FW Presents: St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Top o' the Morning, listeners! Celebrate this Saint Paddy's Day by listening to Fire and Water Network members Ryan Daly, Rob Kelly, Chris Franklin, Bass, and the Irredeemable Shag, as well as Xum Yukinori and Nathaniel Wayne all sharing their favorite green comic book characters!

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Music: “Glad Tidings" by Van Morrison.

Thanks for listening and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

30 responses to “FW Presents: St. Patrick’s Day 2017

  1. Nice job everyone! We are a crack team of podcasters.

    I appreciated Nathaniel’s mentioning of the SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK. That was a great series–all of the fun of Deadpool but without the crude dick jokes.

    I accidentally wore a green shirt to work today. I am so ashamed.

  2. Good choices all around (well except for Ryan, I’ll never get that guy.) Super props to Chris for not only the Riddler but giving due respect to THE definitive Riddler. Well chosen sir.

    Being of primarily English descent, I won’t actually be wearing green today. However, as befits my heritage, I will be oppressing and exploiting those who are.

  3. Well done fellas! This was a fun exercise, and of course really flew the F&W flag’s mantra of “Find Your Joy”.

    I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the exploits of every character covered here. So this was full of win for me.

    Rob, I knew which cover you were going to mention before you said it. I never saw that one in the wild, but yeah…Hulk never looked more menacing.

    Xum, I was a big fan of the GL Animated Series. Such a shame Cartoon Network didn’t get behind it and give us more seasons. As much as I liked Young Justice, I liked GL much better.


  4. I was always under the impression that the failure of the Green Lantern film helped sink the animated series, but there are A LOT of great superhero animated series from the last decade that didn’t last more than two seasons, such as Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and the aforementioned Young Justice.

    1. Ryan, you are not wrong. From what I have heard from the producers in interviews and on “The Big Pull” podcast that Giancarlo Volpe co-hosts, the lack of success of the GL movie and the related toyline quashed any hopes of a toyline for the animated series, because retailers were under the belief that Green Lantern merchandise doesn’t sell. The toyline is a big source of revenue for animated series, the lack of that funding stream essentially did that series in…

      And that was a shame. Just as the first 13 episodes focused on Razer’s redemption nd the Red Lanterns and the second 13 on Aya’s evolution and the Manhunters, my understanding is that the third set of 13 episodes was going to focus on Hal and the Sinestro Corps, and the fourth set of episodes would focus on Kilowog and the Black Lanterns (and yes, that knowledge is what inspired my DVD-set fanart)…

      While the GL movie played a large part of GLTAS not being renewed, we wouldn’t have had GLTAS without it. So thank you, movie…

    2. Also, my understanding from Greg Weisman’s posts on the Station 8 website was that Spectacular Spider-Man series ended mainly because of the transfer of the character license from Sony back to Marvel…


      Mr. Weisman also mentioned in interviews that while there is no single cause for a series cancellation, the end of the toyline was a major contributor to the end of Young Justice in 2013.

      I believe the Avengers EMH series was ended in favor of creating a new series more in line with the then-new and highly successful Avengers movie, while EMH leaned partially towards the then-available Iron Man movie and the Avengers comic books…

  5. Fun little episode. Thanks for doing it.

    I’ll echo Nathaniel’s love for She Hulk. The Slott run is probably the high point, although Byrne gets some love too. Even the original series has some merits. Men’s books are usually fun and meta. And as Nate says, she always looks marvelous.

    As for my choice, it was tricky.

    I thought about Lady Viper, always clad in Hydra green. I want a cross company book teaming her, the Baroness, and Talia Al Ghul.

    I thought about Brainiac 5. He can be arrogant. But he has a complicated backstory with plots revolving around mental health. And, in my head canon, he is the true pairing for Kara.

    But in the end I settled in my third favorite Legionnaire – Shrinking Violet. Vi is usually dressed in green, including that mod jumpsuit in the Cockrum era. But her character has truly grown over time. From the timid young girl to the hardened veteran, she has changed as I read the books. She was One of the first out characters in comics. And she is a bit tragic in 5YL emotionally and physically scarred. It is that character progression which makes her somewhat unique in comics.

    Thanks again! Off to kiss the Blarney Stone.

  6. What a gaggle of great green guys (+ She Hulk)! When it comes to green heroes, I have to join Bass in giving my vote to the Martian Manhunter. My first real encounter with J’onn occurred when I followed Aquaman over to Justice League: A Midsummer’s Nightmare. I guess I have a thing for telepathic heroes. Powers aside, it was his philosophical nature that won me over to him. Now that I think about it, that’s one of the primary reasons I followed the Silver Surfer back in the early 90s. I guess I must also have a thing for alien philosophers. Thank you all for this special holiday treat.

  7. Sorry I couldn’t join on short notice guys, but you did the concept proud. Anyway, before I reminded Shagg of Ambush Bug, I was going to pick him. My other choice was She-Hulk and Nathaniel did her well.

    Hm. Both characters talk to camera. What does that say about me?


  8. One “green” hero I’ve always wanted to read and learn more about is the Golden Age GREEN LAMA. He didn’t last too long but did get a short-lived CBS radio series.

    1. Forgot to add to my previous post: I hope you all have got something similar planned for Arbor Day.

      Florinic Man, maybe?

    1. Ben Grimm, Aquaman, Geo-Force and Terra wore orange….Kobra, Hobgoblin, Marvel’s Jack O’ Lantern, Cluemaster, Catman….there’s actually quite a few if you throw in villains!

      1. I consider Terra and GF’s color to be “tan”. Maybe that’s true of Catman too. Either way, not a classic hero’s color, but the two we have are top notch.

  9. You missed the opportunity to do an Australia Day episode on January 26. The theme colours for that are green and gold. Aquaman or Kobra?

  10. What fun! Great job pulling this together F &Wer’s! Chris’s and Ryan’s were pretty easy to predict, but I thought Shag would have chosen someone hotter. Like FIre, when she was Green Flame. Or Jennie-Lynn Jade. (I better check the Super-Team Family site and see if he’s teamed up Jade and She-Hulk!)
    My favorite green character is Green Man. No joke. He, as far as I know, only appeared in the last dozen or so issues of Omega Men. Those issues are great! No one, including himself, really knew who he was. He apparently had been a Green Lantern, so he’s fearless, and he slowly started manifesting psychic powers, but he had suffered brain trauma and could not explain everything about himself. He was a smart, considerate, thoughtful character! I recall many of his word balloons starting with “Hm-mmm…” I found him fascinating. These Omega Men stories were written by Todd Klein and are highly recommended by me! For whatever that’s worth.

    1. A hmm… aha… Yes, the Green Man first appeared in a handful of the “Tales of the Green Lantern Corps” backup stories in the GL title of the early 1980s… these stories were all illustrated by Dave Gibbons.

  11. I really enjoyed all the talk about green characters. Sadly The Swamp Thing appreciation turned out to be a tribute to the great Bernie Wrightson. Rest in peace, sir.

    I would have picked Vril Dox as my favourite guy in green, he’s awesome.

    The original issues of the Rampaging Hulk, set at the dawn of the Silver Age, were wondrous. Sod those later Marvel creators for ‘explaining’ them away into the land of apocrypha. Nope, Bruce, Bereet and co really did have those wacky adventures.

  12. I was really hoping someone would have brought up the Bronze age hero Air-Wave. I think he was the son of the Golden Age hero and the third hero to use the name Air-wave. The superhero in training stories showed up in the back of DC Comics Presents when they added the 8 page backup stories back in the 80’s. He was the nephew of Hal Jordan and there were hero tips from Hal and Green Arrow and other heroes sprinkled throughout the stories. If I remember right, he could travel through radio waves. I guess the reason I wanted to hear about him is that he lived in the Dallas/Fort worth area. One of the stories had an incident at the Six Flags over Texas amusement park. Anyway, great show as always. You keep recording them, I will keep listening. Brian Hughes – Third Degree Byrne

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