Fire & Water #247 – Aquaman Super DC Giant

Shag and Rob take a look at the all-Aquaman SUPER DC GIANT #26, featuring five classic Sea King stories drawn by Ramona Fradon plus an all-new prose piece, performed by a very special guest!

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13 responses to “Fire & Water #247 – Aquaman Super DC Giant

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever cried before while listening to a podcast about Aquaman. That was both beautiful and heartbreaking. THANK YOU for sharing the recording.

  2. Leave it to Xum to narrate a story that seemed oddly prescient for 2020…a year he unfortunately (or for his sake, perhaps fortunately) never saw. As beautifully done as Ramona Fradon’s art.

    Great episode guys, and great work Xum.


  3. Thanks, guys, for making Xum’s reading part of your top podcast show. Xum originally planned it for your “FW Presents” show. I know he’d be honored.

    To give proper credit. Isamu cleaned up Xum’s audio and mixed the music soundtrack back in March, following Xum’s written instructions of what music cues he wanted to use. And Xum actually planned and recorded this back in 2018, when Xum started to put together another “Amazing World of DC Comics” podcast before starting on season 2 of “Done-in-One”. He recorded some Amazing World segments, and was inspired to also record some Superman and Batman text stories from a few of his British annuals as other FW Presents one-offs, along with this Aquaman story and those two longer ones you know about. But he did not get around to editing any of that.

    So what happened? Samantha Fox happened.

    A friend of Xum’s reached out to Sam and told her about Xum considering doing a fan podcast about her music, and she let Xum know that she was all for it. So Xum pushed all the Amazing World and story readings aside to move forward with “Xum for Sam” along with season 2 of Done-in-One.

    (BTW, Xum originally called his podcast “Xum Loves Sam”, as in he loves Sam’s music, but Sam herself suggested the renamed title.)

    But you’re right, Xum didn’t want to give you guys anything half-assed. So Isamu and Adrian Zet have been finishing up these other recordings when they have time, after they were done with Xum’s regular podcasts. They are mostly following Xum’s written directions he made on the scripts, but they also picked some other music tracks and sound effects of their own. So there will be some more “full-scale productions” to come.


    1. Namiko,
      Thank you for the fascinating backstory and the good news about Xum audio still to come! I wish that when my projects were delayed, I could say it was because an international pop star had reached out and asked to collaborate with me. Also, please thank Isamu and Adrian Zet for the work they’re doing (and have done) to make those productions a reality.

      It is a blessing for me when you and your family — the people who knew and loved Xum in real life — participate in this community, whether it’s by producing new content, or commenting, or whatever. You celebrate Xum with us, but you also teach us that you are each amazing and wonderful in your own rights. I’m just a member of the audience and can’t officially speak for the network, but I think we all feel the same.

  4. This was a very enjoyable review of these stories and another great opportunity to marvel at Xum’s awesomeness.

    On a less poignant note, thank you for gushing so much over Ramona Fradon’s rendition of the OAG (original Aquagirl). It made me a little less weird for being so impressed with her in your gallery post.

  5. My goodness….I can’t believe Professor Xum has left us. I’m so saddened. I’ve been out of touch and had no idea he was even sick. He was an exceptional fellow, and I will miss his unique, wonderful contributions to the network and to all of our collective imaginative lives.

    This was a nice sendoff, and as others have said, quite fitting. Thanks guys.

  6. Late to listening to this, but wanted to say two things:

    Ramona Fradon’s work always makes me smile.

    Xum had such talent, and I miss him.

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