Fire & Water #213 – Aquaman Movie Trailer


It's finally here! Rob, Shag and special guests Siskoid and Xum Yukinori discuss the brand-new AQUAMAN movie trailer, which debuted at the 2018 San Diego Comicon!

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22 responses to “Fire & Water #213 – Aquaman Movie Trailer

  1. Aquaman has a movie and is more or less being taken seriously as a character. You can rest now, Rob. Forever sleep.

  2. I was expecting this to drop yesterday! Looks like we got a winner, I haven’t listened to this yet but expect to hear lots of Shag talking about Mera.

  3. I just went to YouTube, typed the letter “a”, and the first suggestion was “aquaman trailer”. That. Is. Winning!

    1. A few years ago, you would have been right about that! We’ve slowed down on our purchases, but I’m in for a
      Multiverse Mamoa in the classic suit, Mera, Ocean Master and Black Manta at the very least.

  4. Great discussion fellas! Sorry I missed it, but while you were recording, I was off playing Aquaman at a water park, so it’s kind of fitting.

    I can’t really add anything that wasn’t said. I am very excited for this movie, and very relieved that; a) it looks great, and b) Rob liked it! I’m with Siskoid, I just couldn’t bear the thought that an Aquaman movie would exist and Rob wouldn’t be excited for it. I don’t expect Ryan to like anything now, but I’m glad this clicked all the right buttons for Mr. Kelly.

    Oh, and Mera’s hair color is dead on the “Kool-Aid Red” of the original Mego Batgirl figure. The most vibrant red ever produced by man. Hey, she’s otherworldly. It makes sense.


  5. Based on the trailer, you said that it looks like a good ADVENTURE with lots of ACTION. So, do you think it will be MORE FUN than you anticipated?

  6. Trailer was fantastic, I was dutifully impressed as was my wife and my kids when I showed it to them. Looks like a big, bold fantasy superhero epic!

    I am in the minority, especially here in this community, in that I have legitimately and un-ironically enjoyed all of the DCEU movies. Given that, where this film seems to fit in with Justice League timeline wise makes perfect sense, and the tone of this film (and Shazam!) after the events of Justice League make also perfect sense. But lest the Internet Fanboy Police come after me, I will stop there.

    Thanks for the “quick” thoughts guys.

    1. You’re not alone, my family loves the DC movies. The reaction to the movies has been so negative that I’ve stopped watching the marvel movies.

  7. As others have already mentioned, the thing I most enjoyed about this episode was Rob’s positive reaction to the trailer. A happy Rob is a happy Fire and Water Network.

    My favorite scene in the trailer is the one with the Trench. I love the look that Arthur and Mera share with each other, before diving into the water. The shot that follows, with all of the Trench swarming behind them, is just awesome.

    I think I’ll be spending the next few months rereading all of Aquaman’s New 52 run.

  8. This is my first comment on the Fire and Water network. I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started in 2011, and as it grew into this awesome network.

    Aquaman has been my favourite character since I was 4 (around 1974). Super Friends and repeats of his animated series helped make that happen. And having my mom’s old comics from the 60s made it even better.

    My mom got me into comics. She was young when she had me, so she was a teenager when she collected DC comics in the early to mid 60s. When I visited my grandparents, who where luckily just a few doors away, I always came home with a new comic from my mom’s stash.

    And Aquaman was always my favourite. I loved being in the water, so that was one reason. I also tend to follow the underdogs. Superman and Batman will always have fans, but as we’ve all seen some characters are treated less fairly.

    When I first found the Aquaman Shrine I was impressed with Rob’s fandom. He was someone that like this character as much as I did, and he shared that with the world.

    And now (totally thanks to this network’s influence 🙂 ), I get to see what looks like a great movie starring a character that I really never thought would get any real respect. This decade has been great for Aquaman.

    I also would like to just say that this podcast network has really renewed my fandom (beyond Aquaman). All the podcasts here are so well done, I look forward to them. Thank you for all the work the entire team puts into them 🙂

    1. Cory – Wow!! Thanks for the kind words and support! Love your comics “origin story”!! Thanks for listening and keep Riding the Wave!!

      1. Thank you Shag 🙂

        Even though Aquaman is my favourite character, I’ve always liked Firestorm. You’ve helped me understand the character from a different perspective, and that made me like him even more.

        I’m a pretty big geek for DC, Star Wars, Star Trek and countless other properties. I am happy we’re in a time where I don’t have to hide that I like all those things, and I can wear a Green Lantern shirt and it’s cool.

        I even set up a website, now turned into a Facebook page, related to the Timmverse. Before Justice League I was inspired by a site that created other DC characters in the Timm style. I tried to do some myself, and got to a point where I could put it on a site.

        This was way back in 2000, but the images are up on my Facebook page that is linked to my old site URL

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