FW Presents: Marvel Special Presentation: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT

On this seasonal special presentation, Ryan and Neil Daly and Chris and Cindy Franklin review the latest MCU offering on Disney+, Marvel's Werewolf by Night!

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8 responses to “FW Presents: Marvel Special Presentation: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT

  1. Next year: Fin Fang Foom.

    (Relatedly, let the Special Presentations be building the NextWave team. The Captain here, say, and Machine Man with the cyborg horror idea, etc.)

  2. Thanks for a fun surprise show. I also enjoyed the WBN special a lot, it took a few minutes for me to realise that the hot dandy was Jack Russell. With the Day of the Dead-style face markings and reference to his ancestors I was expecting to find this was a South American mystic of whom I knew nothing. I’d love to know the thinking behind Jack’s wardrobe, he looked like he was ready to collect his Emmy.

    I wish you hadn’t bothered with the spoiler-free chat at the start, just get in there! It’s clear what the podcast is discussing, if people want to listen without first viewing, they’re surely okay with spoilers.

    I loved hearing all the views – it was a special treat to have Neil in there – but Observation of the Episode goes to Chris for noticing apparent nods to The Beast Must Die.

    I agree with pretty much everyone that the show should have stuck to black and white with the occasional Heimat-style highlight.

    It really was great to see Man-Thing in there, though his running was weird… I never picture him with legs, never mind using them so efficiently.

    Did anyone else think the top shot of the labyrinth made it look like a cityscape?

    That lady with the white fur, I thought it was going to be Silver Sable.

    The most recent Alter Ego magazine has an interview with WBN artist Don Perlin, WBN cover and a little bit about the series inside.

    My choice for another Halloween special would be a Simon Garth tale, with cameos by Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon of the underrated Helstrom series as Son of Satan and Satana. But make it at least 90mins… no way was this a movie, it want even an hour!

  3. Totally loved this special. I am a sucker for Werewolf stuff, my favorite type of monster. So seeing this was spectacular. And to see Man-Thing, especially burning two people, was the cherry on the sundae.

    I agree that the quasi-love interest and connection felt forced, probably because of the length of the movie. I am no producer or script writer but I think the crypt scene which seemed to be the foundation of this ‘connection’ could have been cut. Even the set-up to put them there was a little off, accidentally closing a locked door?

    In its place put a fight scene where Elsa and Jack have to fight together, back to back, trading quips, locking arms and sweating, all things to conjure up that physical smell memory, that sense of being in the pack. I just think that would have worked better.

    Still, little to complain about. It was so much fun. Loved the Universal feel, the phony reel markers, the limited color.

  4. I guess I only watched it once, so I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything to the idea of a Elsa and Jack even PSEUDO-romance. You talked about his “controls” on his condition. Well, when he realizes he’ll be trapped with her, he smells her, I think knowing that his beast form will recognize the smell as a friendly one. It’s not love in his eyes, it’s recognition and a trigger of Jack’s humanity in that moment.

    I would also buck against Neil’s contention that there SHOULD have been a romance there. Women as Romantic Objects is a cliché we’re well rid of. Women and (wolf) men can work together, have camaraderie, even chemistry without being forced to fall in love or lust. And should. Shipping is all very well and fine, but traditionally, it’s made female characters accessories to male ones, or when they are the lead, limited the scope of what their stories can be about. Just like not all male leads have romantic entanglements, females leads shouldn’t have to.

  5. Nice fan film version of horror.
    Guess I’m just getting old, but even though I admit the Marvel print version would have been a waste to translate, I am surprised they bothered with this. John Jameson’s Man-Wolf would have been a better character to do, IMO, with its science fiction trappings that would have fit nicely into the MCU. Now we’ll never know, b/c it’s probably overkill to have two wolf/man characters. As to the translation of the other players, while I didn’t expect them to be like their print counterparts, they stray so far from the source as to be unrecognizable until a name is dropped. In this kind of thinking, we’ll be seeing Warners drop a character with a striped uniform and a wooden shaft proclaiming “I’m BATMAN!”. “Hey, it’s a reimagining!!”
    At least Man-Thing wasn’t changed to Person-Whatsit, and the design was incredibly faithful…to my shock.
    No charge for the sour grapes…sorry, folks.
    I enjoyed this chat amongst yourselves way more than the “feature”.

  6. Really enjoyed this special. I discovered Werewolf By Night when i picked up Moon Knight’s first appearances in the title so would love to see the MCU have those two meet at some point. It was nice to see something different from Marvel in terms of format and I’m excited for the Guardians Christmas special and more in this style. Enjoyed your review of the episode, thank you

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