Fire & Water #215 – Justice League: 100 Greatest Moments

Shag and Rob do a deep dive on the new hardcover book JUSTICE LEAGUE: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS, featuring an interview with author and longtime DC staffer Robert Greenberger!

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7 responses to “Fire & Water #215 – Justice League: 100 Greatest Moments

  1. This book sounds so cool and a great new ‘comic-centric’ initiative. Really enjoyed the chat with Bob.

    Just curious, were many of the moments from event books?

  2. Re: Itty as Green Lantern’s troublemaking imp.

    Itty was an alien pet/sidekick for Hal Jordan if I remember correctly. I think you are thinking of Myrwhydden. An alien sorceror who looks a lot like an impish character.

  3. Thanks for the review of the books, guys. You’re tempting me to pick it up. I’ve been wary about buying books like this lately, since so many of these history books skewer a little too recent for my tastes. Yeah, I’m an old curmudgeon.

    It has been a few days since I listened to the podcast, so I apologize that I haven’t commented until now. Did you mention the size of the book? You may have and I just forgot. I haven’t worried about this in the past, but I recently picked up the Fantastic Four Behold….Galactus book from Instocktrades (free plug for your sponsor). They had their usual great price and service but that book is just too darn big.

  4. Always good to hear a new Fire and Water with the founding dynamic duo of the network. Say…how about a “100 Greatest Moments of the Fire and Water Podcast Network” episode? Shouldn’t be too much work, right? ….right? Awesome job, folks.

  5. I’ve only met a handful of comics pros in my time (trying to change that this year), so it made me far too happy hearing Rob chat with Mr Greenberger. Thank you for doing that and sharing it! Love love love.

  6. I echo what Gothosmansion and Tim Price say. I also initially thought that a book like this would skew toward 21st-century (!) stories, but with Bob Greenberger in charge, well, that’s different. It was very cool that he participated in the podcast!

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