Fade Out – Sylvia Sidney

Episode 27 - Sylvia Sidney's MARS ATTACKS! with special guest Marya E. Gates.

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One response to “Fade Out – Sylvia Sidney

  1. Loved the episode. I’ve seen several of Sidney’s movies, but never put her career in context before (I think Marya was quite right to push for a Summer of the Stars slot because her name isn’t as recognizable as it should be). Seems like a big personality as well, love that.

    As a Myrna Loy completist – can you believe the Thin Man movies are legally unavailable in Canada?! Arrrrgh!!! – I straightened in my chair (or wherever) when I heard you talk about a collaboration of “old bitties” which can be found on YouTube. I really should scour that platform for later (or silent) era Loy that has escaped me to date.

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