FW Presents: The Gun from BATMAN OFFICIAL 1985 ANNUAL Read by Xum Yukinori

On this special episode of FW Presents, Xum Yukinori performs a dramatic reading of "The Gun" a tale of the Caped Crusader written by Alan Moore and published in the United Kingdom in BATMAN: THE OFFICIAL 1985 ANNUAL.

Special thanks to Isamu Hideaki-Yukinori and Adrian Zet for the editing assist.

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7 responses to “FW Presents: The Gun from BATMAN OFFICIAL 1985 ANNUAL Read by Xum Yukinori

  1. Wow. I had never read that story before. I only vaguely knew of it. It’s amazing that DC hasn’t exploited the hell out of it and reprinted it. Maybe they have, and I just missed it?

    Anyway, a powerful story, and a wonderful presentation by Xum, of course. Fantastic work on the editing and presentation Isamu and Adrian. And thanks to Ryan for helping to get it out for everyone to hear.


  2. This is wonderful! Excellent work Isamu and Adrian! The sound and the music were a perfect complement to Xum’s wonderful voice!

  3. Well done, all. Xum’s appearances were always a gift, but they’re gifts we appreciate more now. Thanks to all of you for the outstanding polishing, packaging and delivery.

  4. The Professor is sorely missed. His unique approach to his content was fantastic and I’m glad there are still some gems like this being posted. I miss his work with Solomon Grundy and Terra-Man.

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