Fire & Water #235 – Geek Talk

Shag and Rob engage in another round of Geek Talk! They discuss Shag's recent trip to Canada and hanging out with Siskoid, Bass, and Shotgun, Rob's POD DYLAN LIVE event, Rob and Paul Hix meeting in New York, their upcoming trip to the Boston Fan Expo, and lots more!

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13 responses to “Fire & Water #235 – Geek Talk

  1. Thanks for a terrific show fellas – it’s great just hearing the two of you kick back and chat. Congratulations to Shagg & Mrs Shagg on their anniversary, and to Rob for both the 100th episode of PodDylan and his excellent first live show. I’m not much of a Dylan fan myself, but Rob & his guests talk with such knowledge and enthusiasm it never fails to be interesting.

    I too have been deep into Big Finish stories – ‘The Legacy of Time’ has been an absolute treat, especially for long time Big Finish listeners.

    Anyone keen to sample their excellent range should keep an eye on Big Finish’s website, as they run frequent sales to make it a cost effective way to dip a toe in the water. Whilst much of their output is Dr Who (or Who-adjacent), they also have other ranges, many covering other British sci-fi properties. If you’re not into “Classic” Who, they’ve recently started to produce tales with the Doctors from the modern version of the programme.

    (…and that’s my cue to drop my regular request for Fire & Water to get around to doing it’s own Dr Who show!)

    1. I know it’s not on the network, but I’m a regular on Straight Outta Gallifrey, and I think we’re doing going work over there. Call it a cousin to FW’s Wars and Trek shows!

  2. Nice chit-chat, made nicer because I now know Rob fears me. I love to cultivate fear. And to set the record straight, I’m not that tall – Bass is almost as tall and a bear of a man, a lot more imposing – it’s Shagg who’s shrimpy. Not Wolverine-shrimpy, but far below the Who’s Who/OHOTMU-mandated average for men ;-).

    Looking for that pic of the Shining carpet? I included it in my written impressions of the meeting:

    A great time was had by all.

    Also congrats to Rob for saying YES to everything and getting well rewarded for it. Love you, man. But fear me.

    Hey, you love Buffy. Shotgun loves Buffy. I love Buffy (I in fact have published essays about Buffy and Angel in the Outside In book series). Screw that Doctor Who show, why don’t we have a Vampire Slayer-related ‘cast?

    ‘Til the next Geek Talk!

  3. Congratulations to Shag on his anniversary! It’s great that you and your wife had a such a nice vacation; I wish I had been in New England at the time to cruise over to Maine to crash your fun time!

    Sorry to hear again about your son’s appendicitis. I had that when I was 18 a week before I left for college. It was a harrowing experience that I eventually turned into an hilarious award-winning essay. But I was struck by your offhand mention that your stepson was throwing up after the surgery. I’m assuming that was from the anesthesia. Everyone I know who has had surgery in the last five years has gotten sick right after. I don’t know if hospitals are using different drugs now or mixing them differently, but it’s having a much more severe post-op effect lately.

    I’m glad you had fun on the Stephen King tour. I go through cycles where every couple years I’ll get into him and read or re-read a couple King books over summer. Before I really got into podcasts, I listened to a ton of audiobooks because I was on the road a lot. My favorite of his novels are ‘SALEM’S LOT, IT, PET SEMATARY, and CHRISTINE.

    Congratulations to Rob on doing the live Pod Dylan show and generally taking advantage of new opportunities lately!

    I’m jealous that Rob got to meet Paul Hix and his family. This whole episode was dripping with fun little moments and feelings. Good job, to both of you!

  4. Fun show guys. Just nice to reconnect, even though I knew most of these stuff from our clandestine message group communications. I think SAG will be in touch with us for using non-union actors for both Siskoid and Diablou Frank’s public appearances.

    Cindy and I got into Buffy a few years into the run when it started airing on FX or one of those channels, and then we started watching the new episodes as well. “The Body” came up not long after my Mother had died, and I was not prepared for the emotional gut-removal that it caused. I haven’t watched it since, but then I haven’t revisited the show either. Dani may be approaching an age where we can watch at least the earlier seasons, so maybe we’ll give it a try.

    Paul Hix as Voltan is casting I can get behind. Hopefully Dr. Herfernerfer can let him out of therapy long enough to appear in the proposed new film.


  5. First I want to thank Rob for his Instock Trades pick! I immediately paused the podcast and ordered myself a copy of Under Sea Agent! I love this type of stuff, thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.
    With that said, I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this episode. It was nice just hearing you two basically, catch up with each other.

  6. Thank you for the thank you!

    This was a great show. I’m not sure Siskoid and Bass are great anniversary gifts…

  7. This was a great upbeat chat (nice contrast with the latest Knightcast).

    I’m a huge fan of Mage. Matt Wagner’s autobiographical fantasy is always worth reading and looking at.

    Meeting Rob was lots of fun, but the night ended differently in my recollection. Rob drank heavily at the restaurant, hit on my wife and fought with the staff. Last I saw he was driven off in a police car after being tasered. I can still hear him yelling “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Pod Dylan!”.

  8. Most of the time, I’m pretty happy to be living in Southern California. Good weather… interesting opportunities… etc. But I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty jealous of all of the events you guys get to go to out east. While I’m certainly glad to have had the opportunity to have met some of you at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles these past couple of years, I can hardly fault anyone for not traveling thousands of miles to get to the West Coast, just as I’ve not been able to travel that distance to the events out east where more of you have been able to attend. All the same, it sounds like you’ll all have an amazing time.

    As to “geek talk” from my own recent life, I recently went to Dave & Busters for the first time in a while thanks to a “birthday” gift of $10 worth of credits. I was first introduced to Dave & Busters about four years ago, while I was between jobs, and don’t know if I’ve been much since. For those who aren’t familiar with it, think “Chuck E. Cheese’s,” but for adults. Anyway, when I started playing some of the ticket games, I realized that I had accumulated over 5,000 “tickets” (they’re just points on a card these days, not actual tickets) from my years-ago visits that remained unspent, and so I decided I should go ahead and use some of them. Thus I got a small die-cast model of KITT from the original Knight Rider, a cheap pair of headphones, and (most relevant to this crowd) a couple of packs of old comic books, which I have enjoyed reading these past few days. I still have over 1,000 tickets remaining, so I may have to go back before another four years have passed.

  9. The Titans was a great Marvel UK weekly – by turning the regular format on its side we got two US pages per UK side, so it burned through the original comics even faster – at the start we were getting four US issues worth of the lead strip per month. This long centrespread posters were by young artists hanging around the New York offices, the likes of Starlin, Wenzel, Milgrom and Vohland

    She interestingly enough, there was no reason for it being called the Titans. The other book I’m this format was an amalgamation of the previous Spider-Man Comics Weekly and The Suoer-Heroes, giving us the snappy Super Spider-Man With the Super-Heroes.

    Yeah, I never edited Marvel UK… but Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boy’s did!

    I would go to Terrificon, for the panels. I’ve lived in enough cities that the suburbs are just fine, thank you.

    The only Pod People I’ve met are Ryan and Dr Anj, wonderful chaps both. I may well add to my collection in September 2020, when Canada and New York are on the agenda, if I find willing victims!

    Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Matthews. Sorry to hear about about your young chap’s appendicitis.

    I once saw Katy Manning in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe, it was a piece about Bette Davis stuff. We chatted to her later and she was lovely.

    An intriguing announcement come Labor Day weekend? I shall look that up.

  10. Fantastic episode (as always) ! I liked that you just had a general episode with no single agenda, it was cool! I had no idea there was a Stephen King tour, the Mrs and I will have to take it sometime.

    I would definitely get a photo with Peter Capaldi! Are you kidding me? That would be amazing. Is anyone going to New York Comic Con? Christopher Eccleston will be there! I have never seen him at these conventions. He didn’t even appear in the Dr Who reunion.

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

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