Fire & Water #223 – More About The Aquaman Movie

We just can't stop talking about the AQUAMAN movie! First up, Rob welcomes back fellow Aquaman mega-fan Laura Gjovaag to get her thoughts on the movie. And as a special bonus feature, Rob is joined by the Daly Brothers--Ryan and Neil--to get some behind the scenes info on the production of the film! We are truly going deep!

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33 responses to “Fire & Water #223 – More About The Aquaman Movie

  1. I wish you guys had told me my mic was turned away so my responses weren’t so quiet in the first part of our segment. Sorry for that. Otherwise, both parts of this episode were delightful to listen to.

  2. Wow! Great information with the Daly Brothers. That’s some neat stuff there. I may disagree a bit about the lasso scene (yeah, it went too far, but it was the lasso of truth and Arthur was thinking about how he was about to die), but the behind the scenes stuff was fascinating. Oh, and I suppose that giddy fangirl was ok, too.

    Something I didn’t mention was the choice of embracing Momoa to the point of making Tom Curry a Hawaiian, and having him discuss working on Arthur’s moko (uhi) in one scene. How, exactly, they are able to tattoo Arthur’s skin is unknown. Perhaps Vulko provided them with some sort of tool.

    I also thought it interesting how Aquaman *doesn’t* kill Black Manta’s father. He simply doesn’t rescue him. After the guy shot at him twice with a weapon that actually could hurt Aquaman a bit. If Manta’s dad hadn’t fired that second shot, the missile wouldn’t have landed on him and he wouldn’t have died. Yeah, Aquaman could have saved him – but he had no particular reason at that point to be merciful to someone who had just tried to kill him.

    I’m of two minds about the inclusion of the Black Manta arc in the story. On the one hand, it adds a lot of time and perhaps takes away from the potential of the sequel. On the other hand, would the movie be as popular without him?

  3. Great show. So informative, and maybe even just a little dismaying to hear the background of how movie marketing decisions and how they influence the creative process. If Neal ever leaves the business, and I’m not sure if he should, he could put together a great book. I’d read it.

    I’m surprised that between these two Aquaman talks, that Rob didn’t comment on the Mystery Girl song by Roy Orbison, who is of course a Wilbury. Maybe you did and I missed it. I recall that song as one of the last released around the time of Roy’s death. It was such an unusual but pleasant surprise to hear a song like that in a DC movie.

      1. Gordon-

        Yes, I mentioned the Orbison song on the previous episode. It even ends the show! Thrilled to have a song from Lefty Wilbury cross over into my other fandom!

  4. I ALSO wanted the dog to be called Salty. My friends were well impressed that you named the dog that’s in the comics, Rob.

    Going back to the conversation with Laura, the villain for Aquaman 2, we thought, discussing it, especially given that they threw away the name “Fisherman” (but then, would you want the belt with an erection in the movie?), was Scavenger, which we thought might be an identity taken by Shin in this continuity, seeing as he’s evidently SCAVENGED Atlantean tech from all over the world. Who knows.

    I’ve listened to too many podcasts about Aquaman at this point, I think – your original ‘cast, this one is really a two in one, Rolled Spine’s (loved Mac eating crow, or black fish, but it gets pretty sour at the end), and MovieFilm’s review – and MovieFilm did an Aquaman Fallout ep, and that’s next on my playlist, so there’s no getting out of it.

    Warning, I discuss it a bit on Tuesday’s release. Everything’s coming up Aquaman!

  5. I am so glad that the Zack Snyder vision is gone. I’m not sure I could suffer through a five movie Arc so that I can see the character that I want to go to the movies to see. (Superman)
    Back to Aquaman
    This podcast is so informative. I am so glad the test groups wanted to see more humor in the movie. I like it when a movie has heavy scenes broken up by seems that are little more light-hearted. It very much reminds me more of the comic and summer action movies.
    I could not disagree more about Black Manta. I loved every scene with Black Manta it was so great to see two villains in one movie handled well. I am glad they pulled out all the stops for this movie and introduced everything for the same reason that just in case it didn’t hit big you would have everything for Aquaman out there. Now that it has hit big we can look forward to seeing more of Black Manta and maybe even the Ocean Master. And as for your comment that sequels always have to go bigger remember that the original Spider-Man 2 went with one villain and it’s one of the most well-regarded of the Spider-Man movies. Since black manta I played such a large role in this movie in the next movie The Revenge will feel more organic to the character and more earned. I cannot reiterate how much I love this movie. It is one of my favorite superhero movies

  6. What villain can they do in the next movie‽ How could you not instantly think of Black Jack? I mean Ocean Master, and Black Manta bit characters in comparison 😉

  7. The villains drive the plot in these films so it can be any DC baddie. Obviously Manta is set. It will depend on plot over how much time is spent in Atlantis vs surface world. You can have pirates, eco-terrorists, etc.
    Do they return to the Ocean Master storyline at all? Will Nicole Kidman return? I’d avoid bringing in Aqualad, Aquagirl, & Dolphin. Maybe the Sea Devils?

  8. Wow, a great two-part episode. It was great fun to hear the two biggest Aquaman fans on record just express how happy they are that a good movie was made of their favorite character. That’s finding your joy.

    Neil’s information was fascinating stuff. As someone who works in marketing myself (although its not nearly as glamorous and as fun as this sounds), I’m fascinated on how this type of sausage is made. I have to agree that I’m not sad to see Snyder’s vision steered away from, even if “his” Aquaman is still what we’re seeing on screen. DC backed the wrong horse. Many diehard fans and the general public seem to agree. Aquaman is pure escapist fun, and hopefully between this and the more like-minded Wonder Woman, WB has seen their way to what fans want. The idea of it taking five films for Superman to get his head out of his arse seems so wrong-headed to me, I can’t imagine a major studio treating their flagship character that way. Mind-boggling.

    I for one am glad for all the Manta scenes, even if I did say I felt he was kind of the weak link acting/character wise, just because I didn’t see a lot of depth there. But the cool factor of the character was completely realized, and as I said in the initial review episode, I didn’t want another Green Lantern film, where we’re teased with the more interesting villain for a sequel that never happens. Obviously, Aquaman will get a sequel now, but who knew that then?


  9. Really dug this one. Sounds like there’s some vindication for Snyder, which kind of shocks me.

    More Daly Bros, please.

    1. Zack doesn’t need any vindication. He made two beautiful films that encapsulate deep DC comics mythology, that will live and be remember as greatness and bliss of more years to come.

  10. I don’t believe I’m giving any industry secret away (considering anyone could look this up) by saying Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta) has a three-picture deal with “The Worlds of DC” and that doesn’t necessarily limit him to only three “Aquaman” movies… (wink, wink)

          1. Maybe DC should do a Brave and the Bold team-up movie where Aquaman and Wonder Woman take on the Legion of Doom? Throw in the audience-positive Flash, and maybe Cyborg in smaller roles.

            Essentially a JL movie without Supes and Bats, since that brand is now tainted.


  11. I thoroughly enjoyed both segments of this show, and I have to say, I’m with Laura on Elseworlds: I absolutely love that line.
    Otherwise, I’ve already posted my thoughts in the movie in the comments to your other show (#222), but here I should say I agree with Neil that Wonder Woman tended to have better, more rounded characters. I disagree with him that nothing could have been cut – as I stated in my comments to the other show, that entire final battle scene could have easily been removed (and the second confrontation with Orm could have been abbreviated to a 30-second sequence in which Arthur simply whips him without half trying).
    Also, I agree with Laura (and again disagree with Neil) about the lasso scene in Justice League (another one I finally just got around to watching today): that was one of the best scenes in an otherwise rather middling movie.
    However, I look forward to another show with more behind-the-scenes insights from Neil. And I truly hope the next movie indeed has a pre-credits sequence as described by Rob, i.e., with some lame villain like the Human Flying Fish getting taken down in five minutes.

  12. Why did no one tell me that all this time I’ve been listening to the ‘less interesting’ Daly brother?

    Great show. While I didn’t love the film I’m very happy for fans like Rob and Laura who did!

  13. Great episode. It’s always nice to hear Laura back on the show, and I enjoyed hearing her thoughts on the movie. As an aside, I look forward to hearing her come back for another Golden Age Aquaman episode sometime in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

    The insights Neil was able to bring to the production of the movie were fascinating. I’m thinking of burning burning that discussion to a CD, so that I can keep it with my yet-to-be-released Aquaman movie DVD as an extra special bonus feature.

  14. Please convince Neil to start his own show on the network. I would never get tired of listening to his behind the scenes info about the films he has helped test. So fascinating. This was one of the most interesting podcast episodes I ever listened to.

    1. Unfortunately, I’m contractually bound by a very strict Non-Disclosure Agreement until the film’s release. So the “Shazam!” episode will have to wait till April. …But stay tuned, it’ll be a doozy!

  15. I COMPLETELY disagree w/ the comments about Arthur commanding an army.

    Instead of seeing a middling version of Aquaman leading an army of sea life, Wan gave us an EPIC scene. One w/ our hero riding atop the undefeated Karathen and in command of the once uncontrollable, ravenous, creatures of the Trench. This movie had some great moments! That one was top 5, easy.

  16. The behind the scenes info about the DCEU overall was incredibly intriguing and informative. Thank you for sharing and thank you to the Daly Brothers for your enlightening information and experience in film, specifically the DCEU.

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