FW Presents: Ranking Marvel’s Infinity Saga

The Daly Brothers tackle the epic task of ranking the twenty-three movies in Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga. From 2008's Iron Man to 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home and all the mighty Marvel movies in between, find out which movies made Ryan and Neil's list of favorites, which rounded out the bottom, and which were the absolute best!


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9 responses to “FW Presents: Ranking Marvel’s Infinity Saga

  1. Wow, that was a great listen guys. I really enjoyed that. And what I enjoyed most about it, was the fact that both of you kept reiterating your list was “subjective”. I think fandom at large could learn a thing or two from this approach. Only Siths deal in absolutes (which as Michael Bailey points out, is an absolute statement), so going with the caveat that these are YOUR rankings is very much appreciated.

    I can’t really argue with a lot of it, personally. In fact I won’t.

    My only minor contention, is that much like Neil (although not to that extreme), I am a brand guy. I am a fan of Captain America more than any of these other characters, and that has only been strengthened by Chris Evans’ standard-bearing performance. So, I do kind of think Tony was wrong in Civil War. I do understand where he’s coming from, of course, and his initial reaction is more than justified, but considering he was manipulated into creating Ultron in the previous film, much like Bucky was manipulated into killing his parents, he’s a pretty huge hypocrite. BUT, even with that, I don’t hate the character. From that perspective, it adds to his arc even more, and makes his sacrifice all the more fitting.

    Considering how much Neil hates Shaq and super hero films, I think the two of you need to watch Steel and report back in later.


  2. So much disappointment here. I thought Neil was the coolest older brother a guy could have – and then he says he’d never watch Star Trek films. And then he says he hates Spider-Man. And then he says he liked Zombie’s Halloween movie! Our Hymart lunch has been permanently cancelled.

    This was a great episode. Thank you for mirroring my thoughts on the first Cap movie, Ryan. And thank you for recognizing how your fandom bias shapes your opinions on this movie. Not make this about me, but this reminds me of the time I reviewed Age of Ultron for a comics site. Boy did they hate that I said the movie was less than perfect for its narrative missteps and lack of character growth. Totally helped turn me off fandom.

    And like my new favorite Daly Ryan, I wasn’t bowled over by Capt Marvel or its lead. It was…fine. Just fine. And like MNWD Ryan, Larson could have been a little less robotic. Soldiers have to turn down the emotions, I get that, but this was a little more than cardboard runthrough.

    Incredible Hulk is totally underrated. It’s the DS9 of this franchise.

    And, finally, I depart with this – I find the majority of the films to have some really great scenes, but fall mainly in the “ok” realm. And I find that childhood wish fulfillment overshadows a lot of the stuff we’d be more critical of had it been any other movie. Maybe I go too far in the other direction – a more critical view of these things – but that’s my two cents. About 70% Okay, 15% great and 15% pretty bad.

  3. Neil is who they make those “Based on true events” movies.


    1. There are legal AND cinematic differences between “based on true events” and “inspired by true events!” And as such, I feel my opinion of Spider-man is valid!

  4. Great, show; it’s always interesting to hear an outside opinion. Why’d you cut it short, though? Don’t these things go into the future as well? I wonder if Neil sees the Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel movies as leading to an Avengers 5, and if you could explain why some brand loyalists say, “Yeah, but…”

  5. Awesome hearing my cousin’s having a discussion like this. Reminded me of when the family would get together on holidays and hearing you guys talking. I wish I had listened to this before Christmas so Ryan and I could’ve talked about it but I still need to watch all the MCU movies… I have a list of em (ordered chronologically, not by release date) that I was going through but stopped for a little while… definitely going to get back to watching them now.

    Love you guys,

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