FW Presents – MCU Phase 4

As a  follow up to our Fire & Water Podcast Network Summer Special, Rob, Ryan, and Nathaniel discuss Marvel's Phase 4 reveal at the 2019 San Diego Comicon!

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8 responses to “FW Presents – MCU Phase 4

  1. Big props Ryan for given multiple subtle shout outs to my book, Omnibus Prime, during the Shang-Chi discussion! At least, I assume that’s what you were doing…

  2. I won’t be purchasing the Disney streaming service just to watch a couple of Marvel series as I’m not really interested in viewing much of the Disney library.

    I’ve not finished listening to your episode but I found this whole slate of upcoming films lackluster. I’ve no real fervor to watch this group of relatively minor characters. I think my real problem is that all these MCU movies just blur together. I saw Dr. Strange but damned if I can recall any specific moment from it. Yes, Natalie Portman won an Oscar but she barely registered in Thor. My guess is she probably signed on for the big paycheck & who can blame her? I’m not hoping these films fail & I bet most will make a ton of dough. In the long run, I don’t think this emphasis on continuity & everything connecting is beneficial when you’re dealing with aging actors.
    Personally, I’d like to see a new crop of actors take on Tony, Steve, & the rest sooner rather than later.

    Finally, I think Whedon’s main problem was that Age of Ultron was mediocre. Sorry to be so negative

  3. I’m already down for Disney+ so i’ll be watching the MCU series tied to it along with the Star Wars stuff.

    I’m mostly curious if this Phase will lead into anything or is closer to phase 1 just setting up the table for the future. Out of everything announced Eternals is the one i’m most interested in since it’s Kirby and the least conventional of everything announced so far. As for the DIsney+ probably Falcon and the Winter Solider as outside of small tidbits in Far From Home, we don’t really get a good look at the post endgame state of earth.

    As far as setting up and seeding newer characters in I can totally see Blade in Doctor Strange MoM. Scarlet Witch will be in it and Feige has said he wants these films to be more ensemble films instead of waiting for the next big Avengers teams film. I could see Strange recuriting Blade since he’s a far more psychical supernatural presence.

    As far as the FF and their side of things I really think that’s already been seeded. In Captain Marvel they were clear not to mention what destroyed the Skrull homeworld.

  4. Fun discussion folks. I must say I’m not nearly as up on most of these new characters as I was the “big guns” of the Marvel Universe, but I agree totally that I completely trust Feige and everyone involved to make thoroughly entertaining films and related media. Heck, I really would watch a US1 and Razorback film if they made it!!!

    I’m most excited for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series as far as Disney + goes. But I’m a huge Captain America fan, so that’s no surprise, really. I was going to subscribe to the streaming service anyway, but these exciting MCU projects are just icing on the cake.


  5. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the post-credits in this phase. A parallel to phase one, maybe, with Zemo recruiting surviving villains to a masters of evil/thunderbolts, maybe?

  6. Really, like the show. About the Eternal, I always found suspicious the timing of the announcement. I believe it was last year when WB announced that they hire Ava DuVernay to direct New Gods and then Marvel made a similar one months later, announced the cast and put a next year release date. I think Disney wants dibs on a Jack Kirby big space opera. However, I will watch both movies. 🙂
    I have an unsolicited and unwanted idea for Blade. Whom he should fight? Dracula? Nope being done (poorly) and is in public domain, Deacon Frost? Nah too much of a rehash of the first film. What about Rune? Marvel owns it and is a cool vampire they can make lots of toys.

  7. Impressive pod cast most impressive. I’m looking forward to Blade. Mahershala Ali is pretty awesome. Should be cool to see him as Blade. Thought they may want to keep the weapons from the Blade films. Him tossing wood spikes might may not be as cool. Though he could rock the Flack Jacket. Just make it leather and change the color of the pants. And Aviator glasses are back so yeah from the comic he can replace the ray bands. He is able to grabe your attain as an actor. In Cage he was awesome. As well in Alita. He pretty much holds the adances eye threw out. And in that he’s working with Christoph Waltz,Jack Earle Haley , and Jennifer Lynn Connelly.

    People whom haven’t seen it should defiantly rent it. I gave a few thoughts on that on my U tube page . That’s Liz Anne Oswalt. But, I think he’ll be great in this movie….if Marvel doesn’t make the new wave changes from some of their movies. Lets see ah your wrong Nat Portman isn’t Playing Dr. Thor… she’s from an ault realty she’s not Jane Folstor. She’s Erica Masterson. So she will be Dr. Thunder Strike in the movie. And she’ll team with Thor. And at the end she’ll rock the Thunder Strike costume with the Blond Pony Tail.

    I don’t care one way or the other. Tesa Shouldn’t pre,mote stuff. Cause yeaaah just have he do the job. She is bad at promotion. Don’t care who she marries as long as it’s not Cap Marvel , Sift or Jane. Is Chris in the movie? Not thrilled by the title. Thor Love and Thunder. I saw on U tube the Comic historian calling it Love Thunder and whisky and that’s a better title. I’ll see how the story of the movie plays out. Won’t call it script since well we have no idea how the script will be. Could read it and they do a page one re write the next day. And a shoting script can be changed on the fly. So we’ll see.

    Shang Chi could be cool. Though the Cat was more Bruce Lee. Odd Shang was more the Kung Fu TV show only Asian. Hey he did soft style \Kung Fu. Bruce’s JKD was Hard style. And Wing Chun ware that style came from was defiantly not soft style. See the IP man movies. As long as they go the James Bound rote with em could be cool.

    Eternals. Ok Angelina Maybe playing Thena . Sooo you can guess wich DC character she’s like. Though I heard this on Grace’s U tube show. So who knows. t first I heard Ms. Jolie would have been Sersi which makes more since. But, what eve. Ajak is a blunt instrument. He now she was never the leader. Zuras was the leader. And Thena’s dad. But, k no prob. Ajak is a close enough sounding to be a stand in for an Aztek gwad. The charcter doesn’t fit Quetzalcoatl . Maybe Mictlāntēcutli the death gwad. Hmmm , close enough to her look in From Dusk Till Dawn . Hmmm her waring that and a bleeding Skull mask could work.

    Since Ajak’s powers and personality would need to be changed. Like a good version of Thulsa Doom er the verson in the first Connan movie…only cut out the eating folks…thought that was in Mictlāntēcutli ‘s relgoin, but don’t think that fits a Disney marvel movie. Well for the hero any way. Yeah some one show Selama the new out fit and tell her she’ll walk around in a bleeding skull mask. And ware the snake again. That’ll happen. LOL.

    What else? Dr. Strange sounds cool. But, wares Baron Mordu? He was set up as the big bad in the next movie. And the actor was pretty cool. Scarlet Witch as the second hero would be great…Oh I read the Scarlet Witch James Robison book. Well a TBS and No…so many ways of no. I like Mr, Robison’s work, but not on that book. So they should avoid that and Avengers Disassembled. Or House of M. cause yeah they can make Wanda the big bad. But, no just cause you can do some thing, doesn’t mean ya should.

    I probly won’t watch the TV shows. I want to see Falcon in the movies as Cap. That could be cool. The Black Widow movie should be awsome. Scar Jo should be great in it. And we’ll see What Ms. Pew does in it. Yeah that’s about all I got. Other movies not so sure they matter to me.
    Oh did I mention I have a U tube Channel? That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U tube.

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