FW Presents: Find Your Joy: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #16 and Captain Marvel Talk

With Marvel's Captain Marvel and DC's Captain Marvel Shazam! in theaters, Ryan Daly and special guest Tim Price find their joy with... a completely different Captain Marvel. FW Presents: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #16, the debut of the awesome Avenger Monica Rambeau, the first woman to hold the Captain Marvel monicker. Then, Ryan and Tim share brief thoughts on the Captain Marvel film from Marvel Studios and a few of the many, many characters to share that name over the years.

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8 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #16 and Captain Marvel Talk

  1. Fun show, guys! Tim is ready to host his own show!

    That bikini Monica wore to distract the guards is…something. I feel like if the art chores had been reversed, with JR Sr doing the pencils, it would have been a bit more modest.

    I never heard that story about Gruenwald and Stern! Understandable from both sides (sorry, those two words should never be placed next to each other), but of course when one person is your boss…

  2. Great episode! Tim is a natural podcaster. Start a show, Tim!

    I got this comic as a kid, and I felt like I was in on the ground floor of something…although I did wonder why there was so little Spidey in my Spider-Man comic. But I was 7, so sue me.

    That panel of Monica in the bikini was certainly memorable. I wasn’t sure why I liked it, I just knew I did. I also liked her costume! I saw it more as iridescent than silver, personally. Kind of like pink pearl, hence the pink highlights. And the bucket boots work because they mimic the “wings” under her arms.

    Oh, and JR JR was using a very similar style, minus his dad, over on ASM at the time. He slowly evolved into the style he has now…and I honestly wish he hadn’t.

    I kind of think maybe Monica should have kept that name, BECAUSE she was a black woman, and it was pretty bold to take such a time-honored title and give it to her, especially back in the 80s. But I can’t argue that Carol deserves it. It’s much better than “Warbird”. Yuck.

    As for the film, I enjoyed it quite a bit, although I had more fun with Shazam!. I can see your criticism of Larson’s performance, Ryan. I felt a bit that way myself, but I kind of told myself what Tim sussed out. I think it was a character performance choice. And I for one hope they don’t go romantic with Carol and Maria, because I like there being a strong friendship/sister relationship between two female characters without going the romance route. That almost seems to obvious and shoehorned nowadays.

    Here’s hoping grown-up Monica shows up in Endgame!


  3. That was great, well done you two. I like Monica, and have really enjoyed her recent characterisation in Avengers: No Road Home. I never thought of her original sleeves as wings, more as stupidly over-puffy sleeves. I did prefer the whole outfit as slinky pink, the white/silver/who can tell was bland.

    And Carol should have remained Binary. By now she could have a very zeitgeisty arch-foe, Non-Binary.

    I much preferred Romita Jr under a strong inker than having his own style, I find the blockiness of his figures most unattractive.

  4. Great episode! Really enjoyed Ryan and Tim’s chat. I just read this comic myself for the first time within the past two weeks. I had the exact same feeling like the middle part of this comic was originally intended as a stand alone Captain Marvel premier story, and later had a beginning and ending with Spider-Man stitched on. The middle New Orleans is a self-contained 15 page story. It’s possible this was even penciled and inked as something for a book like Marvel Premiere, and got bumped up to this slot. Just my fan theory.

    While I remember Monica from SECRET WARS (some of my first Marvel comics), she didn’t leave any real lasting impression on me in that story. So reading this issue was the first time I came to understand her. Now I’m making my way through the Roger Stern AVENGERS run and really digging Monica!

    Thanks for an entertaining listen!

  5. I really enjoyed this episode as Monica was the first Captain Marvel that I met in the Marvel universe. I had never come across her first appearance, so it was nice to hear you two cover it here.

    In regards to Marvel’s Captain Marvel movie, my experience was similar to Tim’s. I really liked the movie, but my wife and daughter absolutely loved it. In fact, this movie appears to have converted my daughter from basically being a DC fan, because that’s what I mainly collect, to becoming more of a Marvel fan in her own right.

  6. Thank you all for the great comments and kind words. Glad you enjoyed my efforts. Ryan gets all the credit without a doubt. The man is an editing wizard!!

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