Fire & Water #176 – Aquaman #s 4-6/Legends of Tomorrow #6

Another big review week! Shag and Rob almost appear together again, discussing chapters 4-6 of "The Drowning" storyline from AQUAMAN #'s 4-6 by Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Scot Eaton, Philippe Briones, Gabe Eltaeb, and more. Then they move on to Firestorm in the conclusion of "United We Fall" from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #6 by Gerry Conway, Eduardo Pansica, Rob Hunter, and more!

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Opening theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler. Closing music by Dave Mason.

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #176 – Aquaman #s 4-6/Legends of Tomorrow #6

  1. Wow, that was pithy! I wish I could do reviews as sharp as Rob’s, and thank you Shagg for a great run-through of LoT (cheers for the namecheck). I so agree, DC would be nutty not to commission more Firestorm from this great creative team.

    Looking forward to schedules bringing you kids back together soon!

  2. I predict a return of Firestorm in another Legends of Tomorrow mini series with some new features, although it’d be great to get more Sugar & Spike.

    In the vein of Sugar & Spike, I’d like to recommend the Prez series of 2015 as another recent DC gem.

  3. Great chemistry this episode!

    This was the only issue I bought of this series and liked the resolution of the characters subplots. Jason taking the high road and Ronny staying true to his school were both nice endings, hearkening to a less cynical time.

    But the winner here was the Sugar and Spike story with lots of Legion and Supergirl. Just perfect!

  4. Fabulous to have the two of you back together again … sort of 😉

    It felt sort of like watching The Odd Couple, but never having Felix and Oscar together on screen at the same time. It was still funny and entertaining, but the chemistry just wasn’t there 😉

    Seriously, we completely understand the complications of busy schedules. Priorities of real life come first … podcasts come later … though I do hope your schedules align in “syzygy” again soon so the two of you really can record together … by the way, that’s a plug for the latest episode of Warlord Worlds that I’m sure no one will get 😉

    In closing, I must say that I almost always agree with Rob on any point … until I heard him complain about getting two issues of Aquaman each month! Especially when they’re good issues! Was that comment just a test to see if we were listening?!? Come on, Aquaman twice a month … it’s a good thing 😉

    Take care guys!


    PS: Did I put enough “winks” in the message to make sure everyone knew it was tongue-in-cheek 😉

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