So did my fam. My parents had Janis Joplions Pear record next to Ted Ofencive. And Talking heads. My Grand parents had Emmie lou Harris Dolly and others next to Jonny Cash and others. Ah Heck storm I heard a few of them their good. Though I like JINJER better. Or XANDRIA . And ofcorse Night wish. With their first singer. Again if you want belting Night wish and story time.

    Till Tuesday is awsome. I use to sing this song in high school. I can’t sing at all. I make Julie Roberts and Candice Bergen seam like their Christina Agulara. But, screw it I loved this song.
    Did not know she was married to Sean Penn’s brother Mike. Though it’s funny they met on her almbum I’m with Stupid . I have never heard Michael Penn’s music, but I’ll have to look it up. I wonder if Aimme wrote it about her romance with Michael Hausman?

    Cool Pat Benatar is awsome…. minus what ever she was doing in the 90s. And she tried to be like Debbie Gipson… I’ll just skip over that. But, Pat is awsome. Though heartbreaker was my fav song of hers. Or love is a battle field. Pat Benatar is awsome. He’s was the first tape I bought. Yeah a tape. ware you re wind it with a pencil. Ah Shodows of the night was great and had a cool vid. Ah could be a Black Hawk thing. Any way can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

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