FW Presents – Find Your Joy Year End Special


Members of the Fire and Water Podcast Network celebrate the New Year by looking back at how they found their joy in 2018!

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21 responses to “FW Presents – Find Your Joy Year End Special

  1. Am I notable by my absence on this? As the guys know, I wasn’t able to figure out what my joy was this year, at least joy that I wasn’t already sharing in other venues. It’s the not the year’s fault, ’tis just the season to watch A Very Murray Christmas multiple times.

    You have humbled me because I’m sure I could have come up with SOMEthing. In fact, Rob talking about old movies on Amazon Prime (the Canadian version is TERRIBLE though), made me realize I should have just shined Turner Classic Movies’ car for 5 minutes. I guess I started watching the station almost exclusively in October of last year, but it’s blown up in 2018. I record and watch a LOT of stuff. Hard to say how many but I estimate well over 200 this year alone.

    Not that this was my only avenue – I wound up watching some 600 films this year, 60 of them in theaters.

    Anyway, thanks for the nice hindsight, oh and loved hearing about Xum’s production tricks as well.

    1. On those 60 movies… I should perhaps advertise that OHOTMU’s Nathalie and I are going to do a year in review about the things that came out in 2018, Top 10s sort of thing, which should be out on January 8th.

  2. I will never understand why Rob is so down on his hosting skills. He’s great.

    And I was very touched to be mentioned in your highlight list, Shag. Thank you.

    And Ryan sounded happy!

    1. Rob doesn’t give himself enough credit for sure. For instance, he did most of the talking and hosting on the Richard Donner interview, while I sat their slack-jawed in awe on the other end of the Skype line.

  3. Hey guys! Just finished this episode and I was inspired to write a note telling you all how much I appreciate the Network. I may not comment very often, but I spend a lot of time with you all over a typical week and I appreciate all of the free hours of entertainment you deliver! Shag, I’m glad you made it through your health scares okay and I’m inspired by your commitment to exercising more (I need to spend more time on the F&W fitness group!). Rob, I’m sorry you had to go through what you did those few weeks ago, but also very happy for all the success you’ve found this year… there’s a lot to celebrate there!

    So, in keeping with the theme of finding your joy, I wanted to share my favorite pop culture thing from 2018. If there are any Zucker Bros./Abrahams fans on the Network, you have to check out Angie Tribeca. I’m not a big TV person, but from the second I put it on at a friend’s request, I was hooked. If you’re a fan of Airplane!, Top Secret, or Police Squad!, you need to check it out. Ok, just had to get that off my chest.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic year!

  4. Quite the joy-found indeed. And getting yet another delightful shout-out from Shagg, you’re the best, bro. One of my joys has likewise been making and meeting friends via podcasts in 2018. I never expected that when I started listening, and I have this network and you all to thank for that.

    Thank you for sharing, guys. Looking forward to more in 2019!

  5. By the way, Shag, you mentioned having finally read the original Doctor Who books from the Eighties, but have you tried the Seventies Target books from the likes of Terrance Dicks and the wonderfully named Malcolm Hulke?

    Why were the Xum Crew petrending that they’re incredibly well-conceived and executed versions of the comic book characters created by the brilliant Little Professor Man? We all know they’re refugees from pre-Crisis. Ultraa confirmed this to me when he was round for supper and a haircut last night.

    1. Yep, the Xum Crew were definitely Finding their Joy in trolling all of us by trying to convince us that Xum was just impersonating them… still, gotta hand it to all of them, because it was ALMOST believable! The new guest stars being added in this year HAS been a nice treat!

  6. Such a great episode! I got some great recommendations, and was excited for some of my faves (shout out to the Good Place!) to be recommended as well!

    As for myself, I have Found my Joy in several new ways this year, and of those, several are shareable, like:

    Over the Rainbow Wall – I have been a role-player, and more specifically, frequent game master, for years, but recently I went thru a multi-year dry stretch without running an RPG. This summer, I got to start a new game, called Over the Rainbow Wall, which was inspired by the AMAZING Over the Garden Wall, which was a 2014 miniseries on Cartoon Network (available on Hulu!) with 10 eleven minute episodes that followed two young step-brothers as they wandered, lost in a Very Strange Wood, after they went over the garden wall. Highly Recommended.

    Hayley Kiyoko – Back in February, a co-host of a political/pop culture podcast I love started relentlessly promoting this artist, so eventually I gave her a listen. I’m not the biggest fan of most ‘pop music’ nowadays, but I’ve enjoyed almost all of the songs by her, and not JUST because she is an out and proud lesbian, singing about Girls Liking Girls (but that def helps!)

    Cloak and Dagger – the tv show came out in 2018, and it was So Much Better than I Could Have Hoped!!! Even after Runaways and the Marvel Netflix shows (and s3+ of MAoS) showed that Marvel was good at TV (finally!) I still didn’t expect it to be That Well Done!

    There were many other things I discovered and loved this past year (Kate Leth’s Hellcat! Marvel Rising! America Chavez’s solo comic! The Legend of Korra:Turf Wars!) but I’d better not ramble on too much, so I’ll just say that, so far, 2019 has been pretty Joyful as well, with Young Justice s3 rocking my socks off, and me FINALLY getting around to the quite fun and much ballyhoo’d Wynonna Earp!

  7. I’m a little late on my podcast listening and just got to this episode but I feel I need to chime in with the joy I found in 2018. Needless to say, it’s been this network of podcasts! I can’t explain well enough how all these shows are a constant joy to listen to and enjoy during my work day. From Who’s Who, Film and Water, JLI, OHOTMU, the list just goes on and on! The message of “Find Your Joy” is what makes me comeback to these shows day after day.
    Everybody on this network does a fantastic job and I feel lucky to be able to listen and enjoy the camaraderie that is fostered through the podcasts and these message boards. All the shows from all the contributors are an absolute blast to listen to and it makes me feel like I found a home to be part of.
    I’m sorry to hear of the down notes to both Shag’s and Rob’s year, but I’m glad the you both could find joy above and beyond that and, hopefully, 2019 will be an even better year for you.
    Beyond that, I agree with Rob that to say that there is a big budget, Hollywood Aquaman movie out there in the world for the “normies” to see boggles my mind and we must be living in some weird comic book utopia. Even to be able to criticize these movies and say “this comic movie isn’t as good as that comic movie and maybe they’ll fix it in the sequel” staggers my 10-year-old-self’s imagination. After Superman IV, it felt like we weren’t going to get any more comic book movies.
    But we did! And the fact that my favourite character, Captain Marvel/Shazam is going to have his own movie in 2019 makes me so joyful, I can’t even believe it.
    Keep up the great work everyone and I’ll definitely keep listening!

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