Fire & Water #170 – Aquaman #s 1-3/Legends of Tomorrow #5

Another big review week! Shag and Rob discuss the first three chapters of "The Drowning" storyline from AQUAMAN #'s 1-3 by Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Scot Eaton, Philippe Briones, Gabe Eltaeb, and more, and then move on to Firestorm in "United We Fall" Part 5 from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #5 by Gerry Conway, Eduardo Pansica, Rob Hunter, and more!

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10 responses to “Fire & Water #170 – Aquaman #s 1-3/Legends of Tomorrow #5

  1. Thanks for another fine episode guys! I’ve been enjoying both the current Firestorm and Aquaman runs of late and it’s nice to hear your views.

    I hope DC will produce a second volume of Legends of Tomorrow & maybe highlight some other less-seen characters. I am also looking forward to season 2 of the TV series especially since several episodes are going to be set in WW2 with the JSA:

  2. Still only a bit in to the episode.

    I’ve read New Suicide Squad up to trade 3 and Manta is treated as the most serious member of the team, searching for a cause and an ideology. A notable plot was the squad going undercover in a super-powered terrorist organisation that mirrors the current state of extremist terror around the world. He gets fully onboard with the ethos until confronted by the hypocrisy of the leader, prepared to have everyone commit suicide, as long as he gets away. Manta betrays the team and gets betrayed, but is able to spin it as furthering the mission, and cloud the view of his actions. It does create a picture of a man dissatisfied with his life and searching for a purpose.

    Thanks for playing the WFD promo!

  3. Great show, I was also going to comment Manta in Suicide Squad, and say he had an interesting arc worth checking out, but lovely old Paul just Squadsplained. It’s still worth a read, not least for some lovely Philippe Briones art, and plenty of other good character work. I’m dreading the Jim Lee-partly drawn run.

    I’ve been enjoying the new Aquaman run loads, but thought #3 was a step down in quality, certainly in terms of my interest. Seeing Aquaman face the same problem twice in one comic was rather frustrating. The scene with Mera and Aquaman was rather nice, though. I can’t see Black Manta happily working with this NEMO crew – his grudge is his own.

    I shall miss LoT so much, the entire issue never fails to please. I’d be surprised to see the sublime Sugar and Spike continue, but surely the Firestorm strip is good enough, and the character commercial enough, to spin off into a proper run. It’s surprising how much I’m enjoying Metal Men, I have to get past the awful redesigns, but it’s massively enjoyable.

    I was listening to the podcast on the way to the gym and spoke some notes for comments into the phone. Looking at them now, I have ‘was a command 3 billion’. I hope you agree.

      1. Well I meant to add the following from an article in support of Rob but my son distracted me then life got in the way for a bit.

        The 25 Most Annoying Business Phrases Managers Use:
        “4. The 30,000-Foot View – Though not the only use or misuse of this phrase, “the 30,000-foot view” is often uttered by pompous managers who believe they see the big picture that the rest of us are somehow missing. We get it, okay, you want us to believe you’re considering every outcome of a particular decision. The origins of this phrase, which is meant to describe the view from a commercial airplane (flying at 30,000 feet), have become so misunderstood that we often hear our colleagues refer to everything from the 5,000-foot view to the 100,000-foot view – clearly different views. The AskTheManager replacement phrase leaders should use: The Big Picture (we know this is also clichéd, but at least everyone will understand the meaning).”

  4. Brilliant episode Shag & Rob. I really like this new volume of Aquaman. (even better than the Geoff Johns run!) Dan Abnett is definitely showing and not telling the story which keeps the story and plot moving. Rob would you be in favor of having any newly invented villains that are reminiscent of the golden-age Aquaman foes? For instance instead of Aquaman fighting Nazis he would fight ISIS or some evil corporate empire damaging the ocean. How would Rob add new enemies for Aquaman? the only caveat is they have to be NEW villains.

    Still selling sharks from a bucket on the Q train,

    Lucien Desar (Lou-see-in Day-Zar)

  5. You used the Detective Chimp stinger! Is this the new closing tag? I hope so.

    Both comics sound very interesting. Actually doing something new with the age-old Aquaman/Manta feud is a nice tough, and adding new (possibly old?) villains to the mix to freshen things up sounds like a win-win.

    And character subplots in the Firestorm series? Are those even allowed anymore? I thought those were outlawed by the TPB Convention of 2000?

    Great show as always fellas!


  6. I’ve said this before in discussions with friends and on my Twitter page, I like Aquaman’s character in Rebirth because I can relate to him not belonging in neither the surface world or Atlantis. I like how they are showcasing that in the way the surface dwellers interact with him. I feel this is relevant social commentary about race and ethnicity and the perception people have of someone versus how that person identifies, whether racially, ethnically, or culturally. I also loved how bold issue #2 was when he was willing to die to prove a point to Black Manta. In issue #3, he continues to show character growth and self awareness as he lets himself be arrested as to not cause an international incident of sorts. I think these actions truly speak for how mature Aquaman is and how he is really made for this role as a leader. I hope we continue to see more of this calm and collected Aquaman in future issues. So far, it’s making for a very interesting story.

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