Fire & Water #202 – Justice League Action – The Heat is On!

The Heat is On! Shag & Rob discuss some of Firestorm's more memorable appearances in the new Cartoon Network series JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION: "Nuclear Family Values", "Field Trip", "The Cube Root", and the short "True Colors."

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11 responses to “Fire & Water #202 – Justice League Action – The Heat is On!

  1. I love it when you guys talk animation & would love to hear you discuss more JLA episodes. It’s a great introduction to the DCU for kids & some of the voice choices have been great. For example, Cloris Leachman as Granny Goodness. Glad you mentioned the online shorts. My favorite is the one where Mark Hamill finally meets the Joker:

  2. My only complaint about the show is the terrible characterisation of Wonder Woman, made worse after the ascendency of Gal Gadot.

    Meanwhile DCLoT is mesmerisingly stupid now.

  3. I love this show. DVR’d weekly and watched with the kids when their mood strikes.

    It is chock-a-block full of Easter Eggs so keep watching. From Superman ripping his shield off his chest a la Superman 2, to a Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman, to a Yankee Poodle reference, to all the characters, this show is just insane for a well-versed comic nerd.

    I look at Wonder Woman as the Saiyan on the show. She is the punch first character, complete with Vegeta hair. I don’t mind her.

    And yes, DCLOT is so bizarre it is nearly incomprehensible. But they also keep tossing in references to keep me coming back. I mean I saw a live action B’Wana Beast!

  4. Dish Network has really dropped the ball on this show. In their schedule they only list a huge block of Teen Titans Go! and I believe this is when JLAction airs, like at 7:30 on a Saturday morning…but I’m not sure! I don’t understand this new thing of putting kids shows up for such short increments. Are kids’ attention spans that short?

    But, I now know I REALLY need to go download the app and stream this show. I’ll be honest, the early previews gave me mixed feelings. Loved having Conroy and Hamill back as Batman and Joker, but Chronos’ voice was very grating in the clip I saw.

    But this all sounds great, and right up my alley. I think I may binge-watch the series over Thanksgiving weekend!


  5. I loved your enthusiasm for this. Someone in my twitter feed, probably Dr. Anj or Greg Araujo refers to it every week, but I’ve not been able to find it on the teevee machine. It’s nothing but Teen Titans Go on the Cartoon Network, no matter what time I check! I’ll make a more concerted effort with the On demand feature.

  6. SOLD! I have to start watching JL Action. Thank you for highlighting it.

    I haven’t looked at Sling’s on demand options enough. Appreciate the heads up, Shag! A good hot tip. GET IT? “Hot”? Because of … you know … his head … um … The Heat is ON!!!!!

  7. Okay, found it on OnDemand. (My Smart TV and remote that listens to what I say makes TV viewing both easy and frightening!) I watched a couple with Mr. Myxlptlk, and showed one to my 13 y.o. daughter. She liked it. She recognized that it was very similar to Batman: Brave and the Bold. To give you an idea of how I’ve raised her, she stated, “It is weird that Captain Marvel and the Justice League are on the same Earth!” That’s my girl!

  8. I am working on Justice League Action activities for the McDonald’s mobile app, McPlay, AS I AM LISTENING TO THIS! I love this show and am so glad you’re covering it! I only wish the episodes were longer! …and that Aquaman was present in the universe.

    Whoever described JLA as the love child of Batman B&B and the Bruce Tim Justice League Unlimited hit the nail on the head. In fact, the character designs were created by Shane Glines who worked closely with Timm for some time. I’m a BIG fan of Shane’s work. With one line, he can achieve what it takes me several lines to convey. He’s brilliant. Be careful looking him up though, he’s got a lot of content that’s NSFW. (Super sexy, though.)

    The Justice League Action Twitter feed is pretty active online. Not only did they “LIKE” my post lamenting Aquaman’s absence, but writer Jim Krieg responded to my desire for a Krypto / Ace team-up episode. There’s an episode titled “Best Day Ever” which features the two super dogs in the first few minutes. I was so excited, but then they never showed up again.

    Perhaps they would respond to an online petition to add Aquaman to their universe!

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