Fire & Water #186 – Aquaman and Plastic Man in Adventure Comics Part 2

Rob welcomes back Max Romero (IT'S PLASTIC MAN) to talk about the final two Aquaman and Plastic Man solo features from ADVENTURE COMICS #s 477-478!

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Aquaman and Plastic Man in Adventure Comics Part 1:

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #186 – Aquaman and Plastic Man in Adventure Comics Part 2

  1. I love the Dick Giordano art I’m seeing here. Dick G was one of my favorite comic artists, and I daresay he drew some of the manliest men, and beautiful females ever to grace a comic page. The inner power of Aquaman is very obvious, as was pointed out.

    I missed out on these Adventure Comics, but I did get to read the Plas stories in Super Friends, which are about to pick up after this. It was quite a treat to get TWO DC-to-TV features in one comic! An added incentive to pick up Super Friends each month…like I really needed one!

    Always great to hear Max, and I hope he, and Plas bounce back soon!


  2. Well done in giving us a part two, Rob, and good guesting, Max.

    Great to be reminded of Cal Durham, that guy was around for decades, on and off – we’ve not seen him since Sub Diego, have we? I’m not surprised the Mayor wasn’t delighted with Arthur, he really was snotty to him in that World’s Finest issue.

    I enjoyed the first Plastic Man story, even though this art wasn’t Staton’s best. I like the second one together, the Marx Brothers were seen regularly on UK screens regularly in the Seventies.

    Can you imagine how great a Plastic Man Treasury edition could be? Or start with a digest and continue a story into the Treasury as Plas stretches upwards…

    So when does Max bring us the Plasti-cast?

  3. Fun show, gentlemen. My thanks.

    Interesting that the Plastic Man Adventure strips were untitled, and yet titles were featured in some of the “On Sale [DATE]” blurbs in the letter column pages of other DC Comics titles. The one for Adventure #475 stated “Don’t Get Mad — Get Even!”, while #476 AND #477 was “Disco Plas”… which makes me wonder if the Cheeseface story was bumped ahead of schedule…

    1. Good catch, Xum! I kinda wonder if, between word balloons, caption boxes, and Joe Staton’s jam-packed art, there just wasn’t any room for a title? It does seem odd to drop it, especially if there was already a promo in the previous issue.

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