Fade Out – John Belushi


Episode 19 - John Belushi's NEIGHBORS with special guests Darin Patterson and John Trumbull from the SNL NERDS podcast.

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2 responses to “Fade Out – John Belushi

  1. Great episode! I’ll be checking out the SNL podcast guys!
    I don’t think Neighbors would have worked even if Belushi had played Vic and Ackroyd had played Earl. Not they way the story was told anyhow. If Earl had been presented as an unlikable stuffed shirt, and Vic was a likable free spirit who taught Earl how to enjoy life, then they’d have had a movie audiences could have enjoyed.
    The ending make absolutely no sense! There’s no reason for Earl want to burn his home down and go off with Ramona & Vic! His wife has left him, he can start over if he wants to! Rob’s theory of Vic pushing Earl out of the car two miles down the road is the best case scenario! I’ve always felt they used poor Earl as the fall guy on their next big scam! I see poor Earl waking up at a sleepy motel with the police knocking at the door, guns drawn as Vic & Romans speed off down the road!
    Belushi was a wild fire that burned bright and hot but was extinguished too soon. I believe, like Rob, that Belushi could have had a career like his friend Robin Williams and Bill Murray. Continuing to delight us in brilliant comedic roles, and wowing us with powerful dramatic performances.

  2. I think my friends and I tried to watch Neighbors when I was a tween. Hey, it had Belushi and Akryod. Needless to say, we didn’t even make it through the entire film.

    I appreciate that Belushi didn’t want to “just be Bluto” but perhaps if he’d went the route of many actors and did really commercial projects to help fund his more “artsy” endeavors (ala Clilnt Eastwood and many others), he would have made some peace with his public persona.

    It’s a shame we never got to see what his career and life would have evolved into, for sure. It’s hard to forget that early SNL skit where it shows an old Belushi has outlived all his fellow Not-Ready-For-Primetime players, and is dancing on their graves. I think that’s how they ended that old “Best of Beushi” SNL VHS compilation that my friends and I used to rent. THAT one, we watched over and over.


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