Fire & Water #244 – JLMay: Firestorm and Aquaman Infinite Crisis Tie-Ins

It's that time again! For this year's JLMay 2020, Shag and Rob celebrate the countdown to INFINITE CRISIS by discussing FIRESTORM #17 and 18 by Stuart Moore, Jamal Igle, Rob Stull, and more, followed by AQUAMAN #35 by John Arcudi, Leonard Kirk, and Andy Clarke! Tie-ins to VILLAINS UNITED and THE OMAC PROJECT!

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12 responses to “Fire & Water #244 – JLMay: Firestorm and Aquaman Infinite Crisis Tie-Ins

  1. Interesting look at these issues.

    I also remember this time. My buddies and I were each collecting some of these minis (I got Villains United and Omac, my buddy got Rann/Thanagar, etc.) I particularly liked the JSA Classified initial arc returning Power Girl to her origins.

    I didn’t read any of the issues you mention here but some interesting points that I can make.

    Gehenna is usually pronounced with a hard G … Guh-henna … and is another word for Hell. So I was wondering when she would reveal herself as a demon, villain, or something else.

    But then Blackest night happened. Hey a peanut and Gehenna were walking down the street in a rough section of town. Both were a-salted.

    As for the Aquaman book, I liked Andy Clark’s work on the initial issues of the REBELS reboot in the early ’10s. That ‘many dots’ look is definitely his style. He stipples so much it almost looks like he is using zipatone of some sort.

    Looking forward to other JLMay episodes.

    1. Dr Anj! Thanks for listening and thanks for the pronunciation of Gehenna! No guarantee I’ll get it correct in the future (I still can’t say Nuclear). And that Blackest Night joke was sooooo dark!! LOL! Thanks again!

  2. You know, this era of DC was the last gasp of my true devotion to the DCU as well. Honestly, Infinite Crisis’ redacted promise of “lighting the darkness” is what began to sour me on DC. So maybe I should have signed up for this year’s JLMay. Oh well, maybe next year.

    I don’t have much to say about these comics, because I didn’t read them, but I enjoyed the discussion. It’s amazing to think how many iterations of these characters DC has gone through in the past 30 or so years. It’s honestly hard to keep up with!


  3. Great episode guys. I’m not usually interested in DC events, but I try!

    It’s times like this where I realise how slowly you two are covering your core subject matter. I am stunned this is the first time you’ve looked at this run of Firestorm. Shag’s praise for the Stewart Moore/Jamal Igle run has reminded me I never read the full run. I own all the issues that tie in to events and the single trade that exists and I like them all. May have to read the earlier Dan Jolley issues which were rather hard to find at the time.

    1. Paul – Thanks for listening! Regarding Firestorm, my recommendation would be to skip the Dan Jolley issues. Not a lot of joy to be found in those, except the final few issues. It wasn’t Jolley’s fault, more the fault of editorial. The Stuart Moore/Jamal Igle issues are so full of joy and win!! Thanks again!

  4. Great episode, as always fellas. Also, per usual, Shaggg fails to pronounce something correctly, even when the comic he’s covering actually shows him how to pronounce Gehenna’s name. Hard “G” with the accent on the middle of the 3 syllables. Her name comes from the Old Testament and means “Hell”. Which pretty much summed up how I felt about this character. Luckily, she was killed off just a little while later.

    1. Keith – Thanks for listening! And you are really shocked that I can’t pronounce something correctly? I’m trying to stay in characters. 😉 Thanks again!

  5. I should remember these Firestorm issues better, because I was all in when Jason’s iteration began and enjoyed it a bunch! It was a fun restart of ol’ flamehead. But aside from introducing Gehenna, it all blends together with Infinite Crisis. I guess that’s the downside of a far-reaching crossover. It was one big story, but the individual parts are harder to pick out. Still, nice to revisit this era of DC. Thanks, guys!

  6. Hi, just re-started listening, I began a few days ago but Shagg then told me to go over to Michael Bailey’s show, and that took awhile. Good time though. Anyway, before I forget, that Sword of Atlantis trade actually looks to be 160pp, not 400…

    1. Martin – Thanks for listening! And thanks for the correction! Those instock trades listings can’t always be trusted, especially since they use the original solicitation written nearly a year before the books are actually published. Thanks again!

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