Fire & Water #196 – Aquaman Classic #s 40-41

Shag and Rob travel back to 1968 to take a look at the classic "SAG" run of AQUAMAN! First up is "Sorcerers of the Sea" (AQUAMAN #40), followed by "The Trail of the Ring" (AQUAMAN #41) by Steve Skeates, Jim Aparo, and Dick Giordano!

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #196 – Aquaman Classic #s 40-41

  1. Shag & Rob, I really liked this episode. Although Shag was so harsh on such vintage Aquaman. I think the heat got to his head. Btw not having an ac in Florida is like having an oxygen generator on a space station go out. Ouch! And moving is a royal pain in the ass, myself having gone through it recently. I am going to endeavor to collect #40-56. I realized I own #40 and it is my second favorite cover of Aquaman’s.

  2. All heat and no AC make Shag a cranky boy! I hope you remove the stick before you get to NC pal! 😉

    Seriously, this was a fun episode. And honestly…I’m always confused about water in Aquaman comics. Are ALL the buildings in Atlantis just open so water just flows through windows, doors, etc? Why do they have the dome? Just to protect from invaders or aggressive sea creatures? I’ve never quite gotten a handle on that.

    Aparo seems to be trying to bring in as much of Cardy’s Aquaman as possible, which is very respectful to the previous artist, and the readers. His Aquaman slowly evolves into the one we know. And it’s always nice to see early Aparo before he settled into his go-to series of stock shots. I still love them, but this art is more spontaneous and somewhat more kinetic than some of his later work.

    I had some of the Adventure Digest reprints, but I stupidly gifted them to a friend who was a big Legion fan years ago. Stupid!!!

    This is probably the most famous DC saga that’s never been collected.

    Can’t wait to hear more! And hopefully Shag will have cooled off by then. 😉


  3. Boo on the great Dick Giordano for making Aquaman just another quest book – as you say, he had a unique family set-up, and it gets thrown out.

    I like this transitional Aparo – I assume he was trying for a Cardy vibe – more than the later, more shorthand art style.

    So there’s this woman who’s identical to Arthur’s wife, he’s convinced it’s her, he can’t see any difference… until he spots her eyes. So it can’t be Mera, as no one could possibly change their eye colour with contact lenses, or blue algae, or spells…

    Deputy Narkran is HOT!

  4. It was only when I received my copy of Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years from my wife last Christmas (thanks again, dear), that I was able to read Aquaman #40. I had heard Rob speak of his love for this particular storyline, and was excited to finally read part of it. After finishing #40, I jumped on Comixology to see if they carried any of the other issues in the arc. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did, but, unfortunately, not the whole run. Then, in answer to my prayers, you gentlemen came along with this episode. I look forward to your future coverage of The Search for Mera, and will continue to offer prayers on your behalf to Surprint, the god of all comic books, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels.

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