Fire & Water #226 – Aquaman #s 31-42

Rob and Shag finally catch up on all the new issues of AQUAMAN they've missed, discussing #s 31-42, Annual #1, and the Aquaman and Jabberjaw one-shot! We're goin' deep!

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16 responses to “Fire & Water #226 – Aquaman #s 31-42

  1. I was happy to see this wrap up of the Dan Abnett run this morning. Initially I was reading Aquaman in trade until this Corum Rath storyline. It is good to hear it get some love.

    Also with the new Aquaman artist Robinson Rocha, Portuguese and most Spanish speakers as well pronounce Rocha with a soft “cha” instead of a harder sound.

  2. Even though I haven’t read these comics, I aways appreciate the review episodes like this. Those covers are simply gorgeous by the way. Powerful and elegant at the same time.

    I saw the movie for the 2nd time yesterday and loved it just as much if not more. So much fun!

    Great stinger too. Jabberjaws had to be the most “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” concept EVER. Curly + Jaws + Archies + Future Underwater setting. The only one that comes close was Captain Caveman: Caveman + Super Hero + Charlie’s Angels + Scooby-Doo.


  3. Thanks for this, I’ve really enjoyed the Abnett run, yes, the Rath business went on too long but along the way we got some brilliant world building and character development… I loved all that stuff with Vulko, Ondine, the Widowhood and so on. I hope it isn’t all forgotten.

    The art was generally very good although Riccardo Federici constantly leaving his signature on the page got on my tits. I bet a Kubert School graduate wouldn’t be so big-headed.

    I was going to mention the new Aquaman run – I managed one issue – but no, I must wait.

  4. So, I have collected Aquaman on and off and got the Sejic issues of this volume.

    Unfortunately, when he left, I dropped the title. So I was glad to hear how it all turned out. Thanks for coverage. A few notes.

    Josh Middleton did a run of covers on Supergirl back when Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle took over. They are brilliant. These covers are just as gorgeous.

    I loved the initial Future Quest book Shag talks about. Parker and Shaner at their best! The Herculoids!!

    I think the DC/Looney Tunes books were a cut above these Hanna Barbera crossovers. Bugs Bunny/Legion of Super-Heroes and Batman/Elmer Fudd were inspired. But the Superman/Top Cat and the SuperSons/Dynomutt crossovers were sort of lacking.

    Robson Rocha is the current artist on Aquaman and as a Kelly Sue DeConnick fan I am collecting the title again. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  5. Great coverage of Abnett’s final Aquaman issues. I agree with the general consensus that Abnett had a great run on the book, and that the Rath story ran a little long. The momentum of the story seemed to build nicely up to issue 30 or 31, when Aquaman took charge of the resistance movement, but then the story just felt like it gave up all of that momentum. Like Shag, I wondered if there was an editorial mandate to extend the story due to some timing issues with the movie. I should go back and reread the entire story in one go to see if that changes my opinion of the pace.

    Also, I was excited to hear about the Boston Fan Expo. I live just a couple hours from Boston, and have often thought about attending the Expo, but have never followed that thought through to completion. I raised the idea of going to the Expo with my wife and daughter, and they were both on board with it. Actually, my daughter was so excited about the idea that I might get in big trouble with her if we aren’t able to make it.

  6. All I know about Aquaman, since 1984, is what I hear on this podcast. Set me straight. Is Mera still from another dimension or not? If not, why is that changed, but Arthur Jr.’s death is still part of the “canon?” If she is, why would the population of Atlantis want/accept someone as ruler who was from another freaking dimension? Are there no more descendants of Arion? Is the population of Atlantis still just the Aqua-family, Vulko, half-siblings and the villain-du-jour?
    Regarding the Boston Fan Expo; I’m in Boston. (Actually, as I type this, I’m in Cambridge, but I’ll be in Boston when I walk to the other side of the building) I’d love to meet you, Rob and Shag, and any other Fire & Water listeners/contributors. Who’s up for a drink?

    1. Ward probably will have better ideas for night spots. But I’m in the suburbs south of Boston and will be at the Expo. Definitely we need to hang out.

  7. Most of this stuff was about comics I haven’t read ( but now want to )!

    I did, however, read the Hanna Barbera comics. What a blast, and a mix of the seriousness of Aquaman and the tongue in cheek humor of Jabberjaw! Felt like an a Odd Couple / Midnight Run issue, the humorous but not antagonistic clash been personalities was loads of fun.

    Btw I’m on board for a FutureQuest podcast special!

  8. Whew, that was a deluge of stories. I was treading water just to keep up and not wipe out. Definitely need this more often to avoid the flood. (I’m a little touchy about floods.)

    I haven’t read the Jabberjaws issue, but it’s on my must-have list. I loved Future Quest, and this sounds like a good example of keeping the magic going.

    I’m torn about whether Jabber should look realistic or cartoony. But I think it would have been awesome for present-day to look realistic, and Jabber’s time look like the cartoon. Ah well.

  9. My only experience thus far with the HB team-up books has been the Flash/Speed Buggy one-shot. It was okay, but ultimately the whole thing about making the classic HB characters “realistic” just isn’t for me (full disclosure, I’ve read the first Flintstones TP, and wasn’t as impressed by it as everyone else seems to be, either). I guess I’m just old-fashioned, and prefer my funny cartoon characters to remain as funny cartoon characters.

    I’m not upset that DC has tried this as an experiment. I just didn’t work for me.

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