Fire & Water #249 – Coast to Coast

Shag and Rob gab about their respective vacations to Oregon and Maine! That's right, it's the audio equivalent of being stuck looking at your friends vacation photos!

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29 responses to “Fire & Water #249 – Coast to Coast

      1. Thanks, Shag! I’m still only partway through the podcast (not commuting this week), but I’m enjoying it, and the pics are awesome. You were right, by the way; every one of those rocks did deserve its own picture.

        I’m glad both of you had such excellent vacations, and I’ll keep listening to hear more.

  1. I’ve lived on Cape Cod for seven years now. Just about every restaurant in town, including many of the fast food chains, has its own version of the lobster roll, and I’ve yet to try one. I guess I’ll have to add that to my bucket list.

    I’m glad you both enjoyed your vacations. I had the good fortune to vacation in Maine with my family last winter, and I played a lot of Oregon Trail as a kid. So, I could picture both places in my mind while I listened.

  2. Well, Shagg, it sounds like your vacation definitely “rocked”. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)
    And Rob, it’s been awhile since I’ve made my way “down East” to Maine, but now I feel I need to correct that. (Minus the spider invasion).

  3. Thanks for a fun little episode. Whenever I travel I always look for a comic store or something geeky to supplement the usual stuff. Glad to hear I am not alone.

    As a native New Englander, I have had many lobster rolls (although I prefer crabs and clams for me seafood). There are warm lobster rolls served with butter. Then there are cold ones, more like a salad with mayonnaise and celery. Always get the latter.

    This summer I drove from Mass to NC Outer Banks, about 11 hours. By hour ten, I think I had crossed into the Madness Zone. A couple of stops for coffee and legs stretching helped. But to be honest I was a mess. Be thankful you got to split the driving duties!

    Lastly, congratulations Rob! I don’t know if I missed an official announcement elsewhere! But engaged!!! Amazing!

    1. Hello Anj
      Are you a fellow citizen of The Bay State? I’ve lived in the Merrimack Valley my entire life, and vacationed in NH and Maine. My sister and her family often visit the Outer Banks of NC. I guess it never occurred to me that these locations would be common vacation destinations for residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

      1. I live outside Boston and have worked in the city for 20 years. New England born and raised though.

        Never heard of Outer Banks until this year when current girlfriend recommended it as a destination.

  4. Rob’s discomfort on driving country roads with no lights is so quaint. I have lived in the boondocks for almost 20 years, dodging dogs, possums, raccoons, Amish buggies, you name it, in the pitch black dark!

    But these trips sound like fun guys. Makes me want to get the hell out of this town and go somewhere.


      1. When John Denver sang “Country Road take me home” he failed to mention the raccoon and possum dodging. It would be a much different song.

  5. As a former Oregonian (grew up there from the age of a few months until my 18th birthday), I loved listening to Shag gush about what I still consider my home state.
    Yes, the Oregon coast is absolutely beautiful, and as a former native, I can say that even when the weather’s bad, i.e., overcast and either foggy or raining, it still has a kind of powerful beauty to it. And yes, Cannon Beach is spectacular – if you haven’t already, you should read Ursula Le Guin’s collection of short stories called Searoad, in which the setting is a small coastal town on the Oregon coast based on Cannon Beach (and probably also nearby Seaside).
    Otherwise, your pronunciations of a few place names made me wince and chuckle at the same time; Tillamook (where the local cheese factory makes a wicked cheddar) is Tilla-muck. The Depoe in Depoe Bay is pronounced the same as ‘depot.’

    And yeah, Powell’s Books is truly awesome, but it’s so upscale now. When I first discovered it back in my early teens in the early 1980s, it was slightly smaller (still took up most of the block, though), it was a little more shabby and messy, which made it much more charming.
    And so as to not neglect Rob’s portion of the show, I have to say that this is the second time someone on the Fire & Water network has reminded me that I still have Cycle of the Werewolf sitting on my shelf, still unread.
    Anyway, I had great fun listening to the show.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comments! And I feel relieved that my crowning achievement of horribly mis-pronouncing things continues! Case in point.. how many times have I mis-pronounced your name, Edo?! LOL!!!

  6. Such a fun podcast! Honestly, if people did actual vacation photos on a slide projector would be pretty cool. I like the descriptions of the bookstores and comic book stores y’all encountered. I love going into used bookstores. The craziest experience was when I lived in Salem MA. There was a bookstore in our neighborhood that had books stack on-top of each other on tables well over 10-15 feet high. The pricing was weird as well, I always got a deal on whatever book they had and they were perpetually going out of business for the 5 years I lived there. One day I was there browsing and on the other side of the mountain stacks of books I heard this BOOM! One of the giant stacks fell down, thankfully not on-top of someone. It was LOUD. I always worried that the owners were going to be by themselves at night and get killed as these stacks fall and smother him. The store was located right on a brick lined street that had during the summer and fall months reenactors would act out the Salem Witch trials on the street. So I would be browsing the bookstore and hear “Thou art a witch!” and all these people in 17th century clothes start screaming and a constable arrests the accused. By that point all these tourists gathered around the spectacle and they went off to the courthouse of the trial (that tourists had to pay to get in). I lived around the corner so I heard the same commotion at least 10-12 times a day. “THOU ART A WITCH Sarah Good!”

    good times

  7. Impressive Podcast. Most impressive. Grats to Rob on getting engaged. And glad to here y’all four had separate great vacations. I’m thinking the guide pulled your leg Shagg. When me and my Dad were working doing store remodels. And working in Arkansas. And we had been working hard. So both tired. And it was late at night and we hit a deer. A big Buck. That we didn’t see and hit it. Now he didn’t die, but it also didn’t flip. And My dad drives a big truck with a V.10 engine.

    And then pulled over to a gas station and called the cops to check it out. Luckly the deer lived. And ran off. Though he did mess up the front of my dad’s truck and put a horn hole in it. But, it didn’t flip. So yeah if we didn’t flip a deer. Not seeing you flip a moose with a Honda. Sorry. They were pulling your leg. Not seeing it one flip over your car and hit the hood. Nor 2 all it’s ticks falling on you. They just don’t want people hitting Moose. Yeah the plural of Moose is Moose,.

    Moving on. Well Mr. King is an adult and a descent person. As I’m sure his friend. So they may not talk politics. Or get over that they don’t agree on that. I know. I know. It’s like a Cryptic. People having political differences. And still being friends is shocking. They are rare that folks that can not think the same and still be friends. They maybe filmed for the Smithsonian. As people who can think differently. Have political differences. And still…. be friends. I know La’ Gasp.

    Sounds like ya’ll had fun. So Portland isn’t as bad as the Press says? What…. the Press lies? Your kidding. 😀 Of course they lie. Still sounds like y’all had fun. Sorry to hear y’all had to drive that far from ware the plane landed. Insteed of a quick change over flight. Ah Rob cool to hear your friend let y’all stay at his place as he watched y’alls cat. Cat may have been hungry. They coddle up when they want food. I’m sure she still thinks of you as Alpha. Or how ever cats see things. I had a few pet cats, but I mostly own dogs.

    Just cause. Though I did have a Persian cat named Stripe. Whom was friendly with every one save his brother Steven. But, Steven was a jerk. No one liked him save his owner. And was the only time my Cat Stipe got rilled up. Mostly he ate and slept. And liked to be petted. A white furred Garfield. But, hey I’m sure your cat was happy when you and Kelly got home.

  8. Shagg, as I said on Facebook, I am sure the audio of you screaming like a scared little girl during your dune buggy ride exists, and it must – MUST – be released.

  9. Oh man– I felt likew there was a ‘Bang-er” count above the speakers listening to this podcast.
    Was ‘Bang-er” said 75 times- 100 times?

    I grew up in Maine- I currently live in Maine. No one here- No one says Bang-er
    It’s Bang-or just like it’s spelled.
    I think Rob and Shag were trying to be respectful or something by trying to pronounce it the ‘local’ way.
    But I am here to tell you that pronunciation doesn’t really exist like that.
    Is there a small group of people with the accent? Sure. Tv – movies make a stereotype out of it.
    You both have been there, how many people did you actually hear talk like that- and say Bang-er?
    It would be a little like going to New York and thinking well I really want to fit in and show respect so I will pronounce everything like I am on the Sopranos.
    Most of Maine’s population says Bang-or on the news it’s the weather tonight in Bang-or.
    In schools kids don’t learn about the history of Bang-er. In every day life Maine is saying Bangor.

    You can probably guess what I would tell you about “Bah-Hah-bah’

  10. What a fun podcast, nice one!

    Rob, congratulations to you and Kelly on your engagement.

    Shagg, I’d never heard of Thor’s Well but am now obsessed, it looks like something from the front of a prog rock album.

    Ron and Shagg, I’m having nightmares about moose, spiders and tics.

  11. It was real fun listening to your vacation “pictures”! I’m glad you got some time off during this crazy time and enjoyed yourselves. I hope you get to take some more time in the future.

    And congratulations on the engagement, Rob!

  12. I don’t know where the joke started about me and Rob, but I would TOTALLY have put you guys up (I’ve got extra rooms and everything).

    That’s IF you could have gotten into the country, of course.

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