FW Presents: Find Your Joy: FANTASTIC FOUR (Vol. 3) #60

FIND YOUR JOY! That’s what Ryan Daly does on this episode of FW Presents when he reviews FANTASTIC FOUR (Vol. 3) #60 and explains why it’s one of his favorite comics and how it made him a lifelong fan of Marvel’s First Family.

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Music this episode: “The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves.

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9 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: FANTASTIC FOUR (Vol. 3) #60

  1. Great show. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy hearing about how people either got into comics or discovered a favorite character. I hope you will continue with this series.

    I haven’t read the FF that you mentioned, but it sounds like a good issue.

    I really didn’t enjoy my first FF that much. I was five or six and got issue #183 in a three-pack. At the time, I was five or six and still in my girls-are-icky period. 183 was mostly about Sue, Thundra and Tigra. I got another three pack that month with Marvel Two-in-One 28, and immediately became a fan of the Thing. Ben lured me into trying the FF again, and I enjoyed them from then on.

  2. Thank you , Ryan, for reminding me about this great issue of Fantastic Four, as well as reminding me of everything I love about this superhero team.

    I came to the FF book by way of Namor’s series in the 90s. As I recall, Namor teamed-up with the FF for a while after his own series was canceled, which amounted to him hitting on Sue while Reed was trapped in another dimension with Doctor Doom (or something to that effect). I remember being drawn to the family dynamic of the team from the get go, which really set it apart from other books of that time. My appreciation for the family aspect of FF has only grown over the years, as I’ve been fortunate enough to start my own family.

    I haven’t been following the new FF series, but now I’m thinking that I may need to give it a try.

  3. I’d been off FF for a while when this era began. I owned maybe 200 straight issues starting with Byrne’s run, but drifted away during DeFalco/Ryan (Paul Ryan, not you Ryan). But when this hit the stands, already liking Waid and Wieringo, and for 9 cents, it was a no-brainer to give it a try. Loved it all the way!

    This was a great episode, because there is definitely great joy in the surprise of being wrong. “I don’t like this!” “Have you tried it?” As a parent, get used to saying that.

    I got my copy signed by Waid at Baltimore Comic Con last month. So sad that Wieringo was taken so soon. But their run is such a great re-read, so I’m grateful I bought it when I could.

  4. That was a great story, Ryan! I mean your story, not Waid’s. I really enjoy learning about comics fans’ “origin” stories and further discoveries, and this was a great telling of one! This joyful approach promises to be fun!

  5. Lovely! I’ll find my joy some day, if this is a thing we’re now doing.

    But yeah, this was part of an initiative to bring the fun, classic superhero stuff at Marvel in the late 90s in the waning years of the XTREME era, and I started getting a few titles (this and Daredevil by Karl Kesel for sure, Avengers by Busiek and Perez, I think? I should look it up) from the company for the first time in YEARS.

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