Fire & Water #200 – Ask Us Anything!

It's the 200th episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST! Shag and Rob take YOUR questions about Aquaman, Firestorm, and lots of other subjects!

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32 responses to “Fire & Water #200 – Ask Us Anything!

  1. Yea while I think it would be fun to watch firestorm fight the Sontarans because well Sontarans, I actually think the Doctor Who monster I would like to see the most is the Mara. I think it would be an interesting fight considering it would make a good fight with the Mara and Stein if firestorm got possessed and then if driven out would still have a good fight with the snake.

  2. Congratulations on reaching episode #200! It would have been the greatest podcast ever, except that you forgot Hawkwoman. Shame on you.

    Thanks for the shout out on my comics, too! I was not expecting that at all. (I apologize for not having done any new ones this year, but with all the drama in my life right now….! I actually have THREE in various stages of completion. So if I ever finish there’ll be a windfall! You know, like from The Outsiders.)

    Shagg, you should totally check out some old Gene Tierney movies. She’s HOT!!

    Thanks for being the glue that keeps this community together. I can honestly say that my life would be less interesting if it wasn’t for you Fire and Water fellas. Also, I wouldn’t be doing a Legion Blog. 😉

  3. Wow guys Congratz on reaching 200 eps. An amazing feat. You both have accomplished so much since starting the F&W Podcast. Well done and keep up the great work.

  4. Just under a decade ago I lost the ability to read and to watch TV and movies. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time listening to audio. About two years ago, I began listening to podcasts to break up the monotony of listening to audiobooks. Fire and Water is my favorite podcast! Thank you for so many smiles and so much laughter. You two are the best!

    Rob – As a disabled person, diet and exercise are extremely important to me. I loved your fitness episode and would love a detailed episode about vegetarian diet. Tip, tricks, favorite recipes, and even stuff you can’t stand.

    Shag – Almost all of my fandom these days comes from Audiobooks. I’d love you to do episodes about your favorite Star Trek and Doctor Who books.

  5. Thanks for the fun AUA, and congrats on hitting the 200 episode milestone. I forget if the 200th episode is traditionally celebrated with kryptonite or nth metal? I guess it doesn’t matter, because I don’t own anything made out either substance to give as a thank you gift. So, I’ll just say thank you again, not just for this episode, but for the Fire and Water Podcast and the Fire and Water Network, which it spawned. Your podcasts make my work day much more enjoyable, if not more productive. Bless you both for doing the Lord’s (of Apokolips) work.

  6. Great show guys. I feel like I know you better, and I’ve actually hung out with both of you! I haven’t spooned either of you, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself …yet.

    So I’m Coy! Or Vance! I’m flattered, but my inner 8 year old Dukes fans HATED those scabs. I was in tears when Bo & Luke left, and elated when they came back.

    Having just brought up the Dukes of Hazzard, you know what the Dukes, MASH and DC Comics all have in common? Mike Farrell (B.J. Honeycutt) and John Schneider (Bo Duke) both played Jonathan Kent, on Superman: The Animated Series (and Justice League) and Smallville, respectively. That’s the kind of nerdy stuff you guys opened the gates for by starting this podcast endeavor that has grown and consumed like The Blob (not the X-Men villain, the one Steve McQueen fought). The Blob is NOT a vegetarian, by the way!

    Again, great show fellas, and Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for giving me a home, and a ton of new friends that I hold very dear, chief among them, the both of you.


  7. Listened to the whole thing while gathering social medium for The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 75,
    the Lou Grant to your Mary Tyler Moore Show, available for download pretty soon since I already edited everything else and was blessed with no flooding and I already watched the Game of Thrones season finale and far more importantly the penultimate episode of the glorious Twin peaks revival. And breathe.

    Was going to try to answer all the same questions, but gave up after first one and deleted that reply. All the Doctor Who and M*A*S*H contributed to thwarting said effort. Firestorm would certainly be on my short list of Leaguers who can go die, so evened up there. I’d like to do a Copra-style take on Blue Devil, which is also how I win Shag back into our abusive relationship. I think I’d recast Rob with Ryan Daly and Shag with David Gutierrez. I will be at least a regular co-host on the eventual V show. I legitimately know where Shag lives, if there’s any confusion about that. Again with the relationship.

    1. Uh, thanks, Frank? A David Ace and Ryan show would be a disaster. We can barely tolerate each other. It would end in two shows. I mean, I like Ryan, but no, our chemistry is terrible.

      ROB & SHAG: Thank you for years of great shows. If not for Shag, I wouldn’t have had a great series of shows. If not for Rob, I’d have no where to bring the masses my movie insight! You guys are terrific and I look forward to hundreds more shows. And thank you for answering all of my questions!

      I apologize for not being as clear in my question about your folks. I was curious if your parents also had an overall collector’s mentality/mania like you guys. Were/are they into anything the same way you guys are with comics (and Bob Dylan)?

      1. “A David Ace and Ryan show would be a disaster. We can barely tolerate each other. It would end in two shows. I mean, I like Ryan, but no, our chemistry is terrible.”


  8. Awesome episode! 200 ! Mazel Tov!!!

    I think it is amazing that the electronics that you use and the software sounds better than the podcasts I here from really huge podcasts. It really always sounds great with the levels and editing.

    I have an amazingly stupid commute to work every day. I take the subway four stops, walk 3 blocks, take a train for 45 minutes, and then walk 1.1 miles to get to work. It is 2 hours one way. Then I repeat it going home. Your podcast makes it all more enjoyable. Seriously, walking in the winter with ice rain pelting my face and hearing Shag argue with Rob about how awesome Slipknot is: makes me very happy. If you ever do a Patreon for the podcast I will be the first to signup.

    Some thoughts:

    “Blink” is an amazing Dr Who episode. The Doctor is barely in it. Seriously one of the best writing in modern British television. Please Rob see it.

    I like older comics with the newspaper print paper best as far as comic book medium.

    Any thoughts on a current issues good to read list? Shag has done it a few times with suggesting Justice League 3000.

    Shag should do a One off podcast on running a comic book store. Similar to how Rob had th episode about working at a video store.

    Thanks guys!

    Lucien Desar
    Still selling Sharks on the F line
    (Lou-see-in Day-Zar)

  9. I have been with you guys for years, and listening to you guys (and to the larger Fire & Water family) makes me feel like I’m hanging out with old friends.

    Kind of like an audio version of Cheers, without the beer.

  10. I don’t think that anyone would ever say you two don’t know how to poke fun at yourselves, but Rob’s mostly-straight use of the Transformers 30th Anniversary Collection as this month’s InStockTrades promotion takes the cake. I know Jim Sorenson through online fandom circles, and he’s a really stand-up guy, so on his behalf, thanks for whatever extra pennies he might get through the extra sales.

    I was particularly interested to hear you guys talk about your podcasting set-ups (Schedules, equipment, etc.). I did a short-form podcast about a decade ago, and can attest to Audacity’s power and ease of use, but also to the time-consuming nature of the enterprise. Indeed, I’ve been working for the past few weeks on what… if I even get it done… will likely be a one-shot (but full-length format) comic-based podcast episode, and finding the time to complete it is difficult. I am continually amazed that you (and everyone on the network) is able to do so on such a regular basis.

    Congratulations on Episode 200! (Or is it 80X?) 😉

  11. Just started listening to this episode…
    Congrats on reaching 200…
    It’s been a fun ride,
    I expect it will continue to be one.

  12. 200 episodes? Oh, ok. I guess I’ll start listening.

    Seriously, that’s fantastic, guys. Well done. This episode was great fun even for a new listener like myself. Lots of crazy questions. I didn’t submit any of my own, to which I’ll say, “You’re welcome.”

    If you start a Blue Devil podcast, I would be all in! I had the pleasure of meeting both Gary Cohn and Paris Cullins 4 years ago at VA Comicon in Richmond. Such nice guys, and loved talking about BD with them.

    Oh Shag, I guess you hadn’t heard Spider-Man 2099 ended with issue #25. I’m so sorry to see it go again. But I’m still reeling from the biggest shock of this iteration of the series. Tyler Stone has EARS! (Whoops, 6 month old spoiler. Doh!)

    800 for the network? WOW! You know, I never listened to podcast until last year. NEVER! Then Shag started the JLI BWAH-HAH-HAH Podcast. Now I’m hooked. This year, I’ve tried more shows on the network, and I’m so glad. You guys and your whole family of podcasters are just great. I found something I didn’t know I was missing.

    Thank you and here’s to reaching episode 500!

    1. Wait… Disney owns Marvel, yet they are doing “Who’s Who”?!?! Stealing DC’s shtick?!?! Well, since Warner Bros owns DC and does the Harry Potter movies, maybe they’ll reciprocate with HARRY POTTER’S SECRET WARS! Bwah-ha-ha!

  13. Big time congrats, gentlemen. And thanks for the shout out — your episodes (and many from the Network you helped build) have gotten me through many, many hours at the board.

    Find Your Joy is no joke; I appreciate you keeping that spirit alive.

  14. When you asked us to ask you questions, I couldn’t think of anything to ask. When I heard most of the questions being asked of you, I thought “I could’ve asked that! That’s what I want to know!” I appreciate you guys dropping the masks a little bit for this episode. Congratulations on 200 episodes. (BTW, my first special #200 was Fantastic Four #200. Kirby cover! Mr. Fantastic vs. Dr. Doom!) There was so much info and discussion, but the only thing I can remember to comment on was the idea of a dog for Firestorm! What did you call him, Shag? Sparky? To the outside world he looks like a hyper-active pug, but inside there’s another dog! An older, more sedate one. Probably a St. Bernard or Great Pyrenees saying, “Relax, Junior, think about what you’re about to smell here.”

  15. Congratulations on your 200th show! This was a lot of fun to listen to, and it sounded like you had a lot of fun making it!

    The episode was very timely for me as I have started listening to more and more shows on your network, and this was a good opportunity to catch up and understand where the whole thing came from.

    I discovered the network through the Treasury Podcast, then listened to a few Pod Dylan’s and Digestcasts, then a few other shows here and there. After hearing your Post-Heroes Con episode, I started to get a handle of who was who in the network’s cast of characters, and subscribed so I would get notified of all the new shows. I now look forward to checking my iPhone for the latest podcasts on a regular basis. I like the variety- comics, music, movies, nostalgia, its all a nice break from the news of the day.

    Your shows come across as a labor of love, and I appreciate the time you two, and the rest of the network, put into them. The joy is contagious. Keep it up- I am looking forward to the next 200 episodes!

  16. Oh man. I’m so bummed that I didn’t get a question to you in time. My loss!! This episdoe has been great so-far. I’m not done yet, but am already having a great time with it. Shag, if you need a co-host to talk about the Peter David Aquaman run, let me know. I’ll do it! 🙂 I was a high school student with expendable income when that series was out and I LOVED it. I haven’t really revisited the series since, but it’d be fun to.

    This podcast and the community that has grown around it has been a bright spot for me in the last few years. I’m more grateful than I can say for both of you. Your efforts have created something really special. Much love to you, and here’s to 200 more!

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