Fire & Water #248 – Sholly Fisch!

Rob interviews DC SUPER FRIENDS, TEEN TITANS GO! and SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP writer Sholly Fisch!

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19 responses to “Fire & Water #248 – Sholly Fisch!

  1. I am a huge fan of Mr. Fisch’s work so I was thrilled to hear from him here. Thanks so much Rob.

    I have reviewed his books a ton of times on my site:

    I bought the Super Friends series when my kids were the perfect age and read them to them and loved them myself.

    I bought the Scooby team up series when the guests intrigued me. Sholly certainly treats Supergirl and her history with such respect.

    But I was soooooo hoping you would talk to him more about his run of back-ups in Action Comics during the Grant Morrison New 52 run. I was so impressed with those stories I was hoping that Sholly would get the book when Morrison left l oh, what might have been.

    Thanks again for this great interview!! And please let Sholly know how much I love his work!

  2. Great interview, Rob. Sholly’s stories of getting into comics and his earliest published work were hilarious and filled with the same fun personality that he puts into his stories.

    Like Anj’s comment above, I really enjoyed Fisch’s backup stories in ACTION COMICS. That’s where I first took note of his work, actually; the story about Ma and Pa Kent being unable to conceive a child that he mentioned briefly during your discussion is outstanding. (And it’s only now occurring to me that I should have asked you to ask Fisch about that story specifically before you did the interview. Damnit.)

    I got the complete run of SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP when it went on sale on ComiXology recently. I’ve read maybe a dozen issues from the series, but I’m really looking forward to diving into the whole thing when my kid is a little bit older.

  3. Wonderful chat, thanks Rob and Sholly. I love his Scooby Doo Team-Up and Action Comics and Brave and Bold work, but missed the Super Friends stuff, I must have a look, I like the sound of a Gardner Fox-style series.

    Sholly’s stories are great, and being such a DC fan I’d love to hear more of him around the network. I wonder if he’s a fan of the JLI…

    Sadly, there’s not much Sholly on Marvel Unlimited, but I did find a fun short in Dr Strange Annual #3, My Dinner With Mordo – worth checking out, as is Sholly’s Mighty Mouse series with Igor Lima.

  4. Wow, what a fun episode! I would love to sit in on Sholly’s class, and hear more of these stories! My family has been enjoying his comics for years. My kids grew up on DC Super Friends and Scooby-Doo Team-Up in particular. Dani has a full run of Team-Up, and I would read those to her at night until she got old enough to read them herself! So thank you Sholly for all the many hours of entertainment you have given us here in our household!

    And I had no idea he was the guy who started the whole Spidey/Torch Statue of Liberty meeting! I need that comic!


  5. What a great interview. My daughter and I are both fans of Teen Titans Go! and Scooby-Doo Team-Up, so I enjoyed hearing Mr. Fisch share his stories.

    I’m bummed that my daughter can’t take his writing course, because its full… and she’s probably too young. But, I have put a bug in her ear about attending the Kubert School, when she’s older.

  6. Impressive Podcast. Most Impressive. Cool retrospective on this man’s career. And what Rob’s an Aqua Man fan? Never knew if only he’d talk about it. Next thing you’ll tell me he went to the Joe Kubert school. Sounds like Sholly Fisch has a cool career going. Marvel Made a Alice Cooper, Kizz and a Terror Inc comic. As well as that singer Cat something ware she had Ninja style dancers. So a He** Raiser comic doesn’t shock me.

    1. Liz Anne, I’m right there with you on the revelations about Rob. The only thing that would shock me more is if someone told me you had a YouTube channel!

      1. Also I must need more Coffee. How did I miss the set up for the plug. The U tube page Cap mentioned is in fact. Liz Anne Oswalt on U-tube. Ware I talk about Tv comics, art. Politics. Trans stuff. M. Arts. Wrestling or what ever is on my mind. Thanx Cap, but I thought you’d be to Apathetic to set up a plug. So I missed. Any way , now that’s fixed.

        1. Sadly there will never be a cross over ware Siskoid complains about Alpha Flight and how none of this geography fits in Canada. As I complain about Gambit. And no one talks like that. While Cap just looks at both of us and says… meh a lot. 😀

  7. Rob, Sholly, thanks for doing this. It was a blast. I clearly have a lot of reading to do. If I ran DC, I would try to hire Mark Waid and Sholly as group editors. Rob, you’d be the artist on Ultra, the Multi-Alien. I can’t imagine a better fit for someone who’s great at collages!

  8. This was indeed a fantastic show, gentlemen. Sholly’s stories were wonderfully entertaining, and I particularly loved the Comedy of Errors with the story pages, which morphed into All’s Well That Ends Well.
    Otherwise, I remember quite well Sholly’s participation in TreasuryCast, which also included several entertaining anecdotes. I could listen to Sholly talk about his experiences, work and love for comics for hours, so I hope you can find an excuse to include him in other shows.

  9. Thanks, everybody, for saying all those nice things (and thanks for having me, Rob — it was fun reminiscing).

    Chris: Much as I’d like to take credit for being the first to team Spidey and the Torch at the Statue of Liberty, it actually dates all the way back to their first real team-up by Lee, Kirby, and Ditko. I just decided that they continue to meet there every Xmas to exchange gifts. On the other hand, I am the guy who worked with Neal deGrasse Tyson to establish a real-life location for Krypton — not to mention the first guy to have Two-Face call Commissioner Gordon “Jim” or “Jimmy.” Hey, you grab your contributions to comics history where you can…


  10. That was a great interview with Sholly Fisch: Editor Killer, Rob! Well done! I’m also a big fan of Sholly’s work mostly because of reading those Scooby-Doo Team Up stories with my kids. Looking at his bibliography, I see some of his early stories were in What The?! which was a personal favourite when I was a kid. And hearing how Sholly liked Not Brand Ecch, this makes perfect sense. And now that I know there is a Hellraiser comic with Sholly’s name on it?!?! That intrigues me to no end.

    I really enjoyed Sholly’s Marvel Tales story. Like you said, Rob, a real roller coaster of emotions! Just to get to meet Stan Lee would have been amazing!

    And to hear some of the great characters (and the Forever People) that Sholly wanted to use in various team-up stories were interesting. Put me down for wanting to see Scooby in Apokalips!

    Like mentioned by others, I would love to hear Sholly on other shows. Sholly, you have such great stories and experiences, I could listen to them for hours. Thanks again, both you of you, for a great epiosde!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Rob, between your interview with Alex Ross and now this one with Sholly Fisch, you really need to make interviewing professionals in the industry a more regular part of the show. You do such a fine job talking with them! And this type of behind-the-scenes tea-spilling is just what this old-time comic book reader loves! Hope you’re able to do more of them.

  12. Hey, I’d like to do a fan product of one of Sholly’s out of print books. (Not for profit) is it possible to get his email so I can get his blessing before proceeding.



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