FW Presents Disney’s Zorro

Zorro Month concludes with a look at Walt Disney’s classic Zorro TV series from 1957-1961! Join swashbuckling FW Network renegades Ryan Daly, the Irredeemable Shag and Chris Franklin as they discuss this legendary show starring one of the greatest actors to play Zorro, Guy Williams!

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Clip credits:

Clips and music from Walt Disney Productions’ Zorro and Walt Disney Presents/Disneyland. Zorro theme by Norman Foster and George Bruns, performed by the Mellomen. Music by William Lava.

6 responses to “FW Presents Disney’s Zorro

  1. Impressive pod cast most impressive. I use to watch this show when ever I visited my Grand parents and cousin. As a child. And latter when I moved and they played it on Fox. What’s wrong with Fox and friends? Wasn’t that cartoons from Fox before it became Fox kids club. This show was a lot of fun. And Guy Williams was good as Zorro. Every one fit the show well. I remember the evil Zorro episode. Ware he drew blood when he carved his Z on people. Not a kill. Just a deep cut. Ware Real Zorro never cut more than cloths. He didn’t kill on the show.

    And I don’t think he wounded any one. So this was a huh at the time. And we knew it was a fake Zorro. I also remember when the Comandot showed up at Diego’s house with a Zorro uniform and Dieago thought the gig was up. But, turned out he wanted to see if his dad was Zorro. Diago insisted on trying it. And fumbles it so bad the Comandont laughs it off. And tests Diego’s fencing. So Diego does his bad fencing bit. To throw off suspicion. It was a fun show. But, I had already been into Zorro because of the filiation. And other stuff. But, this was pretty cool.

    1. He means Fox and friends as the part of FOX News.

      The one where he draws blood on people with his Z being made a big deal out of was in the 90’s Zorro. I believe the Disney one occasionally had him Z people on their skin, but I could be wrong. He did kill once however, in one of my favorite episodes.

      He did wound some people, whether it be by shooting them in the shoulder or cutting them or whatever. It wasn’t as common though.

      1. Since recording this episode, I have watched all of Season 1, so I now know it wasn’t the Eagle Zorro kills. Still waiting to see who it will be…please don’t tell me! I remember gasping about it as a kid, but that’s about it!


  2. Another great episode about Zorro, bravo! The Walt Disney Zorro, while in my opinion not the best, was still really good. I do have to say Esteban from Gay Blade I think was more inspired by people like Captain Ramon in the silent film or Sergeant Gonzales than the cool and calm-headed Monestario, who rarely raised his voice.

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