Fire & Water #241 – Aquaman Movie Commentary

To celebrate its first anniversary, Rob and Shag revisit the 2018 AQUAMAN movie with an audio commentary!

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10 responses to “Fire & Water #241 – Aquaman Movie Commentary

  1. AQUAMAN wasn’t terrible but I didn’t have any intention to rewatch it so soon but you got me. I’ll watch it again tonight with your commentary. I never intended to watch TRANSFORMERS and Rob got me to sit for that one too so what will be the harm of watching AQUAMAN tonight.

    Thank you for the commentary, it’s a wonderful X-Mas gift and exactly what I wanted from the two of you.

  2. I never expected to learn so much about hair, its movements, and color from two bald men!

    I think you guys should do more of these. How about with Firestorm? I’m sure there’s loads to say about that Howie Long opus.

  3. Okay, Gents,

    I usually pass on through commentary shows, unless it’s someone I trust that can add to the movie experience or can at least be entertaining throughout. Too often I have heard podcasters actually munching popcorn while I hear some faint echo of a movie in the background, if the volumes is up at all.

    And I absolutely never watch the movie and the podcast together. Hey, I do most of my listening while I write, so I’m either podcast listening or I”m watching a movie – never simulcasting both.

    But hey, if I know two guys who can fill space like Shagg and Rob, and if it s a movie I haven’t watched since the cinema debut, and that it was as cinematic as “Aquaman” – then I owe it a shot. I’ve actually had it on the shelf since June, but tonight, I felt the telepathic urge of the King of the Seven Seas, and I cracked the cellophane, and did it.

    I find it awkward usually at first – do I want to hear the film loud, or do I want to pay attention to Rob as he ignores Shagg? I have to say that Rob and Shagg won the duel, and I’m glad they did. I learned a lot about the making of this film, and I have to say I’m glad it rang the cash register big. After learning about the wire work needed to make the actors movement underwater work, and tiny touches like making the hair flow – that movie had to be a real task to complete. The film delivers, and for DC, who have sloppily tripped over themselves so badly in recent years at the movies, I couldn’t be happier that they’ve chosen quality over quantity and chosen to find their inspiration in the comics themselves – for a change.

    Thanks again, Fire and Water, for everything you do. Happy Holidays!

  4. Watching the film for a second time, I grew to appreciate the film more than I did before. I also really enjoyed the commentary itself. Perhaps it’s because Rob has a few under his belt but Shag’s concern was definitely unfounded. Several times I felt enlightened or in agreement as trivia and opinion were given.

    Here is to the hope that Rob can convince Shag into doing another someday!

  5. I watched Aquaman twice in theaters, but have not seen it since, because I don’t own it on DVD or Blu-Ray, yet. I’m waiting to see if I get it for Christmas. After that, if I can’t get anyone to buy it for me, then I’ll have to crack open my wallet and purchase it myself. Regardless of how I get the movie, I will watch it with this entertaining commentary. I can already picture myself taking in the incredible visuals of this film, while listening to Shag’s repeated cries of “How much longer do we have?” Seriously, though, I found that I didn’t need to be watching the movie to enjoy this commentary. I take it as a big plus in favor of this film that, a year out from having last seen it, I was able to recall the scenes with a great deal of clarity as you discussed them.

    If I was to suggest a future commentary track project for the Network, I’d love to hear Shag and Siskoid do a commentary for a classic Doctor Who episode. Now that would be an educational experience.

  6. Nice commentary, Rob & Shag.

    I’ve been an Aquaman fan my whole life thanks in equal part to Filmation cartoons and Jim Aparo comics. Never in my wildest imagination did I think there would be a big budget Aquaman feature film. And not only did this movie surpass my expectations, it gave me an Adventure/Fantasy/Superhero epic that totally embraced the whole Aqua-manliness of it all. Almost everything I wanted to see from the comics and cartoons was brought to life up on the big screen and I loved every minute of it.

    I think AQUAMAN is a better all-around movie than any of the other DCEU films and a lot of the MCU movies too. I hope they make a sequel, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to recapture the magic of this one. If nothing else I’d like them to introduce Aqualad and Tusky in the second film.

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

  7. In honor of the movie’s anniversary, I watched Aquaman again…for the 12th time….

    Unfortunately it’s not a movie I can recommend to everyone—it suffers from a lot of little problems throughout. That said, as an Aquafan, it’s fun and it’s a very “pleasant” movie. The imagery is beautiful, it’s not stressful and as Shag mentioned repeatedly…the music. This is probably one of my two favorite scores in the last 7 years. And it’s nice that they finally released some of the bonus tracks that weren’t on the original CD release. You could almost do a podcast episode on just the music of the movie.

    The writing is weak, but if you’re willing to dig in the weeds, there are so many little gems in the film, they make up for a lot of faults.

  8. Shag really wants to give Peter David credit for lots of Aquaman’s visual cues in this movie considering that Peter David isn’t an artist. Shouldn’t he be praising the Martin Egeland Aquaman?

  9. When Rob mentioned Momoa not becoming a “star “ outside of Aquaman, I’d argue that most of the MCU stars can’t seem to sell tickets themselves outside their superhero roles. Hemsworth movies keep flopping & what’s the last Robert Downey movie anyone saw where he wasn’t Tony Stark. Same for Ruffalo. Chris Evans is fine in Knives Out but that was sold more on the ensemble cast & quirky tone. It will be interesting to see where these actors go in the next decade.

  10. Hey, guys. Family couldn’t decide what to watch while winding down from a late holiday trip, so we put the three of you (Rob, Shag, and Mamoa) on. We made it to the boat scene tonight and had a great time — more tomorrow. Some thoughts that became family commentary:
    1) Absolutely concur with Shag on the sheer beauty, scale, and imagination of it — breathtaking
    2) The obvious CGI and other camera trickery doesn’t bother me here (and there’s a lot), because I’m taking it like a play. That prop on wires evokes the idea they’re trying to convoy, and my imagination will fill in the rest. I will let them tell the story. Some of the CGI’d humans toward the end will be grating, because humans have always looked real in movies, so my expectations are different.
    2) Rob is 100% correct about Arthur saving people. That tips the scale to make him enough of an Aquaman to be a valid interpretation for me. Of course, the not-quite-subtle environmentalist commentary helps, too.
    3) Shag, you know (much smaller) sea dragons are real, right? If not, enjoy one of Florida’s many fine aquariums. I think most of them have the little beauties.
    4) I think we saw glimpses of “our” Aquaman shining through the Aqua-bro — every time he uses knowledge and experience (which was a lot, starting with the seafaring language of Russian), every time he puts others before himself, every time he displays vision…I think he is on track to become the regal Arthur Mera can love and we can respect as king, if he gets another movie or two.
    5) Agree on Dafoe (or in this case, Dafriend) doing a great job while looking like he’s having a blast
    6) Talking to fish! Rob was right! Wan decided to own it and show you just how amazing and powerful that really can be.

    I have to go to bed and go back to work tomorrow, so I can’t praise you for everything you got right, but thanks for a good time.

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