Fire & Water #161 – Aquaman #50/Legends of Tomorrow #1

It's a big month for our heroes! Shag and Rob discuss "Dead Water" from the extra-length AQUAMAN #50 by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and more. That's followed by "United We Fall" from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #1 by Gerry Conway, Eduardo Pansica, Rob Hunter, and more--the first Firestorm comic by Gerry Conway in thirty years! Plus YOUR Listener Feedback!

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12 responses to “Fire & Water #161 – Aquaman #50/Legends of Tomorrow #1

  1. I’ve only seen Amber Heard in one movie, THE INFORMERS. Not very good, but she’s naked in every scene. I’d like to say I can’t wait to see more of her in AQUAMAN, but really, I don’t think it’s possible to see any more of her after THE INFORMERS.

  2. I didn’t see Multiplex the same way, but wouldn’t it be nifty if he was pulling different versions of himself from throughout the multiverse?

  3. I will admit the price point of the Legends book kept me away which is a shame. What are sales like?

    What do I think of Amber Heard? Well, let’s just say I watch the awful movie ‘Drive Angry’ every time I run across it on cable. She is the only draw … and she is enough to make me watch that drivel.

  4. Hi Rob and Shagg,

    It was great having the two of you back together and covering two great issues. Issue 50 of Aquaman was a complete joy. “Aquamazing” as was quoted within its own pages. The double length flew by making the issue seem no longer than a typical issue. The characterizations and artwork were fantastic and I’m feeling so excited and hopeful about getting two issues of a fun Aquaman series every month in the near future. Let’s hope it blasts past issue 76 and even reaches 100. “Four more years! Four more years!”

    We picked up not only Legends of Tomorrow, but we’ve also been picking up the Firestorm issues as they’re released on Comixology. If only there were enough hours in the day to go back and relisten to the older episodes to hear Shagg’s reviews while we read them. Maybe once we win the lottery 😉

    Have a great week!


  5. I hope you guys will spend a few minutes talking about the other stories featured in the Legends anthology. For the most part, I was very keen on what I read. I did grumble a bit that Sapphire Stagg is now a scientist! I know this is a more “politically correct” interpretation, but I always had a soft spot for her as the spoiled heiress. I’m interested too to see what you guys thought of the new Sugar & Spike. The story was fine but I don’t see the point in using these names. They could have just as easily had other names.
    I know there’s a Sugar & Spike Archive, but I’d like to see some collections of Stanley & His Monster, Scribbly, & the original Red Tornado someday.

  6. Another great episode. I’ve missed several of your recent ones so I’ll need to dig back into the archives to catch up. Life’s been busy! Shag, I thought you especially might like to know that I am nowhere near starting a Batman and the Outsiders blog! Some things never change, right? However, I have been busy blogging at my personal blog (linked here) which is about a bunch of stuff – whatever I’m in the mood to write about, honestly. So, my life, music, movies, a little comics here and there. But I’ve also been writing for a site called Sequart ( that focuses on sequential art of any kind but with a strong focus on comics. I have seven articles up there in recent months, with an eighth on the way. I’d say about half of them are about comics so far, so you all might be interested. The others are about movies and I have one upcoming about music. So while I’m not any closer to a BATO blog, I have been keeping busy elsewhere and doing some comics writing myself. Here’s the link to my author page on Sequart:

    Sorry for the shameless self promotion! But I figured comics folks like you might like that site. Also, Rob and Shag – while I haven’t gone down the same path as you have by focusing on a certain subset of comics or characters, you have definitely inspired me to write about comics, which led me to writing for Sequart. I used to write often when I was younger (short stories, mostly), and over the past year I’ve started up my blog and done the Sequart stuff, and I’m positive that following your blogs and podcasts was an inspiration to me to get back into writing, and especially writing about things that I love, where I find my joy as Shag would say. So, thanks for that inspiration, gentlemen!

    As for the comics you discussed here, I dropped Aquaman after Jeff Parker left but it sounds like things have turned a corner. I’m really curious to see where they take the book after Rebirth. I did buy Legends of Tomorrow recently and so far I’ve read the first three stories, with the Sugar and Spike one being my favorite. I am only vaguely familiar with them as characters so I have no attachment to them, but I’ve heard plenty of fans complain about this new version of Sugar and Spike. Eh, if you can’t take an old property that was lying dormant and reconfigure it for a new story, then what’s the point? Anyway, the art and humor in the script really pleased me in that story. I found the Firestorm chapter to be engaging but not thrilling. Same with Metamorpho. Still, I think I’ll pick up issue 2 just to see if the stories progress in more interesting directions. If not, then I might have to drop the book if I’m only into the Sugar and Spike story. And no, I haven’t read the Metal Men story yet but I’m hoping it’s great.

    Alright, I have a lot of listening to do, especially since you expanded the FW Podcast to a whole network – shall we call it the “Fire and Water Rebirth”? Or would DC sue you guys? As always, great job with all this.

  7. It’s quite funny to see Rob being so open about missing Podcasting with Shag (clearly not Dark Future Rob, who occasionally surfaces), and Shag avoiding reciprocating. It’s like he’s squirming in his seat…

    I shall follow Rob’s example: missed you guys together, but I do enjoy all the work you’ve put into growing the network. Keep it up guys!

    I’ll be back when I finish the episode…

    1. Wow, guys. You were in top form in this episode — and why not?

      With all the things happening on the Aquaman and Firestorm fronts, there a lot to be happy and thankful for. I’m collecting this incarnation of Aquaman (which I hope survives in some way with the impending reboot, er, rebirth), and I’m picking up the Legends of Tomorrow title as well.

      Been shying away (except for a few titles) with all the strange creative decisions in past years, but I’m happy to be re-entering the DC universe more fully again.

      Lastly, sorry about the Dark Future Rob comment. Clearly, that was DC Cinematic Universe Rob in past episodes.

  8. Nice to know I keep popping up. Probably something akin to a bad penny. But hey, any publicity is good publicity.

    Great episode guys. It’s wonderful to hear both hosts enjoying the comics again. Looks like good things are in store for the future of the podcast (as if that was ever in doubt). Just a little curious how things are going to go when Aquaman goes twice monthly and poor old Firestorm doesn’t get the same treatment.

  9. Top episode, lads. I won’t give detailed comments about Leegends of Tomorrow 1 or Aquaman 50 as you’ll have read them at my blog here

    …and here:

    Which is shameless, obviously.

    Congrats to Michael on the Seqart gig, I’ll check it out. I’ve a few of their books, loved Teenagers from the Future on the Legion, but couldn’t make it through more than a few pages of Classics on Multiple Earths, cos it was so ruddy wrongheaded! If anyone wants it I’ll happily pay intercontinental/parallel world postage.

    Hey Shagg, did you not notice, in one of Jeff Parker’s issues, that when fighting a giant troll, Mera sends Arthur up the spout and he says, ‘I’ll have to fight him at the 10,000 foot level’?

  10. Shag’s next world tour will obviously involve a large boombox and duster, per this episode. Better work out those forearms, buddy! You got a lot of overhead lifting in your future!


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