Fire & Water #238 – Conway’s Corner

To celebrate his birthday on September 10, Shag and Rob take a look at two non-Aquaman and Firestorm stories by one of their favorite writers, the legendary Gerry Conway! First up are The Inhumans in "An Evening's Wait For Death!" from AMAZING ADVENTURES #7, drawn by Neal Adams, followed by "Fresh Blood" from ATARI FORCE #1, drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) and Ricardo Villagran!

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8 responses to “Fire & Water #238 – Conway’s Corner

  1. …M’weebis? Do you mean Moebius?

    Excellent conversation. I enjoyed your rundowns of these stories since a) I’ve only read one or two of those old Inhumans stories from Amazing Adventures a long time ago, and definitely not the one you reviewed here, and b) I’ve similarly never read Atari Force, and your review and the accompanying images just remind me how much I’d really like to. It’s really unfortunate that the series has never been collected and reprinted.

    Otherwise, re: ‘Red China.’ To expand on Rob’s point, yes, that was the common way to refer to the People’s Republic back then (i.e., before Nixon’s visit to Beijing in 1972) especially in official circles and the media, since the US formally only recognized the government on Taiwan as the sole, legitimate ‘China.’

  2. Gerry Conway’s name was one of the first comics creators names that I learned as a young collector. His output was tremendous. I think his long run on the Batman titles is too overlooked by fans.
    Regarding the Inhumans story; it is likely that this story was plotted by Adams and Thomas, with no input from Conway. Then it was drawn and given to Gerry for him to add the words. That was the “Marvel style.” If so, even if partially so, I think it adds to the challenge for a novice writer! “Here are some beautiful pictures by Neal Adams! What are the characters saying? We need it Monday!”
    Regarding the Atari Force: Read it! Get it. Find it. Read it! Like Rob, I thought it was a cheesy gimmick comic, but I bought it for the art. JLGL on a monthly book? I’m in! It is a wonderful SF adventure story, with a genuinely surprising twist. The characters were wonderfully diverse and well-defined. Mike Baron took over the writing chores after Conway finished his story, but I don’t recall anything specific about Baron’s run.
    Conway and Garcia-Lopez also collaborated on a mini-series for DC called “Cinder and Ashe.” Even though I don’t remember much of the story, it’s worth seeking just for the art!
    Happy Birthday, Gerry! Thanks for reviving All-Star Comics! That’s what got me buying comics! (However, I’m still mad at you for what you did to Mr. Terrific!)

  3. Fun episode guys! I’m glad you guys pointed out that the man on the cover saying “Burn Black Bolt, BURN!” was actually working WITH BB, because otherwise, I thought that was a real sloppy layout on Adams’ part. Just reading that dialog, I would assume he’s getting ready to attack Black Bolt!

    Atari Force was a direct-only book as I recall, so my only exposure to it was through Who’s Who. The artwork there was gorgeous, but yeah, the corporate tie-in turned me off. But if I see any of these in back issue bins, I’m going to have to give it a try.

    There will be some Conway-love in an upcoming episode of Super Mates’ House of Franklin-Stein series. Everything’s coming up Conway!


  4. Impressive Podcast. I had an issue of the Inhumans run ware they fought a Allen that took on the form of a human Cockroach. No really. It was a fun issue, but weird. Still yep Gorgan was B.A. Oh did I mention I had a U tube page? That’s Liz Anne Oswalt. I liked Atari Force ….. though I read them in the Back issue bins. Since I had an Initial vison and not an Atari. Didn’t care. I played a few Atari’s at friends house, but they were about the same. I had the round dials they had the joy stick. But, this comic was awesome.

    And Yep Dart was my fav. Her Who’s Who entry was what made me pick up the issues. Her and Pack Rat ware my fav. Though Pack Rat beng a bad a* is a bit of a shock since he was more like Vila Restal from Blake 7. Huh does that make Tempest a less messed up version of Blake? Wait that fits wasn’t His Dad’s ship from the old comics named the Liberator? Ah maybe the cleaned up 200 AD bit Shagg said is a bit closer to home. I could see these guys in a future Shock Prog. (I think thast’s what they were called. I didn’t read much 200 A.D. mainly got into Judge Dredd since my Aunt visted family she had in England and as a gift got me the TBS of ware Dredd fights the Judges and isn’t a Judge and must kill Judge Fish to stop the Mad Judge Coligula. Er note Judge Fish was a gold fish. That the Chief Jufge made a judge. It’s a long story. Back to Atari Force.)

    Ah sorry Shagg I must go all Suda Name again. Tempest isn’t the only kid of the old crew Dart was two. Mohandas Singh and Li-San O’Rourke Were her parents. Weird Erin “Dart” Bia O’Rourke-Singh doesn’t get her own listing on Wikki and Tempest does, Sorry the issues I picked up he was gone. As was his girl friend. Dart and Black Jack are mainly there. With Pack Rat and Co. Looking at the old covers I can see ware the 200 AD reference idea comes to mind. These do look like something that might run. Though I wonder why Dart is panted gray. Her dad is Arabic. Her Mom Asian and Irish. Nothing Allen about her.

    Don’t see Zealot in her. Since she’s mostly a WW rip off. Tats were just cool then. Ware Darts were probly from her Dad’s and Mom’s culture. I kind of wish DC did more with them. If WB no longer owns the Atari Force name why not rename the comic get em a new ship and move forward? Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  5. A great way to honor Mr Conway on his birthday! Much better to dive into some new territory.

    I don’t think I ever came across issues of Atari Force, but it sounds much better than expected. Something to look for now. But I’d also say that the design of Baby/Babe might have influenced the look of Gatecrasher, a mercenary appearing in Captain Britain by Alan Davis. Big, blue, mohawk-ish hair. Not as blatant as the Dart/Zealot thing, but this wouldn’t surprise me.

    Thanks to the Marvel Unlimited app, devourer of my free time, I did a Black Widow binge a couple of years ago, including these issues. And yes, I read the Inhuman stories as well. Lots of interesting stuff in those stories. But seeing Karnak in that turban just makes me think of Johnny Carson’s “Karnak the Magnificent” bit, heaven help me.

  6. Thought I was the only one to see the similarities between Dart and Zealot! Dart’s parents were Indian and Asian by the way.These two would make for a great story penciled by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez of course! The level of detail of Dart’s 80’s costume was phenomenal! I would like to see a team up between Atari Force and DC comics Robotech Defenders! Have a great weekend!

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