Fire & Water #240 – Aquaman in the 1950s

Shag and Rob borrow Siskoid's Panel-2-Panel Randomizer and discuss two Golden Age Aquaman stories from the pages of ADVENTURE COMICS!

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Opening theme by Michael Kohler. Closing music by The Bad Mamma Jammas.

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7 responses to “Fire & Water #240 – Aquaman in the 1950s

  1. A Sea Eagle is a raptor in the genus Haliaeetus. The most common know one is the Bald Eagle being the national bird of America. The largest of the sea eagles the Steller’s Sea Eagle can weigh up to 20 lbs(9kg).

  2. So, what is drawn is a waterspout basically a tornado over water. A typhoon on the other hand is just the name for a hurricane in the Pacific on the Eastern Hemisphere.

  3. One of my biggest regrets was NOT getting a Ramona Fradon sketch 20 years ago when I saw her two years in a row at Motor City Con. I did get her to sign my History of the DCU hardcover (the one Shag mentions). The fact that her art is still beautiful and perfect at 93 is nothing short of extraordinary. What a treasure!


  4. Yep, it’s impossible to praise the great Ramona Fradon enough. If you’re interested in learning more about her career, there’s two excellent interviews with her in two, well, TwoMorrows publications: Comic Book Artist #10, which is more of a round table discussion between her, the equally great Marie Severin and Trina Robbins, and then a comprehensive interview in which she talks about her life and the entirety of her career in Comic Book Creator #13. They make for really fascinating reading.
    Otherwise, though, good show. I always enjoy your discussions of older Aquaman stories.

  5. That was brill, thanks. Repetitive as these stories are, they have so much charm. I do hope that Omnibus comes out.

    And could we please have a show on random DC comics? Those Superboy stories look such fun.

  6. Shag’s take on Aquaman for these 2 issues is fantastic! “What, someone’s trying to outdo my friend? Oh, I don’t THINK SO!” LOL!

    I met Ramona at last year’s Baltimore Comic Con, and she’s a treasure. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and she’s so sweet. I just had to a pencil sketch from her: Golden Age Black Canary (wearing her mask). Just delightful.

    Yes, please gush away about the art. The gallery shots are amazing. Thank you, Shob! (or is it Ragg?)

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