Fire and Water Records: Rick Springfield

Lately something's changed, it ain't hard to define, Jessie's got himself a girl and the Daly Brothers want to make her, um, theirs or whatever. On this special episode of Fire and Water Records, Neil and Ryan share their favorite Rick Springfield songs, and Neil reveals the terrifying truth about the sinister rock star. You dare not miss this episode, dear listeners, for it might just save you from a dark and dreadful fate. Also, there's some kickass music.

Track list

  1. I Get Excited
  2. Jessie's Girl
  3. I've Done Everything for You
  4. Don't Talk to Strangers
  5. Affair of the Heart
  6. Souls
  7. Our Ship's Sinking
  8. Love Somebody
  9. What's Victoria's Secret?
  10. Human Touch
  11. The Man That Never Was
  12. Love is Alright Tonight
  13. I'll Make You Happy

Additional music performed by Neil Daly and Eddie Money.

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6 responses to “Fire and Water Records: Rick Springfield

  1. Well, it’s not a Thanksgiving songs playlist…it’s better.

    Excellent episode with excellent songs, and no, I am not currently typing this with some of Mr. Springfield’s demonic lawyers looking over my shoulder to make sure I get the words right (as well as to see if I know exactly how to contact Neil Daly).

    So, now I apparently have to add Neil’s book to my Amazon wishlist. Not necessarily a bad thing, but now I ponder if Neil himself didn’t learn a few of those vampiric hypnosis tricks from Rick during that encounter. Guess that’s another reason I need to read the book!

    Oh, yeah, Ryan believing that “Take Me Home Tonight” was a Rick Springfield song…I’d point out that even a musically stupid person like myself knew that was wrong, but considering I couldn’t think of more than two or three Rick Springfield songs off the top of my head I’m going to just say (in the style of Pat Sampson) “Good one, Ryan. Good one.”

  2. So, my sister was a HUGE Rick Springfield fan back in the day. And she saw him in concert back in his 80s heyday. And my sister hasn’t really aged much since then, she looks way younger than she should, even though she’s 7 years older than me, and I look like hell. Maybe Rick got vamped earlier than Neil figured? Maybe fellow Australian Hugh Jackman staked him for a decade or so?

    And of course, he played heroic vampire Nick Night in the pilot for the series that eventually became Forever Knight. Rick made for a much better vampire than the guy they ultimately went with.

    I always liked Rick’s stuff, but have kept him somewhat at a distance because my sister kind of wore me out on him until she got heavy into Prince her senior year (she saw him in concert too). His stuff gets played a lot on Sirius XM’s Big 80s on 8 station, and I always enjoy hearing it. It irks me when he occasionally gets lumped in with “One Hit Wonders”. The guy’s got a pretty impressive catalog. And hey, he was the Human Target, and almost got a spin-off from The Incredible Hulk!

    Fun show guys. Neil’s book sounds revelatory…and extremely libel!!!


  3. I was with you for the word association mini-sodes through the Bee Gees, but I must admit that my loyalty was mildly strained by Dr. Noah Drake’s Greatest Hits. Like Neil, I tended to view him as a punchline soap star from my younger years that didn’t completely embarrass himself moonlighting as a musician like most actors who dabble tend to do. I actually have firmer memories of the mania around (rapist) Luke & Laura because both my mother and grandmother were General Hospital fans. My memory was also jogged throughout the ’90s by “Jesse’s Girl” being a staple of those Time-Life gits of the ’80s collections.

    Like Ryan, I could name three songs off the top of my head, but only because “Human Touch” was featured on some internet thing I don’t recall a few years ago and had the delusions of sci-fi “Thriller” music video. I was specifically underwhelmed with the awkward phrasing in the chorus, but then I heard it playing at the grocery store a few months ago, so I guess somebody liked it. However, Eddie Money’s Greatest Hits came with the family’s first and only Columbia House-style xCDs for a dime promotion circa 1989 (I guess our names went on a blacklist after not fulfilling our obligation, or did we ever get another player after pawning our stereo that same year?)

    After listening to the Brothers Daly extolling Springfield’s virtues for forty-odd minutes, I can now say that my overall opinion is… pretty much exactly the same as it was going in? I mean, I was surprised to recognize more of the tracks offered, and the comparisons to The Cars were apt, but I like The Cars many many times more without being willing to commit to so much as a singles compilation (don’t ask where the eight tracks I have came from.)

    Aside from the enthusiasm, I agree with most of the assessments. I was totally thinking Foo Fighters (on two tracks actually, and it’s an early term for U.F.O.s used by World War II pilots.) That one hit did have a better-than-Sammy-Hagar vibe. I also associate “My Best Friend’s Girl” with “Jesse’s Girl.” That Victoria’s Secret song is really stupid. I kinda hope Rick Springfield was a secret influence on the development of Nick Cave’s song craft. And yet… inoffensive background noise from out of a slightly-hipper-than-expected meathead’s Trans Am stereo system in 1982? I might conceivably play one or two of these on purpose on some hypothetical occasion in my life? I will admit though, I am incapable of believing that man is 70 years old. That there is some bathing in the blood of virgins shit for reals. Remember when Brad and Johnny and Keanu turned fifty, and magazine covers announced it incredulously? Springfield looks younger that any of them did at that time. Hail Satan!

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