Fire & Water #174 – Golden Age Aquaman


Rob welcomes fellow Aquaman mega-fan Laura Gjovaag (THE UNOFFICIAL AQUAMAN WEBSITE) to discuss two Golden Age Aquaman stories from MORE FUN COMICS #s 74 and 75!

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Opening theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler. Closing music by Daniel Adams and Ashton Burge of The Bad Mamma Jammas!

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #174 – Golden Age Aquaman

  1. Great episode! Glad to finally hear Laura on the show. I have to say, everything I’ve seen of Aquaman’s Golden Age stories tells me at least the art was above the standard fare of the time. It really does hold up well. Well, that one panel is a bit…suggestive, but that’s before everyone was dirty-minded, I think.


  2. Excellent show Rob and Laura. Nice to see Aquaman in the Forties – was definitely a man not to be messed with! Look forward to hearing more of these Golden Age stories.

  3. I was floored to hear about Laura’s site having been around a decade before the Aquaman shrine, and doubly floored to hear about the microfiche library! That’s so cool — it has a feel of old-school research and old school fandom (hear that, hipsters of today?) !

    I was waiting for the narration of the inevitable story with ‘superstitious island natives’, but I guess I can forgive these, given the noble portrayals of the more prominent characters. Interestingly, this show what I meant (in a prior post) about Aquaman being likely to show up in the Philippines! We’re an archipelago near the Mariana trench — he’s gotta show up some time!

    A comment on the cover: why is Dr. Fate beating up a bunch of people who look like the Golden Age Starman?

  4. This was a fantastic episode!! The history Laura provided about Aquaman’s creation was fascinating!! Great listening!!

    I’m getting a complex that Rob keeps producing such amazing episodes without me. 🙁

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