Fire & Water #250 – Aquaman and Firestorm Digests

It's the 250th episode of AQUAMAN & FIRESTORM: THE FIRE & WATER PODCAST!! To celebrate, Shag and Rob take the Cosmic Treadmill back to 1986 and share our dream lineups for Aquaman and Firestorm digests!

The celebration of our 250th episode could not be contained on one podcast feed alone! Therefore, this same episode is being released as part of the AQUAMAN & FIRESTORM: THE FIRE & WATER PODCAST and DIGESTCAST.

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16 responses to “Fire & Water #250 – Aquaman and Firestorm Digests

  1. Dear Jack and Stan,

    Congratulations on the 250th issue of the World’s Greatest Comic. It has been amazing watching the other titles and creators that have spun out of what you began with this series. While I adore so many of those titles and creators, the original will always be my favorite.

    Loved that this issue was a crossover. Looking forward to the wedding issue which I hear is coming soon.

    Make mine Fire and Water!

    Irving Forbush

    = = = = =

    My first episode was #100. Talk about the perfect jumping on point. Not only did it cover one of my favorite comics, but it spotlighted the wonderful community that Fire and Water had already developed. Listening to these friends become a network with so many wonderful hosts and guest has been such a joy. I started listening because I loved the Justice League of America, Aquaman, and Firestorm. I still listen but now it is because I love Shag, Rob and the rest of the gang even more.

    A serious note. I’m visually disabled and suffer from severe chronic neurological pain. That’s why I only comment a few times a year. There have been probably a hundred times during this horrible year that I’ve had to lay down because my pain was so severe. Most of those times, you’ll find me in bed smiling or laughing my head off while listening to one of the wonderful podcast that this amazing network creates. I cannot THANK all of you (hosts and guests) for all the joy and laughter you’ve given me.

    James Williams

      1. THANKS for the kind words Captain, but I’d prefer Ryan’s comics go to someone who can read. Plus, my wife already won one of Ryan’s previous contests, so it really wouldn’t be fair.

  2. Congratulations on reaching a milestone of 250!
    It’s a shame these two characters never got their own digests.
    Aquaman is an iconic character, alas he was overlooked by DC themselves during the height of their digest publishing. Firestorm however was added to the lineup of the Super Friends cartoon. That would have been a great opportunity to sell a digest to all the kids who were introduced to him on Saturday mornings.
    Even though these digests will likely never see print, you’ve both given me a list of stories I obviously need to check out, so thank you!

  3. I’m going to comment on the A&F: F&W show, since it’s the one with the anniversary.

    I would have bought these issues in a heartbeat! It’s a real shame DC got lazy and went all Superman and Funny Books toward the end of the digests. I rolled my eyes every time I saw a Binky digest. “You’re better than that, DC. No one wants knock-off Archies digests. Where’s the other Justice Leaguers?”

    The Super Powers Aquaman mini-comic would have been nice to drop into his digest as well. Maybe throw in the “origin” strip from the Super Powers carrying case too?

    But these lineups are great. Well done fellas, and congrats!


  4. Happy anniversary, gentlemen! This was a fun and fitting celebration of something that became bigger than you probably ever imagined. “Creature That Devoured Detroit” indeed!

    Great work on this episode, too. I noticed you also managed to feature three different Aquaman logos on your cover, Rob. On Earth-Entropy, where my doppelgänger runs DC (and secretly Marvel, in another identity), both versions of both digests would immediately go on the publishing schedule.

  5. Since I already did a fake Treasury Edition, I guess I ought to do a fake Martian Manhunter Digest to ride the coattails of your anniversary. Pursuant to that, you’re both big fat cheats, because most of the digests were clearly marked as having “100” pages, even though DC was counting the interior and exterior covers.

      1. Frank!


        Over on the DigestCast comments I left a note with a list of characters that I’d like to see have digests and the suggestion for Rob and Shagg to talk to the fans who would curate the stories! This is exactly what I was hoping to see!

        Because of my schedule I probably won’t be able to start reading YOUR digest until after Christmas, but man, I can’t wait!

        1. Wow! Glad you dug it, Shawn! Since I found the “Weird Alien Menace” blurb on one of the Superman volumes, I leaned into that aspect with White Martians, Jovians, Plutonians, and otherworldly/extra-dimensional threats. It’s not a best of, but I thought it was a good mix within that theme of Silver and Bronze Age material. “Origin -1,” and “Devil Men” are favorites of mine, while Zook’s debut in ‘Tec #311 would qualify as a key issue within the scope of the Manhunter from Mars.

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