Fire & Water #197 – Live From The Charlotte, NC Airport, It’s Zany Haney!

Before Shag and Rob head home from HeroesCon 2017, they recorded a "Zany Haney" segment "live" from the Charlotte, NC airport! They discuss "The Hour of the Beast", from BRAVE AND THE BOLD #122 (Oct. 1975), guest starring Swamp Thing, then "Dead Man's Quadrangle", from BRAVE AND THE BOLD #127 (June 1976), guest starring Wildcat, both stories by Haney and Jim Aparo! Come for the great story and art, stay for the constant PA announcements!

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14 responses to “Fire & Water #197 – Live From The Charlotte, NC Airport, It’s Zany Haney!

  1. Super happy to hear about the upcoming Sad Sack show on the Network. Doubly excited to hear the name is SadCast, because I already have plans for Pod Sack.

  2. Even today biplanes are still used for crop dusting. But more where the slower speeds and more stable flying is needed. MAybe in a city between building while being attacked by killer plants is one of those times? You never know.

  3. Always love the Haney issues and I have an especially warm spot in my heart for his Wildcat stuff. So thanks for presenting.

    This was such a weird time for Batman. Walking in the sunshine, riding coach, talking to carnies?

    Glad everyone had a great time at Charlotte! Must have been great to see everyone!

    1. I was always a bit confused by Haney’s Batman.

      Then it hit me!

      Haney wrote Batman as though he were The Saint in a costume. That he wore ALL the time.

  4. Awesome episode. The airport announcer sounds like the emergency broadcast announcer from “The Purge”. I liked that y’all bought actually issues at a comic con and then did the episode based on that random event 🙂

  5. 1. You’re welcome. The new password is “eh”.

    2. I would never get sponsorship from Tim’s. Canadian Tire though.

    3. More B&B Haney goodness coming soon from FW Team-Up!

  6. I think the mastermind behind the plot in the Wildcat story may be visually based on Haney himself! He’s very similar-looking to Haney’s look from that classic Sgt. Rock story where he, Aparo and editor Boltinoff appear.

    I’m totally with Rob on not feeling a bit of awkwardness meeting folks in the flesh for the first time. It was like a geek reunion…amongst a bunch of friends who had somehow never met! One of my favorite weekends EVER.


    1. That’s funny about Haney putting himself in this story. Maybe he thought of himself as the Alfred Hitchcock of B&B? I was looking at the images of the villain and thought that he looked a bit like 70’s era Fidel Castro.

  7. Nice to see/listen to everyone. Now we just need NAMES on the photos for those of us who haven’t met in person. Unless you guys are going to do a Who’s Who in the Fire & Water Podcast …

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