Fade Out – Katharine Hepburn


Episode 15 - Katharine Hepburn's LOVE AFFAIR with Special Guest Ericka Nicole Anderson.

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10 responses to “Fade Out – Katharine Hepburn

  1. Haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I thought I’d pass this info along: In 2008, the Kent State University Museum was honored to receive Katharine Hepburn’s personal collection of film, stage and television costumes, as well as clothes worn by her for publicity purposes.

  2. I listened to the Katherine Hepburn episode this morning and it inspired me to look up several of her early films that I have never seen, I rented ‘Sylvia Scarlett’ which stars Ms Hepburn, Cary Grant playing a London Eastender and Edmund Gwenn as Ms Hepburn’s alcoholic, gambling addicted, embezzling father, None of the actors were playing what I expected, Very interesting casting against ‘type’ although I suppose this was early enough that they hadn’t developed a typical role.

    In the picture, KH is talking to a rich artist in the gym of his rented Chateau. She grabs a pair of rings and casually somersaults into a perfectly balanced handstand. I think this ranks with Sigourney Weaver’s over the shoulder three pointer or Tobey Maguire’s catching MJ’s lunch on the tray. I knew that KH was almost as good a golfer and tennis player as the athlete she played in ‘Pat and Mike’, but those skills would be normal for a woman who grew up with money. It was a kind of ‘Oh, Wow’ moment when I learned something new about an actress I have respected for years.

  3. I don’t know if something like Love Affair, where a woman is so embarrassed about a disability she denies herself love, could be made today. But I did enjoy Hepburn’s scenes in this movie.

    I am so glad you covered Suddenly Last Summer a bit. That movie is an odd obsession of mine. Hepburn is haunting in that movie, looming over everything. You ever want to cover it on Film and Water, I better be the guest.

  4. Another great show, Rob. Katherine Hepburn is one of the all-time greats and a personal favorite of mine. The first time I saw her in a film was when I saw On Golden Pond in the theaters as a six year old. I was captivated the whole time, but, to be fair, I was an odd child with a preternatural ability to pay attention to movies and TV shows.

    I also saw Love Affair in the theaters on a date in college. I guess my focusing skills had waned or maybe I was just preoccupied by the potential of getting laid after the date, but the ONLY thing I remember about the film is the segment featuring Katherine Hepburn and how the story suddenly had life that it didn’t have before or, quite frankly, after. I agree with both you and Ericka that Hepburn’s performance in the film makes for a charming last appearance in a major motion picture.

    I’ll end with saying that my all-time favorite Hepburn movie is The Lion In Winter. Her performance in that is both funny and heartbreaking, and it is on my yearly cycle of films to re-watch. The funny thing about that film is that at various stages of my life, I have cycled through identifying with each of the three sons. Now, I am of an age where I am closer to identifying with King Henry.

    1. Did someone say Maria Ouspenskaya? My Wolf Man ears just perked up.

      My Mom loved On Golden Pond, and every time she watched it, I would do a bad Katharine Hepburn impression. I found it amusing, anyway.

      And Rob, go watch Rooster Cogburn! I know you have a laundry list of people who want to do The Shootist, but I’m looking forward to that discussion, and your take on some John Wayne movies you haven’t seen, like Cogburn and The Quiet Man.

      And I will go watch The Lion in Winter, which I have somehow missed.

  5. i cry everytime i watch that scene from Love Affair when they are about to leave the island and bid her farewell , i lost an aunt (who was like a mother to me) very suddenly in my youth and this scene always strikes a chord with me , and the waterworks ensues , a very powerful scene with three great actors , but Kat steals the show … better than the original imo , because of this great trio
    (in fact im tearing up right now T-T)

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