Fade Out – Russ Meyer

Episode 34 - Director Russ Meyer's BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRA VIXENS w/guest Julia Marchese.

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2 responses to “Fade Out – Russ Meyer

  1. I’m almost a Russ Meyer virgin (I think I’ve seen… Fanny Hill?), but I AM interested in gonzo “erotica” (that I don’t really think is erotic), so like, Chesty Morgan films and Andy Sidaris’ girls with guns universe. Meyer’s harder to find, but I’ll try to take notice.

    Jodorowski is on Julia’s side, by the way. In a commentary track, he did admit that as a younger director, he thought you needed an animal sacrifice to sanctify the film, so a bird gets shot onscreen in El Topo, etc., but that he regrets it now.

  2. What a fantastic podcast! I’m a MashCast listener, but this caught my eye when it came up in the F&W facebook feed. I was a nut for Russ Meyer back in my 20’s after seeing a clip from UP on a college friend’s VCR, and I though “WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS INSANITY??” I eventually found a section of the red-cased tapes you mentioned (Bosomania!) in a local independent video store and took a deep dive. I found your analysis not only delightfully nostalgic, but really spot-on, insofar as I actually understand Russ Meyer (who does?). Thanks for the insight and commentary – I realized that by only hearing your MashCast, I was only getting to experience a small cross-section of your TV/Movie IQ. Really brilliant discussion, and thanks so much for having Julia on. Since I gave up twitter, I forgot how much I missed her insight and humor – now remedied via Instagram. I must seek out more of your “Fade Out” content, and if I’m feeling ready (as a complete neophyte) I may dive into some Pod Dylan. Cheers!!

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