Fire & Water #195 – Doctor Who in Marvel Premiere #58 and Gallifrey One Convention

Shag and guest Siskoid once again step sideways in time and space to cover MARVEL PREMIERE #58 from 1981 featuring DOCTOR WHO! The Doctor's second American comic book appearance! Then stick around for live recordings with Shag and David Ace Gutierrez from the 2016 and 2017 Gallifrey One Doctor Who conventions!

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26 responses to “Fire & Water #195 – Doctor Who in Marvel Premiere #58 and Gallifrey One Convention

  1. Haven’t finished the episode yet, but “A.Yanchus” is not a pseudonym. That’s Andy Yanchus, long time Marvel staffer. #TheMoreYouKnow

    1. Did the parts where we make fun of you make any sense? Just want to be sure you got the full enjoyment out of the episode.

    2. I am a little surprised Doctor Who never caught your attention. But I appreciate you listening to the show. It’s because we’re besties!

      1. I really wish I could get into Dr Who, because there’s so much material to dig into if I did.

        And yes, I understood the moments where I was made fun of, but since I don’t understand why you would do that, I stand by my statement that I didn’t understand a single word of the show. Normally that record is held by an given episode of INVASION! but you guys shattered that record.

        1. I can understand your difficulty in getting into Doctor Who, Rob – there’s such a lot of it, and a dense & confusing – sometimes contradictory – back story.

          Given your love of film, you could try out the 1996 TV Movie starring Paul McGann. It’s not typical of the show overall, but it is very filmic in style, and does explain enough of the necessary back story for new viewers. The action feel and some of the design elements were transferred to the relaunched show in 2005.

          Alternatively, you could try “The Robots of Death” from 1977 – it’s really an Agatha Christie Murder Mystery in space. As an older pieces of sci-fi TV, you need to remember that it was made around the same time as Logan’s Run, but on a much smaller budget. But the story is strong, and Tom Baker is at his very best.

          1. How to get Rob into Who…. Hm…

            Given his predilection for Power Records, why has it never occurred to us to lend him some Big Finish audios?

          2. As possible ones to start with I would def put “the Robots of Death” up there, but might also suggest “Genesis of the Daleks”, “the Deadly Assassin” (The Who story that shows the Wachowskis watched Dr. Who), “the 5 doctors” or “The Curse of Fenric”

  2. Best Sunday show yet!!!
    Normally, there aren’t two marquee guests in a show – but you guys pulled it off!

    1. Thanks for the support, Paul Hix, but that project is over for me and Shag. It was fun while it lasted. Perhaps one day we shall return to it.

      Or someone else can pick it up.

        1. We did. I just lost interest in doing it. And Shag had a million other things to do. It would have been unfair to him to keep me motivated. He did about 90% of the work.

    2. Ultraverse Podcast… One day we shall come back. Yes, we shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.

  3. Such a fun episode! I first discovered Doctor Who when I was in high school (which translates to almost exactly the same time that the Classic era was ending, although I didn’t know that yet). The first storyline I remember seeing was Carnival of Monsters (compilation format, as with so many of us who watched on PBS), but I apparently didn’t catch on immediately, as I was watching Tom Baker episodes for a while before ever realizing that CoM featured a different actor!

    Not too long after that, I picked up the first issue of Marvel’s Doctor Who title at a comic shop, which included a broad history of the show up to its publication (which, as I recall, was in the timeframe between Colin Baker’s first episode at the end of Season 21 and his first full season. The infamous strangling sequence was mentioned, and just what would make anyone LIKE this new Doctor was still very much up in the air). I kept that on-hand as a reference for whenever my PBS station got around to airing “turning point” episodes mentioned in the article: an appearance of Gallifrey, the introduction/departure of a companion, an appearance by the Master, and so on.

    These days, I tell people that I liked Doctor Who before it was cool, because it was decidedly NOT cool back in the late 80s/early 90s. The ONLY people who had so much as HEARD of the show were nerds like me, and not very many of THEM! Still, I remember the era fondly, finding Dapol action figures at a hobby and game store, locating the section of my local Waldenbooks that held Doctor Who novelizations and resource books (the New Adventures were a little bit away, yet), and organizing a public viewing of “The Romans” at my college for the few of us who either knew of the show or were willing to give it a shot (maybe I should have started with a color story…). Things are truly very different now.

  4. Fun episode. The art in the Marvel Premiere comic doesn’t look overly Gibbons-like, but I guess he hadn’t quite settled into his signature style just yet. It’s still very nicely done and one of the better “licensed” comics I’ve seen as far as art and likenesses go.

    The Galifrey One recordings were a hoot. I’m just glad DAG didn’t pull a Davey Jones on poor Sir John Hurt and send him running for his life!


  5. Listening to the passion of Shag & Siskoid reminiscing over their origins with the show enlivened my lawn mowing no end! As a British guy in his 40’s, Doctor Who is written into my DNA – we were *definitely* a Doctor Who family, and I have hugely fond memories of sitting down on a Saturday teatime to watch the latest adventure. In fact, one of my earliest memories (if not the earliest!) was of watching “Pyramids of Mars” – that was shown in 1975, so I would have been the ripe old age of 4 years old! Unsurprisingly, Tom Baker & Peter Davison were *my* Doctors. As kids I devoured the Target novelisations – when we stayed with my grandparents over the summer holidays – my brother and I would take out two of the books each day, read through them very fast, and be back at opening time the following morning to pick up two more! That was how I became familiar with the stories of the first three Doctors, all of which had slipped into the past at that point.

    I wasn’t a fan of the direction of the show in the last years of it’s original run, but the Paul McGann piqued my interest again and I started collecting the VHS tapes and then graduated to the DVDs. I too love the Big Finish dramas which are really well produced, and who could fail to love new stories with classic Doctors and their companions. The audios also extended the run of the Eighth Doctor brilliantly, turning what could have been a “one hit wonder” into a thoughtful and thrilling character arc.

    Ironically – given my other love of DC – the one element of Who canon I have struggled to engage with has been the comic adventures. I tend to give the strip in Doctor Who monthly only a cursory glance. Not quite sure why the Doctor doesn’t quite work for me in comic form, but there you have it.

  6. Here comes the most petty nit-pick I’ll probably ever register in my feedback (and considering I have a sub-series on my YouTube channel called Nitpick Rants, that’s saying something.) It physically hurt me every time Shad said “Fugitoid” (referring to the TMNT comic book character.) A hard “g,” Shag? What the hell?!? The name is a play on “fugitive” (mashing it with the latter half of “android,) why on Gallifrey would you pronounce that with a hard “g?!?!” It’s like when people pronounce the term for biographical films as bi-opic instead of bio-pic (biographical picture!!!!!!) Think about the roots of the mashup people, THIS IS NOT HARD!!!!!!

    Otherwise fun episode, great job Siskoid.

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