Fire & Water #166 – Dan Abnett Interview

In this very special episode, Rob interviews the writer of AQUAMAN: REBIRTH and the monthly AQUAMAN series, Dan Abnett!

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This week's selections, both by writer Dan Abnett:

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13 responses to “Fire & Water #166 – Dan Abnett Interview

  1. Loved the interview with Dan, you can tell he’s excited about the character. I’m surprised there wasn’t more talk about the engagement.

    1. I’m guessing the show was recorded before the DC Rebirth special.

      Anyway, great episode Rob, it’s brilliant to hear a writer so enthused, and to hear about his approach to the character and working with Brad Walker and the other artists. So you were spot-on about Aquawoman being a temporary deal. I’d love to see the sequence close off with Mera mothballing the outfit and name just as Arthur come out in shiny green and says he’s going to be Mer-Man…

      (I know, it’ll never happen. I’m still holding out for a Mera origin entitled ‘Xebel rebel’. )

      Now, is it too much to hope that Dan is now working on his plot for Arthur and Mera’s first meeting with Lunar Man?

  2. Wow, what a great interview! Some fantastic insight into the character. I like the idea that Aquaman is considered “lame” in the DCU itself, and he’s out to dispell that. It’s always better to own up to such things and then shatter those misconceptions.

    Loved the stinger!


  3. Thanks for the most informative interview. There looks to be lots of good issues ahead! There needs to be a movement to get Rob into the book as one of the citizens of Amnesty Bay!!

    FYI: For more on Rebirth you may want to check out Geoff Johns’ interview on the Midtown Comics Podcast:

  4. Excellent interview Rob. Have always enjoyed Dan Abnett’s work at DC and the 4 issues he did pre-Rebirth on Aquaman was very good. Dan’s enthusiasm shines through on this interview and this bodes well for the new series.

  5. A well conducted interview Rob. Dan was really open about his approach to the character and how and where he interacts with the world above and below. Everyone involved with Rebirth seems genuinely jazzed.

  6. I really liked this podcast/interview. Good questions and I very much agree that Aquaman gets more interesting when he is a fish out of water. I am super enthusiastic for this writer. He has been doing a great job. I also would read an Aqua West Wing series. Swim & talk!

  7. I really enjoyed this interview/episode. I’m pretty well stoked for Aquaman’s future because of it. It left me hankering for more Dan Abnett chat, so I found this one ( which touches upon his work on “Legion Lost”, “Nova”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and “Resurrection Man”. Along the way, there’s chat about “Doctor Who”, his Warhammer 40K novels, and Justice Society. It clocks in at a minute shy of an hour so they cover quite a lot of ground in a short time.

    Normally the BAMF Podcast deals with modern superhero RPGs and products which the hosts are promoting, but the hosts know their comics material so there’s some nice questions about older material. This isn’t meant as a dig on Rob’s episode because clearly the focus was on Aquaman for an Aquaman podcast. But if you enjoyed Rob’s interview and want to hear more, this one’s worth checking out.

  8. We loved this interview Rob!

    We were already enjoying Dan Abnett’s issues, but hearing his enthusiasm for the character and the series really excited us about what is coming in the future. So happy to be getting two issues a month from someone who obviously likes Aquaman so much! We hope you do get him back for another interview in the future!

    Plus … great stinger for Shagg at the end of the episode about Earth 2 Aquqman 🙂

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