Fire & Water #217 – More Fun Comics #s 76-81

Rob welcomes back special guest and fellow Aquaman mega-fan Laura Gjovaag to discuss the Golden Age Aquaman's further adventures in MORE FUN COMICS, plus a special one-off story from WORLD'S FINEST COMICS!

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9 responses to “Fire & Water #217 – More Fun Comics #s 76-81

  1. I was curious when Laura mentioned of later supporting characters during the golden age. I know about Ark and Sea Sleuth aka Phineas Pike, were there others? Great episode and issue by issue review of the original King of the Seas.

  2. It seems that at least some of the issues of More Fun Comics covered here are part of the new DC Universe streaming service, but having downloaded issues #76 and #77, it seems the Aquaman stories are missing (despite being included in provided descriptions)! Thanks for covering the stories here!

  3. A very informative episode! I do hope you will be doing some more spotlight episodes prior to the movie dropping. I’d love to hear you, Laura, and others discuss other areas of Aquahstory.

  4. Fun episode! Has it really been two years? I’m always interested in learning more about the Golden Age (Earth-Two) Aquaman. I had no idea he existed until All-Star Squadron #31. I think I assumed Aquaman was just a Silver Age creation, and it’s easy to see why, since DC has barely reprinted any of his pre-SA stories beyond his first appearance.

    Always a pleasure to hear Laura stop by!


  5. It was wonderful to hear Laura on the show again. I probably mentioned this last time she was on, but it was through her site that I found the Shrine and, by extension, this podcast.

    My only direct experience with Golden Age Aquaman stories is through Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years, which you mentioned in the episode. So, it was great to hear about some of Aquaman’s other early adventures. I got a kick out of Aquaman’s repeated polite, but firm, refusals to socialize the people he’d just helped. I guess he liked to keep things strictly professional back in those days.

  6. It’s so good to have Laura back and taking another deep dive into Aquaman history… can we have these shows quarterly? I’d also love to know about obscure supporting characters. Did Aquaman have any Golden Age romances?

  7. Thanks for sharing those pages! I have never seen any of that early Aquaman art. It’s beautiful! I love how his “calf-fins” look. They appear to be like seagrass, and the yellow is appropriate! Are these scans form the originals? Are they from a website? What is your source?

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